National Career Service (India)

National Career Service (India): Transforming Employment Services: The National Career Service (NCS) in India.

An initiative of the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India, working towards Bringing Talent Closer to Opportunities.

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There are over a million job opportunities via 3600+ career options from 53 different industries. Get all these pieces of information from the NCS portal. Simply register at and start applying.

In the fast-evolving landscape of India’s employment market, the government has taken a bold step towards modernization with the introduction of the National Career Service (NCS). Launched on 20th July 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this initiative is a significant departure from the traditional employment exchange system, aiming to provide a more efficient and tech-savvy approach to career development and job placement.

The Evolution of NCS

Before the advent of the NCS, India relied on a network of over 1,000 employment exchanges, primarily operated by state governments. These exchanges played a crucial role in connecting job seekers with employers. However, they were often marred by inefficiencies, limited accessibility, and bureaucratic hurdles.

Recognizing the need for a transformative change, the NCS was conceptualized to replace these employment exchanges with IT-enabled Career Centers. This shift is part of a broader strategy to bridge the gap between job seekers and opportunities in a rapidly changing job market.

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The NCS in Action

At its core, the NCS is designed to be a comprehensive, digital platform that serves various stakeholders in the employment ecosystem. It offers an array of services that cater to the diverse needs of job seekers, students, and employers. Here are some of its key features and functionalities:

  1. Job Matching: The NCS leverages technology to match job seekers with suitable employment opportunities. Its advanced algorithms analyze candidate profiles and job requirements, making the job search process more efficient.
  2. Career Counseling: The service provides expert career guidance and counseling to help individuals make informed decisions about their professional paths. This is particularly valuable for students and young professionals.
  3. Skill Development: NCS offers skill development courses and training programs to enhance the employability of job seekers. This focus on upskilling aligns with the evolving demands of the job market.
  4. Employer Engagement: Employers can register on the platform, post job vacancies, and connect with potential candidates. This streamlined process benefits both employers and job seekers.
  5. Government Initiatives: The NCS serves as a portal for information on various government schemes and initiatives related to employment and skill development.

Budget Allocation and Expansion

In recognition of its importance, the NCS was allocated a substantial budget of ₹1,000 crore (approximately US$130 million) in 2021. This financial injection signifies the government’s commitment to modernizing employment services and addressing the needs of a rapidly growing workforce.

Data-Driven Insights

One of the key strengths of the NCS is its ability to collect and disseminate data on job vacancies and registered employers. This data-driven approach provides valuable insights into the dynamics of the job market, enabling policymakers to make informed decisions.

Empowering India’s Workforce

The National Career Service represents a pivotal shift in India’s approach to employment services. By harnessing the power of technology and offering a holistic set of services, it aims to empower job seekers and employers alike.

Moreover, it aligns with the government’s broader vision of a skilled and job-ready workforce, ready to thrive in the 21st-century job market. As the NCS continues to evolve, it holds the potential to shape the future of India’s employment landscape positively.

FAQs: National Career Service (India)

1. I am already registered in an employment exchange. Do I need to register again?

Yes, you need to register again, but you can use your employment exchange registration number while registering on the portal in order to retrieve/restore your profile.

2. How can I register on NCS Portal?

You can register online on the portal or visit the nearest Model Career Center or Common Service Center or Post Office to get yourself registered. You can also contact NCS Toll Free Helpline at 1800-425-1514 and request the call center executive to register you by providing the required details.

3. What is the criteria for registering on NCS Portal?

Anyone can seek services provided in the NCS portal through a simple registration process:
-Age: 14 years and above
-Qualification: There is no minimum qualification for registration

4. What are the basic details required for registration?

​One must furnish basic details such as name, date of birth, qualifications, email id, phone number and any one of the unique identification document number mentioned below:
-Aadhaar number
-PAN card number
-Voters ID card number
-Driver’s license number
-Passport number
-UAN number

5. I am getting some error while trying to fill registration form. Whom do I contact?

You may contact NCS Toll Free Helpline at 1800-425-1514 (Tues. to Sun. 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.)

6. What is OTP? Where do I use it?

OTP is One Time Password. It is a security code that you will receive on your mobile to validate that the entered mobile number is yours. You need to enter this code to complete the registration process.

7. There is a delay in receiving my One Time Password?

Delays may occur due to heavy traffic on the portal. One can also click on ‘resend OTP’, to get an OTP second time in cases of delay in the first instance.

8. How will I get a confirmation that I’m registered with NCS?

Once your registration process is complete, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number containing your NCS ID, your user name and password. The same NCS ID will also flash on the webpage once your registration process is complete. This will be a unique ID (containing 19 characters) linked to your profile on NCS.

9. What if I forget my log in password?

You have 9 attempts to guess the password before the profile gets locked for security reasons. Once the account gets locked, you need to call our toll free number 1800-425-1514 for further assistance. In case, you don’t want to attempt at guessing the password, you can directly click on Forgot Password? link in the login box and reset the password.

10. Once registered, how can I fill more details about qualifications, work experience and other relevant details about myself?

Once registered, you need to login and click on ‘View/Update Profile’ tab on your left-side on the screen. This will take you to web-pages where you will be required to give details about your personal information, physical attributes, address for communication, education and trainings undertaken, work experience, preferences and official references. You will also have a provision to upload your documents like CV, Caste Certificate, ID Proof, Marksheets, Certificates, Differently Abled certificate using your DigiLocker account. Providing this detailed information will improve your profile and help employers in identifying the right candidates for their organization. Updating relevant key skills will increase your chances of getting shortlisted by employers.

11. I do not have a personal mobile number, how do I complete registration?

Mobile number is mandatory for registering on the portal. You can register with the mobile number of anyone in your family. Up to 5 users are allowed to be registered on NCS portal per mobile number.

12. I do not have an ID proof. What to do?

It’s mandatory to have an ID proof to register on the portal. Please contact your nearest Common Service Center for details regarding creation of an ID proof like Aadhaar card, PAN Card etc.

13. Is my profile data safe and secure with NCS?

Yes, it’s safe and secure. It is not be shared with any third party except the authorized portal users and DGE.

14. How do I search for a job on the portal?

Register yourself as a jobseeker on the NCS Portal. Search for jobs by clicking on the Find Job button on the homepage and filling in details of your preferences for the job required. Updated key skills will increase your changes of getting shortlisted by the employers.

15. What is the difference between ‘Job by Partners’ and Jobs through ‘NCS’?

NCS has partnered with various institutions and organizations operating in the space of offering employment and career-related services. These partners are aggregators and bring job opportunities on NCS portal for an enhanced job-search experience for the user. ‘Jobs by Partners’ can be identified by phrase “Powered By xxxxxx” in Company Name field. While ‘Jobs through NCS’ are those jobs which are directly posted on NCS portal by the employers.

16. What happens if I apply on ‘Job By Partners’ postings?

When user clicks on the “Apply button” on any of the “Jobs by partners”, the jobseeker will be navigated to the partner’s website to complete the remaining process of job application w.r.t partner’s website.

17. Once I apply on a job, where can I see the list of jobs that I have applied for?

The tab ‘Jobs Applied’ on the left panel of the screen will enlist all the jobs that the user has applied for, till date.

18. What is a Job Fair?

A job fair is an event where employers and job seekers come together for job matching. Job Fairs can be launched only through the career centers. The list of ongoing and upcoming Job Fairs can be accessed at the ​​Job Fairs and Events section of the NCS Homepage.​​​

19. Where are the details of the job fairs & events displayed?

The details of all Ongoing/Upcoming/Past Job Fairs, Placement Drives and Events are available on the Calendar which can be accessed at Job Fairs and Events section of the NCS Homepage.

20. How to search for a relevant Job Fair/event on the calendar?

On the Job Fair Calendar, user can use search functionality to find various job fairs and events. User can search on basis of State, District and Industry to display specific job fairs or events pertaining to the selected search criteria. User can select his search criteria from the drop down list for each criteria and click ‘Search’.​​

21. How can I register as a Placement Organization on NCS Portal?

You could register online on the portal or visit the nearest Model Career Center to get registered. You can also request the call center executive to register you by providing the required details.

22. How will I get a confirmation that I’m registered with NCS?

You will get an SMS alert with NCS ID having 19 characters on your registered mobile number once your registration process is complete. Also, the same NCS ID will flash on the webpage once your registration process is complete. This will be a unique ID linked to your profile on NCS.

23. Can we add multiple authorized users to manage the company’s profile on NCS Portal or will it be managed by just one user?

Yes, you can add more users to a single placement organization’s profile. The primary user (the one who registered the profile) will have to access ‘User Management’ tab on the left panel of the placement organization’s dashboard in order to add more Users to the profile.

24. How do I raise my grievance or provide feedback for NCS?

You can click on Grievance/Feedback on footer section of the portal or “Share Feedback” tab from the left panel of your employer account. You can also write to us at [email protected] or call our Toll free helpline 1800-425-1514 (Tues. to Sun. 8AM to 8PM)

25. How can I follow up on the grievances or feedback provided by me on NCS portal?

You can view all the cases of grievances and feedback raised by you under the ‘Cases’ tab on the left panel of your post login dashboard screen. It will give you the list of your cases along with information such as status, case ID, case category, case registration date, resolution and date of resolution.

26. What should I do to reactivate my NCS Account? Job Seeker

Functionality to Reactivate NCS account is available on NCS Portal’s Login screen, upon clicking
which, user has to provide some basic details associated with his NCS Profile and undergo OTP based mobile verification. Upon
successful OTP verification, user account gets reactivated.

27. I want to know why my Jobseeker account on NCS Portal has got deactivated.

NCS Profile for any user is deactivated only on account of duplication of data (Mobile number, Father’s Name, DOB, First Name, Middle Name and Last name) or on account of archival due to its prolonged inactive status. When a user profile is deactivated on account of duplication of data which means when he has multiple NCS Profiles, then user is notified regarding the same via email and SMS mentioning the reason for deactivation and also username of remaining active account is notified to the user.​​

28. I am entering correct username and Password to login into my Jobseeker’s account on NCS Portal but everytime I get a message “Username or Password is incorrect”?

​If you are not able to login to NCS Portal even after entering correct Username and Password, then there is a possibility that your NCS account has been deactivated on account of duplication or it has been archived on account of its prolonged inactive status. It is suggested to check at your end if you have received any notification via SMS or email regarding your account deactivation. You may also call at our Toll free number 1800-425-1514 to register your issue to find its exact cause and for issue resolution.​

29. Can I have more than two profiles on NCS Portal with the same mobile number?

​For the purpose of registration on NCS Portal as a Jobseeker or LSP or Counsellor, NCS requires you to register using a unique mobile number, which means that creation of multiple user accounts within and across the stakeholder types Jobseeker, Local Service Provider and Counsellor using the same mobile number is not be allowed.​

30. How can I make a Video Profile on NCS Portal and how will it help?

​To make a Video Profile on NCS Portal, simply login to your NCS Profile and go to “Video Profile” section on left navigation panel of your Home Screen. You will then be redirected to an external Page of our Video Profile partner (HireMee), where you need to login using your NCS credentials. Upon login click on “Create/Upload Video Profile” and make 3 videos to tell the Employers “About yourself”, “Your skills” and your “Area of Interest”. Videos uploaded by you will be reviewed and moderated and will become visible to employers only post approval from the moderation team. Video Profile functionality helps to make your NCS Profile stand out and make it more impressive. Completion of Video Profile adds to your Profile completeness score which highlights your profile to Employers all the more.​

31. I am looking for a job in Health sector, how can NCS help me?

​NCS has a special section on “Jobs in Health Sector” on its Home Page for Jobseekers/Professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Ayush Practitioners, etc. who are looking for jobs in health sector. One may search for relevant vacancies in the healthcare sector based on Key skills and educational qualifications.​

32. I am an E-shram user, how can I register myself on NCS Portal

​To register yourself on NCS Portal, you simple need to enter you Eshram UAN number and your DOB on the NCS Sign up page for jobseekers. Post the successful OTP verification from e-shram website,all the details that are linked with this UAN on eSHRAM Portal will get auto filled under your registration form on NCS Portal. Then click on submit button to complete the registration process.​

33. How do I apply for International Jobs on NCS Portal

If you are already registered with NCS Portal, then simply login to your registered account on NCS and complete your profile with your job preference for International Jobs. After updating your job preference, you can start searching and applying to International Jobs.

For new users, Job Preference for International Jobs would be asked at the time of registration on NCS Portal.

34. Does NCS guarantee getting me a job?

The portal provides assistance, access and opportunity mapping to employers. It is only a platform, with a repository of jobs from various sectors, which aims to facilitate the process of job search for the jobseekers. NCS is not involved in the recruitment process, which is done by the concerned employer.

35. Is it mandatory to upload documents on NCS Portal?

Uploading documents on NCS Portal will enhance your profile and will help you get Job recommendations and noticed by Employers with relevant Job openings

36. Can I get a job through NCS?

NCS can only facilitate the process of job search for the jobseeker. One can view job postings and apply for the same via portal. NCS is not involved in the recruitment process, which is done by the concerned employer through the portal. However, you can save your preferences under ‘Job Preferences’ tab on the left panel. This will help you get alerts about job postings which matches your job preferences.