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The University of Kalyani: A Legacy of Academic Excellence and Achievements. University of Kalyani. Address: Near Kalyani Ghoshpara Railway Station, District Nadia, Kalyani, West Bengal – 741235. Contact – 033-25822505.

Introduction: University of Kalyani

The University of Kalyani, located in the picturesque town of Kalyani, West Bengal, India, holds a distinguished place in the realm of higher education. Established in 1960, this Government of West Bengal administered university has been affiliated with the University Grants Commission (UGC) and accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

The University of Kalyani offers a wide range of courses at the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral levels, making it a significant hub of academic pursuit and research.

University of Kalyani History

The foundation of the University of Kalyani was laid on 1st November 1960 with the enactment of ‘The Kalyani University Act 1960’ by the Government of West Bengal.

The university’s governance is guided by ‘The Kalyani University Act, 1981 (amended up to 2001),’ along with supplementary ‘Statutes,’ ‘Ordinances,’ ‘Regulations,’ and ‘Rules.’ The university received recognition from the University Grants Commission, further solidifying its position as an esteemed institution of learning.


The University of Kalyani is nestled in an urban setting bordered by serene green rural areas. Situated only 2000 meters from the eastern bank of the Ganges, the campus offers a tranquil environment for academic pursuits.

The history of the campus is intriguing, as during the Second World War, it served as an Army depot under the control of the American army. Today, the campus spans over an extensive area of 400 acres, making it the largest State University in West Bengal in terms of area.

Organisation and Administration

The university’s governance is headed by the Vice-Chancellor, who serves as the chief executive officer. Currently, Manas Kumar Sanyal holds the esteemed position of Vice-Chancellor since 20th December 2020.

The university has various faculties and departments organized into six faculty councils, each responsible for specific academic domains.

List of All Vice-Chancellors
Sl. No.Name
1.Prof. Sachindranath Das Gupta (01.11.1960 – 31.10.1968)
2.Prof. Sushil Kumar Mukherjee (02.11.1968 – 14.10.1970)
3.Shri. Karunnaketan Sen (14.11.1970 – 05.09.1974
4.Prof. Debkumar Choudhuri (06.09.1974 – 19.12.1974)
5.Prof. Pratul Chandra Mukherjee (01.03.1975 – 30.06.1976)
6.Prof. Tara Bhusan Mukherjee (01.07.1976 – 07.11.1978)
7.Prof. Subimal Kumar Mukherjee (08.11.1978 – 02.11.1979)
8.Prof. Sitangsu Mookerjee (05.06.1980 – 18.06.1986)
9.Prof. Santosh Kumar Sarkar (19.06.1986 – 28.02.1988)
10.Prof. Kalyan Kumar Das Gupta (01.03.1988 – 17.08.1992)
11.Prof. Ashis Kumar Roy (18.08.1992 – 31.07.1995)
12.Prof. Basudeb Barman (01.08.1995 – 31.01.2000)
13.Prof. Nityananda Saha (01.02.2000 – 10.03.2005)
14.Prof. Arabinda Kumar Das (01.09.2005 – 22.10.2009)
15.Prof. Alok Kumar Banerjee (23.10.2009 – 08.02.2013)
16.Prof. Dilipkumar Mohanta (09.02.2013 – 07.11.2013)
17.Prof. Rattan Lal Hangloo (08.11.2013 – 22.12.2015)
18.Prof. Malayendu Saha (23.12.2015 – 19.12.2016)
19.Prof. Sankar Kumar Ghosh (20.12.2016 – 19.12.2020)
20.Prof. Manas Kumar Sanyal (20.12.2020 – 2023)
21.Professor (Dr.) Amalendu Bhunia (Current)

Faculties and Departments

The University of Kalyani boasts 37 departments organized into six faculties, encompassing a wide array of academic disciplines.

Faculty of Science
  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Botany
  5. Biochemistry & Biophysics
  6. Ecological Studies
  7. Geography
  8. Microbiology
  9. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
  10. Environmental Science
  11. Statistics
  12. Zoology
  13. Physiology
Faculty of Engineering, Technology & Management
  1. Computer Science & Engineering
  2. Engineering & Technological Studies
  3. Business Administration
Faculty of Arts & Commerce
  1. Bengali
  2. English
  3. Hindi
  4. Modern Language
  5. Sanskrit
  6. Economics
  7. History
  8. Political Science
  9. Philosophy
  10. Rural Developmental Studies
  11. Library & Information Science
  12. Folklore
  13. Sociology
  14. Commerce
Faculty of Education
  1. Lifelong Learning & Extension
  2. Education
  3. Physical Education
Faculty of Music & Fine Arts
  1. Visual Arts
School of Interdisciplinary Studies
  1. Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
  2. Data Science
  3. Genomic Science

Affiliated Colleges: University of Kalyani

The University of Kalyani provides academic guidance and leadership to 57 affiliated colleges and 7 other recognized institutes. Although independent, these colleges follow the Course Curriculum of the university and are an integral part of the educational ecosystem.

Notable Affiliated Colleges

1. Asannagar Madan Mohan Tarkalankar College

2. Berhampore College

3. Berhampore Girls’ College

4. Bethuadahari College

5. Chakdaha College

6. Chapra Bangaljhi Mahavidyalaya

7. Domkal Girls’ College

8. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College

9. Dukhulal Nibaran Chandra College

10. Dumkal College

11. Dwijendralal College

12. Haringhata Mahavidyalaya

13. Hazi A.K. Khan College

14. Jalangi Mahavidyalaya

15. Jangipur College

16. Jatindra Rajendra Mahavidyalaya

17. Kalyani Mahavidyalaya

18. Kanchrapara College

19. Kandi Raj College

20. Karimpur Pannadevi College

21. Krishnagar Government College

22. Krishnagar Women’s College

23. Krishnath College

24. Lalgola College

25. Murshidabad Adarsha Mahavidyalaya

26. Muzaffar Ahmed Mahavidyalaya

27. Nabadwip Vidyasagar College

28. Nabagram Amar Chand Kundu College

29. Nagar College

30. Nur Mohammad Smriti Mahavidyalaya

31. Panchthupi Haripada Gouribala College

32. Plassey College

33. Pritilata Waddedar Mahavidyalaya

34. Prof. Sayed Nurul Hasan College

35. Raja Birendra Chandra College

36. Ranaghat College

37. Rani Dhanya Kumari College

38. Sagardighi Kamada Kinkar Smriti Mahavidyalaya

39. Santipur College

40. Srikrishna College

41. Sripat Singh College

42. Sewnarayan Rameswar Fatepuria College

43. Subhas Chandra Bose Centenary College

44. Sudhiranjan Lahiri Mahavidyalaya

45. Tehatta Government College

46. Muragacha Government College

47. Government General Degree College, Kaliganj

48. Government General Degree College, Chapra

Self-financed General Degree Colleges

1. Institute of Mass Communication Film & Television Studies

2. G.D. College, Shaikpara

Govt.-aided B.P.Ed. College

1. Union Christian Training College

Self-financed B. P. Ed. Colleges

1. Prabharani Institute of Education

2. Sunil Dhar Memorial B.P.Ed. College

Self-financed Law Colleges

1. Bimal Chandra College of Law

2. J.R.S.E.T. College of Law

3. Mohammad Abdul Bari Institute of Juridical Science

4. S. K. Acharya Institute of Juridical Science

Other Recognized Institutes

1. Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute

2. Kalyani Technology Academy

3. Tagore School of Rural Development and Agricultural Management

4. Dr. K.R. Adhikary College of Optometry & Paramedical Technology

5. Monarch College of Art and Technology

6. Susrijo Institute of Paramedical Technology and Optometry

7. Susrijo Institute of Agricultural Science, Technology and Management

Academics and Achievements

The University of Kalyani has continually maintained academic excellence, as evidenced by its ‘A’ grade (CGPA 3.12) accreditation by the NAAC in 2015. Moreover, the university has received impressive rankings on both national and international platforms.

In the QS Asia Ranking 2020, it secured a place in the 501-550 band among the top 600 Universities in Asia. On the national front, the university ranked 89 among Indian universities in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2022.

Among the many achievements of the university, one notable milestone is the development of the Hepatitis C nosode by Rajesh Shah and a group of Molecular Biologists. The nosode showed promising anti-cancer effects on cell lines in a laboratory model, making it a significant advancement in the field of medical research.

Notable Alumni

The University of Kalyani has nurtured and shaped several individuals who have made substantial contributions to various fields. Some of its notable alumni include:

  1. Arijit Singh – Indian playback singer, composer, and music producer.
  2. Koushik Kar – Indian Actor.
  3. Mihir Kanti Chaudhuri – Indian Chemist.
  4. Bimalendu Sinha Roy – Indian Politician.
  5. Susmita Bose – Indian-American Scientist and Professor.
  6. Jagannath Sarkar (BJP politician) – Indian Politician.
  7. Manoj Chakraborty – Indian Politician.
  8. Babar Ali (teacher) – Notable educationist and the youngest headmaster in the world.

Conclusion: University of Kalyani

The University of Kalyani stands tall as a bastion of knowledge, nurturing bright minds and fostering academic excellence. With its rich history, diverse faculties, and impressive achievements, the university continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education and research in India.

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FAQs: University of Kalyani

Q. Is the University of Kalyani a Government university?

Yes, the University of Kalyani is a Government of West Bengal administered university.

Q. When was the University of Kalyani established?

The university was established on 1st November 1960.

Q. How is the university ranked nationally and internationally?

The university secured a place in the 501-550 band among the top 600 Universities in Asia according to the QS Asia Ranking 2020. It ranked 89 among universities in India in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2022.

Q. How many affiliated colleges does the University of Kalyani have?

The university provides academic guidance and leadership to 57 affiliated colleges and 7 other recognized institutes.

Q. Who is the current Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kalyani?

The current Vice-Chancellor is Manas Kumar Sanyal, who was appointed on 20th December 2020.

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