NTA SWAYAM July Exam 2023: Registration begins

NTA SWAYAM July Exam 2023: Registration begins at swayam.nta.ac.in, link here. NTA Swayam July 2023: NTA has commenced the registrations for the SWAYAM July 2023 semester exam online. Students can register at swayam.nta.ac.in. Check the details here.

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NTA SWAYAM July Exam 2023: Registration begins

NTA Invites Applications For SWAYAM July 2023 Exam, Register Here. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has been entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the SWAYAM Exam for January 2023 semester and July 2023 Semester.

Inviting Online Application Forms for Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM) (July 2023 Semester) Exam

The Schedule of Examination activities is as follows:

Online Submission of Application Form12 October 2023 to 30 October 2023
Last date of Successful transaction of fee through Credit/Debit Card/Net Banking/UPI31 October 2023 (Upto 11:50 PM)
Correction of Particulars of Application Form on the website only01 November to 3 November 2023
Downloading of Admit Card from NTA WebsiteWill be announced later NTA website
Date of Examination30 November, 1 & 2 December 2023
Duration180 Minutes (03:00 Hours)
Timing of ExaminationShift-I (09:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon) Shift-II (03:00 P.M. to 6:00 PM)
Medium of the question paperEnglish, except language courses where the Question Paper will be in the respective language only.
Website(s)https://swayam.nta.ac.in/ www.nta.ac.in

Information about the Scheme of Exam, Exam centers, Exam timings, Exam fee, procedure for applying, etc. are contained in the SWAYAM-July 2023 Semester Information Bulletin available on the website of NTA https://swayam.nta.ac.in/.

Interested Candidates may go through the SWAYAM Information Bulletin and apply online at https://swayam.nta.ac.in during the period from 12.10.2023 to 30.10.2023 and also pay the applicable fee online through the designated Banks/ Payment gateways.

The candidates are advised to keep visiting the NTA website for latest updates.

For any queries or /clarifications, candidates can call NTA Help Desk at 011-4075 9000 or write to NTA at [email protected].

NTA SWAYAM July Exam 2023: Course Name

Sr. No.Course IdCourse Name
1aic23_ge01Yoga for Ego Management
2aic23_ge02Yoga for IQ Development
3aic23_ge03Yoga for Eye Sight Improvement
4aic23_ge04Yoga for Anger Management
5aic23_ge07Yoga for Physical Stamina
6aic23_ge10Yoga for Stress Management
7aic23_ge11Yoga Volunteers for Diabetes Management Part 1
8aic23_ge12Yoga Volunteers for Diabetes Management Part 2
9aic23_ge13Yoga Volunteers for Hypertension / Heart Disease Part 1
10aic23_ge14Yoga Volunteers for Hypertension / Heart Disease Part 2
11aic23_ge15Yoga Volunteers for Palliative Care – Part 1
12aic23_ge16Yoga Volunteers for Palliative Care – Part 2
13aic23_ge21Basics of Remote Sensing GIS & GNSS and its Applications_July 2023
14cec23-ag06Food and Nutrition
15cec23-ag07Food Chemistry
16cec23-ag08Food Microbiology
17cec23-ag09Food Preservation Technology
18cec23-ag10Food Safety and Quality Control
19cec23-ag11Post Harvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables
20cec23-ag12Food Microbiology and Food Safety
21cec23-ag13Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
22cec23-as04Performing Arts & Allied Subjects
23cec23-as05Indian Classical Dance – Kathak
24cec23-bt15Microbial Physiology and metabolism
25cec23-bt16Plant Pathology and Soil Health
26cec23-bt21Biomass Characterization
27cec23-bt22Marine Biotechnology
28cec23-cm05Personality Development and Communication Skills
29cec23-cm06Business Law
30cec23-cm07Management Accounting
31cec23-cm08Direct Tax Laws and Practice
32cec23-cm09Income Tax
33cec23-cm10Business Mathematics
34cec23-cs12Data Mining
35cec23-cs13Computer Fundamentals
36cec23-cs14Programming in Python
38cec23-cs16Cyber Security
39cec23-ed16Basic Concepts in Education
40cec23-ed17Human Growth and Development
41cec23-ed18Identification of Children with Visual Impairment and Assessment of Needs
42cec23-ed19Technology and Education of the Visual Impaired
43cec23-ed20Psycho Social and Family Issues of Individuals with Visual Impairment
44cec23-ed21Health Psychology
45cec23-ed22Human Development and Behaviour
47cec23-ed24Education in Contemporary India
48cec23-ed26School Counselling
49cec23-ed27Communication Technologies in Education
51cec23-ed29Early Childhood Care and Education
52cec23-ge13Geography of Tourism
53cec23-ge14International Tourism Destinations
54cec23-ge15Tourism and Travel Management
55cec23-ge16Tourism Resources of India
56cec23-ge17Tourism Transport and Travel Services
57cec23-ge18Environmental Studies
58cec23-ge19Basics of Photography
59cec23-ge20Introduction to Advertising
61cec23-ge23Film Studies
62cec23-ge24Counseling Psychology
63cec23-ge26Research Ethics
64cec23-ge27Print and Broadcast Journalism
66cec23-hs34Indian Society – Social Problems & Issues
67cec23-hs35Micro Economics
68cec23-hs36Introductory Econometrics
69cec23-hs37NGO’S and Sustainalble Development
70cec23-hs38Indian Political Thought-II
71cec23-hs39Nationalism in India
72cec23-hs40Human Rights in India
73cec23-hs41Introduction to Public Administration
74cec23-hs42International Human Rights System
75cec23-hs43Environmental Sociology
76cec23-hs44Mathematical Economics
77cec23-hs45Understanding Political Theory
79cec23-hs47Indian Economy – I
80cec23-hs48HISTORY OF INDIA (c 750 to C 1206)
81cec23-hs49International Economics
82cec23-hs50Understanding Global Politics
83cec23-hs51History of India-I (Ancient India )
84cec23-hs52Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of Medieval World
85cec23-hs53Environmental Issues in India
86cec23-hs54Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World
87cec23-hs55History of India-II
88cec23-hs56Mathematical Methods for Economics-II
89cec23-hs57Perspectives on International Relations & World History
90cec23-hs58Psychological Research
91cec23-hs59Mathematical Methods for Economics-I
92cec23-hs60Environment Policy and Administration
93cec23-hs61Social Stratification
94cec23-hs62Political Sociology
95cec23-hs63Reading, Writing & Reasoning for Sociology
96cec23-hs64Psychology for Health and Well-being
97cec23-hs65Introductory Macroeconomics
98cec23-lb03Digital Library
99cec23-lg10Proficiency Course in French
100cec23-lg11Proficiency Course in Russian
101cec23-lg12Proficiency Course in Spanish
102cec23-lg13Shakespeare Across Cultures
103cec23-lg14Hindi Bhasha ka Udbhav aur Vikas
104cec23-lg15Hindi Sahitya ka Itihaas
105cec23-lw10Intellectual Property
106cec23-lw11Law and Justice in a Globalising World
107cec23-ma13Modern Algebra
108cec23-ma14Real Analysis
109cec23-ma15Nuclear and Particle physics
110cec23-ma16Operations Research
111cec23-ma17Numerical Analysis
112cec23-ma18Partial Differential Equations
113cec23-ma19Group Theory I
116cec23-ma22Logic and Sets
117cec23-ma23Data Analysis
118cec23-ma24Functional Analysis
119cec23-mg13Business Research Methods
120cec23-mg14Business Statistics
121cec23-mg15International Business
122cec23-mg16Fundamentals of Insurance
123cec23-mg17Ecommerce Technologies
124cec23-mg18Financial Accounting
125cec23-mg19Supply Chain Management
126cec23-mg20Personality Development
127cec23-mg21Fundamentals of Office Management and Methods
128cec23-mg22Business Ethics
129cec23-mg23HRM for Non- HR Managers
130cec23-mg24Entrepreneurship Development
131cec23-mg25Money and Financial Markets
132cec23-te02Textile Study
133nou23-bt05Biomedical Instrumentation & Sensors
134nou23-es03Emerging Technologies in Renewable Energy Sources
135nou23-cs13Data Structure using C Programming
136nou23-cs14Artificial Intelligence using Prolog Programming
137nou23-cs15Image Processing Using Python
138nou23-ce09Safety In Construction Industry
139nou23-ge81Industrial Safety And Fire Safety Management
140nou23-es04Power Generation Technologies
141nou23-mm01Elements of Underground and Opencast Mining
142nou23-bt06Fundaments of Computational Biology
143nou23-bt07Genetic Engineering and Its Recent Advancements
144nou23-bt08Computational Protein Modeling and Analysis
145  nou23-ec05Digital electronic and System design
146  nou23-ec06Fundamental of Electronic Engineering
147  nou23-es05Basic Principles of Energy Management & Energy Audit
148nou23-ge42TS-1: Foundation Course In Tourism
149nou23-ge43TS-2: Tourism Development Products, Operations and Case Studies
150nou23-ge44TS-3: Management in Tourism
151nou23-ge45TS-6: Tourism Marketing
152nou23-lg33ORU-001- Basics of Russian: Communication Skills-I
153nou23-lg34ORUL-002- Basics of Russian:Communication Skills- II
154nou23-lg35BAL-001: Basics Of Arabic
155nou23-lg36BAL-002: Communication Skills (Arabic)
156nou23-lg37MHD-02: आधुनिक निन्दी काव्य
157nou23-lg38MHD-03: उपन्यास एवं किािी
158nou23-lg39MHD-04: िाटक और अन्य गद्य नवधाएँ
159nou23-lg40MHD-06 : हिदी भाषा और सानित्य का इनििास
160nou23-cs07CIT-001: Fundamentals of Computer Systems
161nou23-cs08CIT-002: Introduction to Information Technology
162nou23-cs09CIT-003: Web Based Technologies and Multimedia Applications
163nou23-lb16BLI-011: Libraries: An introduction
164nou23-lb17BLII-012: Document Processing and Organisation
165nou23-lb18BLII-013: Information Sources and Library Services
166nou23-lb19BLII-014: ICT in Libraries
167nou23-lb20BLI-221: Library Infromation and Society
168nou23-lb21BLI-222: Information Sources and Services
169nou23-lb22BLI-223: Organising and Managing Information
170nou23-lb23BLI-224: ICT Fundamentals
171nou23-lb24BLI-225: Communication Skills (Library Information Science)
172nou23-hs55BSW-41: Understanding Tribals
173nou23-hs56BSW-42: Tribal Society
174nou23-hs57BSW-43:Tribals of South and Central India
175nou23-hs58BSW-44:Tribals in North and Northeast Region of India
176nou23-ag10MNR-1: Indian Agricultural Development
177nou23-ag11MNR 002:Agricultural Policy: Formulation, Components, Process, Implementation and Comparative Analysis
178nou23-ag12MNRE 015: Cooperatives and Farmers’ Organizations
179nou23-ag13MNRE 016:Project Analysis
180nou23-ge46BHC-011: Basics of Event Management
181nou23-ge47BHC-012: Event Planning
182nou23-ge48BHC-013: Event Coordination and Control
183nou23-ag14Food laws and standards
184nou23-ag15Introduction to Poultry Farming
185nou23-ag16Certificate course in Environmental Sustainability
186nou23-ag17Awareness Programme on Solar Water Pumping System
187nou23-ag18Commercial Fruit Production: Pomegranate & Guava
188nou23-bt04Sustainable Management of Biodiversity
189nou23-cm12Introduction to GST
190nou23-cs10Introduction to Cyber Security
191nou23-ed17Design and Facilitation of E- Learning Courses
192nou23-lb25Library Automation and Digitisation
193nou23-lb26Database and Content Organisation
194nou23-ed18BES 123: Teaching and Learning
195nou23-ed19BES 141: Pedagogy of Science
196nou23-ed20BES-125: Understanding Disciplines and Subjects
197nou23-ge49OVAL-005: Study from Still Life
198nou23-ge50MSD-011: Sustainability Science
199nou23-ge51MSD-012: Ecosystem and Natural Resources
200nou23-ge52MSD-016: Strategies and Models for Sustainability
201nou23-ge53MSD-017: Challenges to Sustainable Development
202nou23-ge54Understanding Human Trafficking
203nou23-me07Thermodynamics & its Application
204nou23-ec03Electricity & Safety Measures
205nou23-me08Energy Resources and conversion processes
206nou23-ec04Principle of Electrical Sciences
207nou23-me09Quality Engineering & Management
208nou23-ce05Pollutants and Water Supply
209nou23-ce06Concrete Technology
210nou23-me10CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing
211nou23-me11Material Science
212nou23-cm13BCOC-131 Financial Accounting
213nou23-cm14MCO-05-Accounting for Managerial Decisions
214nou23-ge55MJM-024: Media, Information and Empowerment
215nou23-ge56MJM028: Digital Media
216nou23-ge57MJM029: Advertising and Public Relations
217nou23-hs59BMS001: Introduction to NGO Management
218nou23-mg06MS 2: Management of Human Resources
219nou23-es01MEV-002: Environmental and Occupational Hazards
220nou23-es02MEVE-001: Environmental Impact Assessment for Environmental Health
221nou23-cm15BCOE-141: Principles of Marketing
222nou23-cm16BCOS-183: Computer Application in Business
223nou23-cm17MCO-03: Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis
224nou23-mg07MS-21: Social Processes and Behaviour Issues
225nou23-mg08BMS-002: Management Functions
226nou23-mg09BCOC-132: Business Organisation and Management
227nou23-hs60BEDS-001: Overview and Perspectives of Values
228nou23-hs61BGSE-001: Gender Sensitisation: Society, Culture and Change
229nou23-ed21MDE-518: Educational Communication Technologies
230nou23-me12BME-025: Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Management
231nou23-lg41BFLI 001: PARLER DE SOI / Talking About Oneself (French)
232nou23-ce07ET-523 C: Repair and Maintenance of Buildings
233nou23-hs64BEDS-002: Socio-Psychological Basis
234nou23-ge58OEY-002: Renewable Energy Techology and Their Uses
235nou23-hs65MHD-01: आददकालीि एवं मध्यकालीि निन्दी काव्य
236nou23-hs66MHD-05: सानित्य नसद्धान्ि और समालोचिा
237nou23-hs67MHD-07: भाषा नवज्ञाि और निन्दी भाषा
238nou23-ge59TS-4: Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism
239nou23-ge60TS-5: Ecology, Environment and Tourism
240nou23-lb27BLIE-226 Management of Library and Information Centre
241nou23-lb28BLIE-227 Document Processing Practice
242nou23-lb29BLIE-228 Information Products and Services
243nou23-lb30BLIE-229 ICT in Libraries
244nou23-lg42BFLI-002: FRENCH Échanger / Interactions (French)
245nou23-ed22BES-127:Assessment for Learning
246nou23-ed23Selection and Integration of Technology in Educational Processes
247nou23-ge61Ethics: Theories and Applications
248nou23-ge62Introduction to Climate Change
249nou23-ge63Communication and Extension for Sustainable Development
250nou23-lg43Mandarin (Chinese) for beginners
251nou23-ge64इलेक्ट्रॉनिक व्यवसाय के  मूल नसध्दांि एवं संरचिात्मक अिुप्रयोग
252nou23-ge65Cyber Security, Tools, Techniques and Counter Measures
253nou23-ge66Android Mobile Application Development
254nou23-hs70Indian Poetics
255nou23-cm18BCOS-184 E-Commerce
256nou23-ce08ET 581 B -Inventory and Store Management in Construction Industry
257nou23-lg44BMYLA-135 : Modern Indian Language: Malayalam
258nou23-hs71MSO-003: Sociology of Development
259nou23-hs72MSO-004: Sociology in India
260nou23-hs73MHD-13 Upanyas: Swaroop Aur Vikas
261nou23-hs74MHD-14 Hindi Upanyas-1 (Premchand Vishesh)
262nou23-hs75MHD-15 Hindi Upanyas-2
263nou23-hs76MHD-16 Bhartiya Upanyas
264nou23-ge67TS-7: Human Resource Development
265Nou23-ed24BESC-132: Structure and Management of Education
266nou23-ed25BES-121: Childhood and Growing Up
267nou23-cs11Digital Forensics
268nou23-ed26MDE-412: Instructional Design
269nou23-ge68BGS-011: Understanding Gender and Law
270nou23-ge69BFDI-072: Basics of Pattern Making and Sewing
271nou23-lw02CPI-101: Consumer Protection Legislation
272nou23-cm19BCOC-134 Business Mathamatics and Statistics
273nou23-cm20BCOC-136 Income Tax Law and Practice
274nou23-cm21BCOLA-138 Business Communication
275nou23-lg45BSL-001: Basics of Spanish Language and Culture-I
276nou23-ge82Research Ethics and Plagiarism
277nou23-ge70Skill Development of the youths and their Livelihood
278nou23-hc04CFN-1 You and Your Food
279nou23-hc05CFN-2 Your Food and Its Utilization
280nou23-hc06CFN-3 Economics of Food
281nou23-lg46OUL – 003 History of Urdu Language & Literature
282nou23-lg47OULE – 001 Contemporary Urdu Poetry
283nou23-lg48OULE – 002 Contemporary Urdu Fiction
284nou23-lg49OUL-001 Huroof Shanasi Aur Talaffuz
285nou23-lg50OUL-002 Tarseel Aur Fahem- O-Idraak
286nou23-lg51OULE – 005 Principle of Translation
287nou23-lg52BSL-002 Basics of Spanish Language and Culture-II
288nou23-ed27Satat Vikas ke Liye Sampreshan evam Vistar
289nou23-ed28BESC-131: Education: Concept, Nature and Perspectives
290nou23-ed29BES-143: Pedagogy of Mathematics
291nou23-ge71Enhancing Study Skills
292nou23-lg53BSKC-102: Sanskrit Sahitya ka Allochanatmak Vishleshan
293nou23-lg54SSB-001: Pratham Bodhah
294nou23-lg55SSB-002: Dwitiya Bodhah
295nou23-lg56SSB-003: Sambhashanam
296nou23-lg57DCE- 01: General Principles of Writing
297nou23-lg58DCE- 02: Feature Writing
298nou23-lg59DCE- 03: Short Story
299nou23-lg60DCE- 04: Writing for Media: Radio and Television
300nou23-lg61DCE- 05: Writing Poetry
301nou23-lg62BSKLA-135: Sanskrit Bhasha aur Sahitya
302nou23-hs81BPCE-145: Counselling Psychology
303nou23-hs82Statistics in Psychology
304nou23-cm22BCOC-133: Business Law
305nou23-ge72Development of Online Courses for SWAYAM
306nou23-ed30Foundations of Heutagogy
307nou23-lg63Sindhi Bhasha Shikshan
308nou23-ge73Introduction to Online Learning in Higher Education
309nou23-ge74Research and Publication Ethics (RPE)
310nou23-ed31Guidance and Counselling in Schools
311nou23-mg10BCOE-144 Office Management and Secretarial Practices
312nou23-ge75MSD 019: Global Strategies to Sustainable Development
313nou23-ed32BES-122: Contemporary India and Education
314nou23-ge76Media and Information Literacy for Techers
315nou23-ge83Introduction to Virtual Reality
316nou23-ge78MJM-024: Media, Information and Empowerment (Tamil)
317nou23-ge79MJM-024: Media, Information and Empowerment (Hindi)
318nou23-lg70MEG-07: Indian English Literature
319imb23-mg28Platform Business Models
320imb23-mg29Advanced Corporate Strategy
321imb23-mg30Arts and Culture: Towards a New Management Paradigm
322imb23-mg31Banking and Financial Markets: A Risk Management Perspective
323imb23-mg32Customer Relationship Management
324imb23-mg33Economic foundations of Pricing
325imb23-mg34Effective Business Communication
326imb23-mg35Financial Accounting and Analysis
327imb23-mg36Innovation and Information Technology Management
328imb23-mg37Introduction to Banking and Financial Markets
329imb23-mg38Introduction to Managerial Economics
330imb23-mg39Managing Innovation
331imb23-mg40New Product Development
332imb23-mg41Operation Management
333imb23-mg42Predictive Analytics
334imb23-mg43Quantitative Marketing Research
335imb23-mg44Services Marketing: Concepts & Applications
336imb23-mg45Strategic Management
337imb23-mg46Valuation and Creating Sustainable value
338imb23-mg47Brand Management
339imb23-mg53Concepts and Applications in Engineering
340imb23-mg54Concepts and Applications in Science
341imb23-mg55Humanities and Social Sciences
342imb23-mg56People Management for Entrepreneurs
343imb23-mg57Foreign Exchange market
344imb23-mg58Organizational Design
345imb23-mg59Eqiuty Stock Market
346imb23-mg60Marketing Management
348imb23-mg62Family Business
349imb23-mg63Foundation of Digital Business
350imb23-mg64Foundation of Data Science
351imb23-mg48Innovation and Start up policy
352imb23-mg49Business Environment
353imb23-mg50Consumer Buyer Behaviour
354imb23-mg51Continuous Quality Improvement: Tools and Techniques
355imb23-mg52Total Productive Maintenance
356imb23-mg66Foundations of Marketing Essentials
357imb23-mg67Strategic Human Resource Management
358imb23-mg68Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research for Management
359imb23-mg69Digital Transformation: Theory and Applications
360nou23-ge77Introduction to Functional English
361nou23-lg64Assamese Poetry: From Ancient to Modern Period
362nou23-ed33School Management and Leadership
363nou23-ge80Domestic Equipment Maintenance
364nou23-hs83Sociology of Health and Illness
365nou23-hs84Essentials of Indian Philosophy
366ntr23_ed25Accreditation for Diploma Engineering Programme
367ntr23_ed26Accreditation of Undergraduate Engineering Programme
368ntr23_ed27ICT in Teaching and Learning
369ntr23_ed28Basic Instructional Methods
370ntr23_ed29Advanced Instructional Methods
371ntr23_ed30Educational Media
372ntr23_ed31Communication Skills Modes & Knowledge Dissemination
373ntr23_ed32Educational Video Production
374ntr23_ed33Development of Self Learning Material
375ntr23_ed34Graphics and Animation Development
376ntr23_ed35Research in Technical Education
377ntr23_ed36Learning Management System _ MOODLE
378ntr23_ed37Guidance and Counselling
379ntr23_ed38Technology Enabled learning
380ntr23_ed39Student Assessment
381ntr23_ed40Student Psychology
382ntr23_ed41Quality Assurance through NAAC Accreditation Process
383ntr23_ed42E-content Development
384ntr23_ed43Academic and Research Report Writing
385nou23-ed34Reading and Reflecting on Text
386ugc23_ge05History of Indian Buddhism
387ugc23_ge06Abhidhamma (Pali)
388ugc23_ge07Buddhist Philosophy
389ugc23_ge08Community Engagement and Social Responsibility
390ugc23_ge09Buddhist Tourism

FAQs: NTA SWAYAM July Exam 2023

What is the last date for Swayam registration 2023?

The last date to apply for SWAYAM July Exam 2023 is October 30, 2023, and the last date for a successful fee transaction is October 31, 2023. The online application correction window will open on November 1 and will be closed on November 3, 2023.

What is the last date for Swayam exam fees 2023?

Candidates who want to apply for the January examination can do it through the official site of SWAYAM at swayam.nta.ac.in. The registration process was started on August 31, 2023. The last date for successful transaction of fees is till September 21, 2023.

How can I check my Swayam exam date?

Candidates can check and download the schedule from the official website swayam.nta.ac.in. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released the exam schedule of the Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM) January 2024 session.

Where are Swayam exams held?

Swayam Examination Zonal centres

States City
Delhi New Delhi
Goa Panaji/Madgaon
Gujarat Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar, Anand, Rajkot, Surat
Haryana Gurugram, Hisar, Kurukshetra