Bhumi Fellowship 2023-25 for Young Graduates

Bhumi Fellowship 2023-25 for Young Graduates. One of India’s first experiential fellowship programs to take a whole-school approach to transformation

What do you get ?

  • Monthly grant of Rs 18,000
  • In-depth real time training
  • Collaborate to influence. Lead to impact
  • Problem solving through critical thinking
  • Continue in Bhumi as a full-time employee
  • Life-long access to alumni-changemakers

Selection Process

Stage 1

Application – Your application will help us understand your experiences, your aspirations, and motivations to join the Bhumi Fellowship.

Stage 2

Telephonic Interview – A 30-minute telephonic conversation to understand a little more in depth about you that may not have been captured on the application form.

Stage 3

Final Assessment – Final stage of the selection process comprising lesson execution, group discussion, and problem solving. Upon clearing these, you will be invited to a personal interview.

Fellows must be:

  • Passionate about bringing about a change in Education
  • Critical thinkers with an aptitude to solve problems
  • Resilient in the face of challenges
  • Able to build relationships and strengthen partnerships through purpose-driven conversations
  • Individuals with a track record of demonstrated leadership in other spaces which will be honed further during and after this two-year period

Fellowship Location: Chennai 

Senior Leadership

Sector’s best mentoring for leading self, others, and impact

Applications Received Bhumi Fellowship, an initiative by Bhumi, is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 – “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

Application closes on August 15th 2022

FAQs for Bhumi Fellowship

Q. Why should I join the Bhumi Fellowship?

Ans. The ineffectiveness of the Indian education system puts our future generations at risk. Only reimagined and more effective schools can equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive. The Bhumi Fellowship offers you a chance to reimagine the way children learn and create a working system that prepares children for a better tomorrow.

Q. How is the Bhumi Fellowship different from similar fellowships in the country?

Ans. We take a whole-school approach to transformation – in addition to  teaching children foundational literacy and numeracy, our fellows also work directly with the teachers, school leaders, and parents for holistic development.

Q. Who are we looking for?

Ans. Spirited young graduates (between 20 and 30 years old) who are passionate about transforming the education system and are willing to commit to a two-year full-time fellowship. Your past experiences in volunteering and/or leading teams will serve as an advantage in understanding the problem at root and taking a collective approach for equitable education.

Q. Where will my fellowship be?

Ans. In Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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