Map Reveals Best Places to Live in the US if Nuclear War Breaks Out

Map Reveals Best Places to Live in the US if Nuclear War Breaks Out. Map reveals best places to live in the US if nuclear war breaks out.

Map Reveals Best Places to Live in the US if Nuclear War Breaks Out

In light of escalating fears surrounding nuclear conflict and the specter of World War III, prospective homebuyers in the United States may want to reassess their property search criteria. Real estate experts have concluded that the most suitable locations for surviving a nuclear event are remote, rural areas with warm climates and access to water and farmland.

Andrew Ragusa, CEO of REMI Realty on Long Island, New York, emphasized the significance of location in determining survival chances in the event of nuclear war. He noted a shift in priorities from amenities like proximity to shopping centers and public transportation to factors such as warm climate, access to food, and water availability.

Ideal locations recommended by experts include parts of California, Florida, and Texas, particularly areas away from major cities like San Francisco, Miami, and Houston. These areas offer proximity to water sources and favorable weather conditions. Ragusa highlighted the importance of being near water for access to food and drinkable water post-desalination.

Additionally, states along the Mississippi River, such as Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, are suggested due to their access to water and farmland.

Jasen Edwards, Agent Editorial Board chair, proposed the Midwest and Southeast regions for their access to fresh water and farmland, as well as the Rocky Mountains, which are more difficult for nuclear warheads to reach. Edwards noted that the elevation of the Rockies aids in dispersing fallout more rapidly, potentially minimizing the impact of radioactive material reaching the area.

Nebraska was specifically mentioned for its geographical positioning offering protection against nuclear fallout.

In summary, the recommended locations for homebuyers seeking to increase their chances of survival in the event of nuclear conflict are rural areas with warm climates, access to water and farmland, and geographical features that mitigate the impact of nuclear fallout.