Odisha Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test (OSSTET)

Odisha Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test (OSSTET). BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, ODISHA, CUTTACK



OSSTET, 2022 (1st)

The Govt. of Odisha vide Resolution No.-18618/ SME, Bhubaneswar Dtd.- 17/09/2016, Addendum No- 19064/ SME, Bhubaneswar Dtd.- 31/08/2018, letter No-5636/ SME, Bhubaneswar Dtd.- 10/02/2021, No-12407/ SME, Dtd- 10/07/2021, No-15406/ SME, Dtd- 17/08/2021, No. 24746/ Dtd. 21/12/2021, No.- 23436 Dtd. 03/12/2021 & No. 775 Dtd.-12/01/2022: have prescribed guidelines for conducting Odisha Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test (OSSTET).

After careful consideration, the Govt. have decided that, to be eligible for appointment as a teacher in any of the secondary schools of the state, one should pass teacher eligibility test and accordingly, the following guidelines have been framed for conduct of the Teacher Eligibility Test called OSSTET in the State

  1. The Teacher Eligibility Test shall be called “ODISHA SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHER ELIGIBILITY TEST” (OSSTET).
  1. OSSTET shall be conducted once in an year or as decided by the Government as per need.
  2. The Board of Secondary Education, Odisha has been designated as the professional body for conducting OSSTET. Detailed procedure for conducting OSSTET and instruction for carrying out the examination shall be issued by the Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Odisha. The application form for OSSTET shall also be prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education, Odisha and submission of application form shall be in online mode.
  1. Applicability

OSSTET shall be applicable to all candidates who possess requisite academic and training qualifications with requisite percentage of marks as prescribed in the Resolution No. 18618/ SME, Bhubaneswar Dtd.-17/09/2016 of the Govt. of

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