NMMS Scholarship 2023: National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship

NMMS Scholarship 2023: National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship. National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS) official notification has been publised.

NMMS Scholarship 2023: National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship 2023

This has reference to Central Sector Scheme “National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme of the Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education which is being implemented since 2008 with an objective to award scholarships to meritorious students of economically weaker sections to arrest their drop out at class VIII and encourage them to continue the study at secondary stage. Under this scheme, 100,000 fresh scholarships @ Rs. 12000/- per annum are awarded to the meritorious students every year at Class IX level, which can be continued upto Class XII. The State/UT-wise fixed quota is at given Annexure-I

2. The scheme has been approved for continuation for another 5 years during the period of 15th Finance Commission cycle from 2021-22 to 2025-26. As per the latest provisions under the scheme, the following aspects of the guidelines have been revised:

(i) The parental income ceiling has been enhanced from the present ceiling of 1.50 lakh per annum to 3.50 lakh per annum.

(ii) The renewal criteria has been revised from the existing pattern of getting 55% marks in Class- IX & XI and 60% in Class-X to the new pattern of getting minimum of 60% marks in Class X only for continuation of scholarship (relaxable by 5% for SC/ST candidates) in next higher classes while getting clear promotion from class IX to class X and from class XI to class XII in the first attempt.

(iii) The re-imbursement cost for conduct of NMMSS examination given to States and UTs has been revised from the present rate of 50 per student to 100 per student for the number of students appearing in the examination removing the cap of limiting reimbursement cost @1500 students per district.

iv) Total number of scholarships i.e is 1.00,000 and amount @Rs. 12000/- per year per student will be fixed for five years even when allotted quota of States and UTs will be revised on the basis of Census 2021

(v) The evaluation study of the scheme will be carried out on yearly basis.

(vi) Ministry will initiate a campaign for spreading awareness/advertisement of the scheme through print and electronic media including social media at national level from 2022-23 onwards, so that benefits of the scheme may reach more eligible beneficiaries.

NMMS Scholarship 2023: National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship

The revised guidelines of the scheme are attached at Annexure-II. They will come into effect from FY 2022-23.

3. It is therefore requested that wide publicity may be given to the revised guidelines so that participation in the NMMSS selection exam increases and maximum number of meritorious students get selected and fulfill full strength of the state/UT quota. It is also requested that selection exams and thereafter the process of application and verification on NSP are conducted in a timely manner so that all eligible students can avail the benefits of this scheme.

4. The issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

Table Indicating the number of scholarships to States/U/Ts on the basis of 23rd (66.67%) weightage on the enrolment in classes VII and VIII and 1/3rd (33.33%) weightage on child, population of the relative age under National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme.

S.No.States/UTsScholarships on the basis of 66.67% weightage to Enrolment &33.33% weightage to Child Population
1.1 Andhra Pradesh4087
2.Arunachal Pradesh122
9.Himachal Pradesh832
10.Jammu & Kashmir1091
14.Madhya Pradesh6446
24.Tamil Nadu6695
27.Uttar Pradesh15143
29.West Bengal7250
30.A&N Islands42
32.D&N Haveli22
33.Daman & Die16

Central Sector Scheme “National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme Revised Guidelines

The Scheme: NMMS Scholarship 2023: National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship

1.1 Under this scheme, it is proposed to award 100,000 scholarships to the gifted or meritorious students whose parental income is not more than 3,50,000 per annum from all sources at the time of selection of awardees for scholarship. Each State UT has fised quota of scholarship for concemod age group of class VII and VIII. The scheme will provide reservation to different categories of students as per the State UT norms; as different States UTs have their own norms of reservation.

1.2 This scholarship will be provided on yearly basis to the students studying as regular students and entering in class IX in a Govemment. Government-aided, local body schools. Thus the scholarship will be for a maximum period of four years. The students studying in “Kendriya Vidyalayas and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas” are not entitled to get scholarship under this scheme. Similarly, those students studying in Residential Schools run by the Centre State Government Institutions, where facilities like boarding, lodging and education are provided and students shadying in private schools are also not eligible for the scholarship under the scheme

1.3 The amount of scholarship is 12000/- per annum 1000 per month.

1.4 A separate examination shall be conducted by the State Government UT Administrations for selection of students for the award of the National Means-cum-Merit Scholarships in the States/UTs

1.5 The reimbursement cost for conducting the NMMSS (SAT and MAT) exam will be 100/-per student for the number of students appearing in the examination,

Procedure for Selection of Awardee Students

2.1 Each State/UT will conduct its own test at stage of class VIII for selection of students for the award of the National Means-cum-Ment Scholarship. The State Level Examination may consist of the following two tests:

i. Mental Ability Test (MAT)

ii. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

2.2 The students shall have minimum of 55 % marks or equivalent grade in Class VII examination for appearing in selection test conducted during class VIII for award of scholarship (relaxable by 5% for SC/ST students). The student should be studying as regular student in a Government. Government-aided and local body schools.

2.3 Mental Ability Test shall consist of 90 multiple-choice questions testing verbal and non-verbal meta-cognitive abilities like reasoning and critical thinking. The questions in the test may be on analogy, classification, numerical series, pattern perception, hidden figuro etc.

2.4 Scholastic Aptitude Test shall consist of 90 multiple-choice questions covering subjects namely, science, social studies and mathematics as taught in classes VII and VIII.

Duration of the Test: NMMS Scholarship 2023

Each test will be of 90 minutes duration. Children with disability will be given extr time, as applicable.

Declaration of Results: NMMS Scholarship 2023

3.1 For selecting the students, the following conditions shall apply:

The students must pats both the tests ie. MAT and SAT with at least 40% marks in aggregate taken together for these two tests. For the SC/ST students, this cut off will be 32% marks.

3.2 At the time of selection for the award of scholarship the student must have scored at least 55% mark or equivalent grade in Class VIII examination. There will be 5 % relaxation for SC/ST students.

3.3 The awardees should satisfy the eligibility and the conditions mentioned in the

Disbursement of Scholarships: NMMS Scholarship 2023

4.1 A student can avail only one Scholarship under any Central Government Scholarship scheme.

4.2 The awardees will be required to open bank accounts preferably in SBI, or any public sector bank or any scheduled bank which has core banking facility.

4.3 The eligible students will apply on National Scholarship Portal (NSP), which will be verified by the State Governments and UT Administrations and finally sent to Ministry for saon of funds. The final list of students’ verified at all concerned levels on National Scholarship Portal, will be considered for sanction of funds. The scholarships for those students will be discontinued if they would have not been able to new their application on NSP within stipulated time period. The sanction of funds will be done from Annual Budget Provision for releasing them to SBL the implementing hank for scheme for disbursal of scholarships, to students directly im their bank accounts by electronic transfer through Direct bones Transfer (DBT)

4.4 The awardees should get minimum of 60% marks in Class X for continuation of scholarship (relaxable by 5% for SC/ST candidates) in next higher classes, For continuing the scholarship in class X and XII, the awardees should get clear promotion form class IX to class X and from class XI to class XII in the first attempt

General Eligibility Conditions: NMMS Scholarship 2023

5.1 An awardee is eligible for the scholarship provided he/she

(i) takes up studies in approved courses.

(ii) maintains good conduct as certified by the Head of the College/Institution and continues his/her studies as a regular student in a Government Government aided Local Body school

(iii) does not absent himself herself without proper leave.

(iv) takes up studies on a whole time basis

5.2 No scholarship shall be available for studies abroad for any course.

5.3 No claim for scholarship arrears will be entertained after the expiry of 12 months of the academic session for which one has applied for the claim.

5.4 In case any awardee leaves his her course of study within one month registration admission, no scholarship shall be paid to him her.

5.5 In case student is not able appear at the annual examination due to serious illness, he/she should send the medical certificate through the Head of the Institution within three months of his her falling ill. The duration of illness should be clearly certified by specialist, who ha Registered Medical Practitioner. The facility will be available to the student to continue the same course in which one is studying provided the principal or the head of the institution certifies that the overall performance of the student during the year has been very good

5.6 The student must join the next class desired course within 3 months of the declaration of the result of the previous class course

5.7 Scholarship shall be deemed to be discontinued if any gap of one academic session arises in studies at any time due to any reason.

5.8 Schnship once discontinued on the basis of the rules of disbursement of scholarship cannot be revived under any circumstances

3.9 All rules are subject to change from time to time, as and when required which will be binding on all awardees

6 Eligibility and ether conditions for starting and continuation of Scholachin at Secondary and Higher Secondary Stage

6.1 The awanlees should get clear promotion from class Vill to Class IX for being eligible for starting the scholarship, as indicated above.

6.2 The scholarship at the Secondary and Higher Secondary stage, or equivalent classes IX to XII is payable for a maximum period of four years for studies in India only.

6.3 No scholarship at this stage is payable for studying diploma’tificate level courses

6.4 For continuing the scholarship in class X and XII, the awardees should get clear promotion from class IX to class X and from class XI to class XII in the first attempt

6.5 The awardees must obtain a minimum of 60 per cent marks in Class X examination (relaxable by 5% for SC/ST students) or equivalent examination for continuation of the scholarship at higher secondary stage.

6.6 In case an institution’school does not conduct an examination at the end of Class IX and/or Class XI, the scholarship for the second year will be continued on the submission of a certificate to this effect from the Head of the Institution School.

7.0 The scheme will be in operation for 5 years beyond March 2021 and the selection test for the award of scholarship will be conducted for Class VIII students in November every year as a separate test by the State Governments UT Administrations

8.0 A Technical Support Group (TSG) consisting of Consultants/support staff etc. will be continued for assisting in effective implementation and monitoring of the scheme

9.0 The scheme will be monitored in the Department at regular intervals with the concerned stakeholders.

10.0 System of Super Checks/Physical verification to be strengthened by emring certain minimum percentage of application being physically verified on random basis generated by data analytics.

11.0 The Ministry Department shall monitor the implementation of the sch regularly. Adelie vigilance should be exercised to analyze the trends for timely identification and prevention of irregularities.

12.0 State Governments may be asked to undertake and physical verification/inspection to ensure effective implementation of the scheme, as per guidelines.

13.0 Ministry Department and States/UTs to undertake super checks/third party audit of scholarships.

14.0 State Government should ensure that Institute/School Nodal officer (NO) a permanent regular staff of the Institute/School and that the Principal responsible for the effective supervision of INO activities.

15.0 Ministry Department should ensure that adequate training is provided to SNO, SNO to be responsible for facilitating students in submitting application on NSP through mobile

16.0 If any student’s application is marked fake by District Nodal officer (DNOY State Nodal officer (SNO), application against the said Institute/School may be put on hold until re-verification is complete.

17.0 In case of fraud, regular follow-up investigation and initiation of penal action to be ensured.

18.0 To carry out evaluation study on yearly basis to find out the gaps and challenges in the performance of the scheme due to of the objectives of the scheme remain unfulfilled. The recommendations of the tudy to be implemented and constraints at the ground level to be resolved timely to improve the performance of the scheme. It will also help in monitoring of the low-performance States.