Calcutta University PhD Admission in Hindi, conducted by the Department of Hindi, University of Calcutta

Calcutta University PhD Admission: Applications are invited for admission to Ph.D. program in Hindi, conducted by the Department of Hindi, Calcutta University.

Selection to the Ph.D. Program is done by an admission test held by the department of Hindi; it comprises of a written test and an interview.

Successful candidates of the written test shall be called upon to appear for the interview.

Candidates who have qualified JRF/NET/SET or equivalent or passed M.Phil. are exempted from appearing for the written examination but will have to appear for the interview.

West Bengal Government Roster for reservation will be followed. Attested copies of all supporting documents must be submitted at the time of application and the original must be produced at the time of interview.

Interested candidates may submit an application by filling up the prescribed form, available at the University Sales Counter, College Street Campus, 87/1 College Street, Kolkata 700073.

The available seats for the program are 16

The important details regarding the same can be found below:

Last date for application: 31.05.2022

Date of Written Test: 21.06.2022

Duration of the Written Test : 12 noon to 2 pm(two hours)

Date of the Interview: 30.06.2022

Full Marks of Written Test : 50

Full Marks of Interview: 50

Syllabus for Written Test : Calcutta University PhD Admission

(1) साहित्य का इहििास दर्शन

(2) हिदी साहित्येहििास लेखन की परंपरा। साहित्येहििास के पुनलेखन की समस्याएँ

(3) भहि आंदोलन के उदय की सामाहिक- सांस्कृहिक पृष्टभूहम।भहि आंदोलन का अहखल भारिीय स्वरूप ।

(4) आधुहनकिा की अवधारणा, इसका अभ्युदय और मध्यकालीन बोध से पार्शक्य। नविागरण की अवधारणा। हिदी नविागरण में बंगाल का योगदान । राष्ट्रीय नविागरण की परंपरा और 1857 का संग्राम।

(5) स्वछंदिावाद के उदय और हवकास की ऐहििाहसक पृष्ठभूहम। छायावाद की हवर्ेषिाएं।प्रगहिवादी सहित्यान्दोलन और प्रगहिर्ील साहित्य का हवकास।

(6) प्रयोगवाद, नयी कहविा ,और साठोत्तरी साहित्य।

Other Information : Calcutta University PhD Admission

The answer scripts of the examination would be coded before correction as per standard practice.

There will be 2 (two) long answer type questions, each of 15 marks, and 2 (two) short answer type questions, each of 10 marks.

Names of Approved Supervisor for P.h.D. Research Guidance:

1. Prof. Raja shree Shukla

2. Prof. Ram Aulad Choudhary

3. Dr. Ram pravesh Rajak

4. Dr.Satyaprakash Tiwari

5. Dr.Geeta Dubey

6. Dr.Shubra Upadhyay

7. Dr. Reshmi panda Mukherjee

8. Dr.Sunita Chat toran

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