USA vs Panama: Results, Lineup, How to Watch, Start Time

USA vs Panama: USMNT vs. Panama – Lineup, How to Watch, Start Time | USA vs Panama score, result, highlights as USMNT eliminated from Gold Cup on penalties in semifinals.

For the first time since 2015, the United States failed to secure a spot in the Gold Cup final, succumbing to a penalty shootout defeat against Panama following a 1-1 draw.

Having already endured extra time and a penalty shootout just three days prior, fatigue started to take its toll as the match progressed. In a thrilling turn of events, Jesus Ferreira’s remarkable goal in the 105th minute leveled the score after Ian Anderson had given Panama the lead. Unfortunately, it fell just short of securing their passage to the final.

USA vs Panama

Interim head coach BJ Callaghan fielded a backup roster, with the regular starters having fulfilled their national team obligations in the Nations League a few weeks earlier. Consequently, his team displayed another lackluster performance. While they managed to scrape by with a below-par showing against Canada in the quarterfinals, relying on Matt Turner’s heroics in the penalty shootout, their luck ran out this time around.

During the penalty shootout, Matt Turner made a crucial save against Christian Martinez. However, both Jesus Ferreira and Christian Roldan had their attempts denied by Panama’s Orlando Mosquera, sealing Panama’s advancement to the final.

With this victory, Panama reached the final for the first time since 2005 and now have a historic opportunity to clinch their first-ever CONCACAF tournament title.

USA vs Panama final score

 Score (AET)Goal scorers
USA1Ferreira (105′)
Panama1I. Anderson (99′)

Penalty Shootout:


USA vs Panama: USA’s lineup

USA’s starting lineup, playing in a 4-3-3 formation from right to left, consisted of the following players:

Turner (GK)

Reynolds (Yedlin, 63′)

M. Robinson

Long (Miazga, 73′)

D. Jones (Tolkin, 104′)

Busio (Gressel, 104′)




Vazquez (J. Morris, 73′)

Cowell (Roldan, 63′)

USA vs Panama: Panama’s lineup

Panama’s starting lineup, adopting a 3-4-3 formation from right to left, included the following players:

22. Mosquera (GK)






Godoy (Welch, 102′)

Davis (I. Anderson, 90+1′)

Fajardo (C. Martinez, 80′)

Quintero (Waterman, 80′)


USA vs Panama post-match analysis

The United States fell short in their quest to advance to the Gold Cup final, and it can be said that they did not deserve to move forward. In contrast to their previous match against Canada, where they had areas of superiority, this time around they struggled to dominate any aspect of the game.

Although the USMNT showed moments of control in the second half, their performance in the attacking third was disappointing. By the time Jesus Ferreira delivered a moment of brilliance, the damage had already been done on the defensive end.

Despite entering the match with the highest possession statistics in the Gold Cup, the United States managed only 36 percent possession in the first half and 44 percent overall. They were outpassed by Panama, with a significant margin of 579-427, and only three out of their 14 shots found the target. It was a lackluster display, and Panama rightfully progressed.

USA vs Panama

Among the USMNT players, James Sands emerged as one of the standout performers in the Gold Cup. He excelled in his role as the No. 6, showcasing composure in possession and demonstrating exceptional tackling skills.

Against Panama, he won six out of seven ground duels, drew four fouls, completed six of his ten long balls, and delivered 18 passes into the final third.

Sands has positioned himself as a strong contender for a backup role behind Tyler Adams, adding depth to the midfield alongside players like Luca de la Torre and Johnny Cardoso, although Yunus Musah remains a potential replacement for Adams if needed.

USA vs Panama

Jesus Ferreira also impressed throughout the competition, particularly with his hat-tricks against weaker opponents from the Caribbean. He showcased versatility in multiple positions and contributed a spectacular goal in the unfortunate defeat.

Fatigue played a predictable and significant role for the United States. Knowing that they likely needed a victory within regulation time to progress, the team was hampered by sloppiness, which can be attributed in part to exhaustion. Early on, Panama implemented an effective tactical plan that stretched the U.S. midfield and exposed their vulnerabilities. Despite tactical substitutions made by BJ Callaghan, the team struggled both on and off the ball, particularly as the game wore on.

The USMNT had never faced back-to-back extra-time matches in the history of the Gold Cup, making this a rare occurrence. The physical demands proved to be too much for them to overcome, resulting in tired legs and a lack of energy. This is not an excuse but rather a reality of the situation.

USA vs Panama Penalty Shootout: USA 4-5 Panama

Round 6:

USA: Christian Roldan steps up for the U.S., and it’s SAVED! Oh no, Orlando Mosquera correctly guesses the direction and denies Roldan’s low shot to the left! Panama: Adalberto Carrasquilla has the chance to win it for Panama, and he SCORES! PANAMA ADVANCES TO THE GOLD CUP FINAL!

Round 5:

USA: Matt Miazga takes his turn and SCORES! What a fantastic strike, smashed into the top-right corner. Orlando Mosquera guessed wrong, but even if he guessed right, he couldn’t have stopped that shot! DRAMA! Matt Miazga disrupts the next taker’s walkup, getting in his way, and the Panama bench goes wild! However, the referee doesn’t notice it!

Panama: Cecilio Waterman finally takes his penalty after the interruption, and he SCORES! Sending Matt Turner the wrong way, calmly placing it into the corner. We’re heading into sudden death!

Round 4:

USA: Julian Gressel steps up and SCORES! He picks out the right side of the net and smashes it in, with Orlando Mosquera going the wrong way.

Panama: Edgar Barcenas takes his turn and SCORES! It’s a cheeky penalty, and Turner realizes he guessed wrong as the ball slowly rolls into the middle of the net.

Round 3:

USA: Jordan Morris is up for the USMNT, and he SCORES! Orlando Mosquera dances around but guesses correctly, yet Morris calmly places it into the top-right corner.

Panama: Christian Martinez’s penalty is SAVED by Matt Turner! Martinez attempts a stutter step but fails miserably, resulting in a terrible penalty that Turner stands his ground to stop! The score remains level!

Round 2:

USA: Djordje Mihailovic steps up, with the U.S. trailing, and he SCORES! Sending Orlando Mosquera the wrong way and finding the back of the net.

Panama: After a long wait, Ismael Diaz finally takes his penalty and SCORES! Matt Turner dives the wrong way as Diaz strikes the ball to the left of the goalkeeper.

Round 1:

USA: Jesus Ferreira takes the first penalty for the U.S…. and it’s SAVED by Orlando Mosquera! It’s not a terrible penalty, but Mosquera guesses correctly, diving to his right to make the save!

Panama: Fidel Escobar steps up and SCORES! Sending the ball right down the middle as Turner fails to hold his ground or redirect his body.

USA vs Panama End of Extra Time: USA 1-1 Panama

We’re heading into another penalty shootout! Matt Turner, it’s up to you! The U.S. will take the first penalty, with Panama going second.

There seems to be some banter between Matt Turner and Harold Cummings during the coin toss, adding to the mind games. It appears Turner might have been displeased with the coin toss, although the exact reason is unclear.

USA vs Panama: Extra Time 2nd Half

120th min: The board shows only one minute of added time, which is surprising considering Ferreira was down for at least two minutes. The touchlines become heated, and the referee has to restore order as the ball goes out of play near the midfield.

119th min: Ferreira manages to walk off the field unaided, refusing the stretcher. The U.S. temporarily plays with one player down, but it seems Ferreira is preparing to return imminently.

Matt Turner makes another save, his fourth of the match, as Ian Anderson takes a shot with the outside of his foot, straight at the U.S. goalkeeper, who handles the bobbling ball. Ferreira is back on the field now.

117th min: Jesus Ferreira is down in clear pain, clutching the back of his leg or groin. The stretcher is brought out, and this could be problematic for the U.S. Besides playing with a reduced number of players in the final minutes, Ferreira is a likely penalty taker if a shootout occurs.

USA vs Panama

During Ferreira’s treatment, an announcement is made in Snapdragon Stadium warning fans against discriminatory chanting.

115th min: It’s absolute chaos. Neither team can maintain possession as fatigue takes its toll. Djordje Mihailovic fouls Christian Martinez on the touchline, right in front of Panama head coach Thomas Christiansen, who passionately demands a yellow card. However, the referee does not show any cards. Only two bookings have been given by referee Walter Lopez.

112th min: The U.S. could be in trouble as Djordje Mihailovic is visibly limping, but they have already made all their substitutions. Play continues for now.

109th min: Chance for Panama! Matt Turner makes a relatively straightforward save from a long-range shot, but it’s another warning sign as Panama gets a free opportunity on goal. Matt Miazga, who came off the bench, has struggled defensively and loses his man once again.

Kickoff: Snapdragon Stadium is buzzing as the second half of extra time gets underway. The U.S. may sense an opportunity here as Panama appears to be reeling from the blow of Ferreira’s goal.

USA vs Panama Extra Time 1st Half: USA 1-1 Panama


A long ball is played towards Jordan Morris, who heads it to Ferreira at the penalty spot. Facing away from the goal, Ferreira contorts his body and delicately pokes the ball past Orlando Mosquera.

It’s a magnificent goal, coming at the perfect time! The U.S. has found an equalizer in extra time for the second consecutive game!

101st min: Anibal Godoy receives a yellow card for a dangerous two-footed challenge on James Sands. Godoy is immediately substituted, with Jovani Welch coming on in his place.

The U.S. players appear fatigued. BJ Callaghan makes two substitutions, bringing on John Tolkin for DeJuan Jones and Julian Gressel for Gianluca Busio.

99th min: GOAL! PANAMA! The visitors take the lead, putting the U.S. on the brink of elimination! Ivan Anderson, who came off the bench, beats Matt Turner, who had ventured far out of his goal to challenge outside the penalty area.

USA vs Panama

The U.S. players protest for offside, but DeAndre Yedlin fails to maintain his position on the far side, playing Anderson onside. It’s a defensive breakdown from the U.S., with Matt Miazga stepping forward inexplicably, granting Anderson a clear opportunity in the attacking third.

97th min: Chance, USA! Jesus Ferreira has an open header but directs it straight at the goalkeeper! A cross from Gianluca Busio finds Ferreira’s head, but his attempt is straight into the hands of Orlando Mosquera.

96th min: Panama is starting to take control of the match in extra time, exerting growing pressure on the U.S. The U.S. prepares to make their final substitution, which is being readied on the touchline.

92nd min: Gianluca Busio strikes the ball from the top of the penalty area but slips on the temporary sod, accidentally kicking a Panama defender in the process, resulting in a foul. No card is shown as Busio had no intention to commit the foul; it was due to the slippery ground. However, it squanders a good opportunity for the U.S.

Kickoff: Fatigue is likely affecting the U.S. players, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Panama apply pressure to exploit their tired legs.

USA vs Panama End of Regulation: USA 0-0 Panama

For the first time in Gold Cup history, the U.S. is heading to back-to-back extra-time matches, with just three days between them. It’s also the first time they’ve encountered extra time twice within the same tournament.

Overall, Panama may feel more unfortunate for not finding a winner, as the U.S. had few opportunities. The match is still up for grabs, and we’ll see if either team can seize the victory.

USA vs Panama: Second Half

90+7 min: DeAndre Yedlin earns a foul in a dangerous position, likely marking the last action of regulation. Djordje Mihailovic and Gianluca Busio stand over the set-piece. Mihailovic takes it, but his delivery is poor, failing to reach any U.S. players and easily cleared.

90+3 min: Chance, Panama! A corner kick results in a chaotic scramble, and Panama puts the ball into the net! There are a few things to check here. First, the flag is raised for offside, which is correct. Second, Panama players claim a handball by Djordje Mihailovic. It would be an incredibly unlucky penalty as Mihailovic was unaware of the ball hitting his arm while jumping and the ball deflecting off the attacker’s head. It’s difficult to confirm if the ball indeed struck his arm from behind.

While it’s considered an unnatural position, the handball did not provide any advantage to Panama. Eventually, VAR decides that the offside nullifies any discussion of the handball, and the U.S. escapes unscathed.

89th min: Djordje Mihailovic wins a corner and takes it, delivering a whipped ball into the box. The initial clearance reaches Matt Miazga, who opts not to send it back in but attempts a difficult shot, sending it high into the sky. Not the right decision.

USA vs Panama

The board shows a minimum of five added minutes, but more time will be added due to Eric Davis requiring treatment. Davis is stretchered off and replaced by Ivan Anderson.

85th min: The pace of the game picks up after substitutions from both teams. Miles Robinson makes a crucial intervention as Ismael Diaz breaks through on the counter-attack. Then, Jesus Ferreira narrowly misses a pass into the penalty area.

Robinson subsequently fouls a Panama player during a counter-attack, prompting vehement protests from the Panamanian side. Strangely, referee Walter Lopez only shows the yellow card after a lengthy conversation. It’s peculiar refereeing, but the correct decision.

79th min: Finally, Panama makes their first two substitutions, bringing on Cecilio Waterman and Christian Martinez for Alberto Quintero and Jose Fajardo, transitioning to a 4-3-3 formation. They immediately press high up the field, putting the U.S. defense under pressure.

71st min: The second-half hydration break arrives, allowing the Panama players to catch their breath. The U.S. substitutions have influenced the game and shifted the momentum in their favor, putting Panama on the back foot.

USA vs Panama

Following the hydration break, BJ Callaghan makes two more changes. Matt Miazga replaces Aaron Long, while Jordan Morris comes on for Brandon Vazquez. This likely positions Jesus Ferreira centrally upfront. Panama coach Thomas Christiansen has yet to make any substitutions.

65th min: Chance, USA! FERREIRA JUST MISSES! A fantastic chance is created, starting from one end of the field to the other. DeAndre Yedlin’s diagonal cutback finds Jesus Ferreira at the top of the penalty area. His long-range shot narrowly misses the inside of the far post, beating the goalkeeper but hitting the woodwork. So close to the opening goal!

62nd min: The U.S. has two good opportunities but fails to produce a shot. Jesus Ferreira sets up Brandon Vazquez with a delightful touch, but the pass is slightly too strong. Moments later, Vazquez is closed down at the top of the penalty area and mis-hits his diagonal delivery to the right flank. Both instances show the right idea but flawed execution.

BJ Callaghan makes the first substitutions of the game, replacing Cade Cowell with Cristian Roldan and bringing DeAndre Yedlin on for Bryan Reynolds. The players substituted put in a tremendous amount of effort, which was demanding given the exhausting match just three days ago.

60th min: Panama has a dangerous opportunity in the U.S. penalty area, but the defense does enough to prevent a shot and clears the ball. The cross originates from the left side of Panama’s attack, with Reynolds marking his man but lacking support.

53rd min: Chance, Panama! WHAT A SAVE BY MATT TURNER! HE KEEPS THE GAME SCORELESS! Ismael Diaz has a free header, directing it down into the ground with precision. The ball bounces up, seemingly chipping the goalkeeper, but Turner reacts incredibly quickly to make the save. Once again, he showcases his heroics after Sunday’s penalty shootout success!

52nd min: Chance, USA! Finally, a creative move from the U.S., thanks to Cade Cowell! He has the option to cut centrally but instead goes forward before passing it back to Brenden Vazquez. However, Vazquez’s delivery is awkward, resulting in a missed opportunity.

USA vs Panama

The wingers have switched sides in the second half, with Cade Cowell helping defensively on Bryan Reynolds’ side. This places Jesus Ferreira on the left wing, although it’s not his strongest position. It’s likely that BJ Callaghan will make changes around the 60th minute mark.

50th min: DeJuan Jones is brought down at the top of the penalty area and vehemently appeals for a foul, but the referee waves it away.

Matt Miazga receives instructions from the coaching staff as he warms up on the sideline. Aaron Long re-enters the field for now. According to the Fox broadcast, Miazga extensively warmed up during halftime, indicating a potential substitution.

47th min: Chance, Panama! The U.S. defense is breached again as Jose Fajardo is played through by an excellent pass from the right. However, Aaron Long recovers well to thwart the chance, and Matt Turner charges off his line.

Following the play, Long stays down and receives treatment. With Jalen Neal also injured, the U.S. has limited options. Matt Miazga would be the only available replacement if needed.

Kickoff: The second half is underway, and the U.S. must improve, just as they did against Canada three days ago. BJ Callaghan didn’t make any personnel changes at halftime for the previous match, and he doesn’t do so today either as the game resumes in San Diego.

Today, the U.S. needs to address the issues of Panama exploiting the wide areas and disrupting the shape of the U.S. midfield.

USA vs Panama Halftime: USA 0-0 Panama

USA vs Panama

The first half was not quite as sloppy as the previous match against Canada, but it was still far from ideal. Panama targeted the U.S. full-backs early on and then exploited the central areas as the half progressed, causing trouble for the U.S. defense.

The U.S. struggled to maintain consistent possession, resulting in limited chances in front of the Panama goal. The score remains level at halftime, but there is a sense that Panama could find a breakthrough if the U.S. doesn’t improve.

USA vs Panama: First Half

43rd min: The U.S. defense is in disarray at the moment. James Sands misses a tackle, allowing Panama to penetrate through the center of the defense. Matt Turner rushes off his line to clear the danger but fails to make clean contact. Fortunately, the U.S. manages to prevent Panama from capitalizing on the open net. The situation is becoming increasingly precarious.

40th min: Panama comes close to another shot on target as they deliver another diagonal cutback from the left, almost finding a forward in a dangerous position. Gianluca Busio applies enough pressure to prevent a shot, although he must be cautious as he commits a foul during the challenge. While it’s not a penalty and remains unpunished, Busio will want to avoid giving the referee any reason to consider it.

34th min: The U.S. manages to venture forward into the Panama penalty area after a period of limited attacking opportunities. However, Jesus Ferreira fails to control a long ball properly, sending it high into the air with no teammate nearby to take advantage. It’s a disappointing conclusion to that build-up.

There is a tense calm in Snapdragon Stadium as U.S. fans struggle to fully engage with this somewhat disjointed and awkward game.

28th min: Chance, Panama! Edgar Barcenas puts the ball into the net, but it’s disallowed for offside! The call is correct, as confirmed by the replay, with Barcenas leaning just off the back shoulder of his defender. The U.S. defensive line immediately raises their hands, but it’s a nervy moment for the U.S. Aaron Long has been struggling next to Miles Robinson so far.

USA vs Panama

The hydration break is over as both teams head to the touchline for a breather.

26th min: James Sands makes another brilliant tackle, this time in the attacking half, to dispossess Adalberto Carrasquilla and halt a Panama counter-attack. Sands has been the best U.S. player throughout the entire tournament so far.

22nd min: Chance, Panama! They create another dangerous opportunity in Matt Turner’s area as Jose Fajardo connects with a speculative lateral cross, narrowly missing the crossbar. It’s a decent chance, and Panama continues to pose a threat.

20th min: Djordje Mihailovic is fouled from behind, winning a free-kick for the U.S. in a dangerous position about 27 yards out, slightly left of center. Gianluca Busio takes the set-piece, but his looping delivery into the box lacks sufficient length and is easily cleared by Fidel Escobar under minimal pressure from the U.S.

12th min: Chance, Panama! The visitors finally construct a dangerous attack from their possession, this time from the right flank. Ismael Diaz delivers a cross to the doorstep, but Matt Turner stops the cross and deflects it out of danger. Turner’s presence was crucial as a Panama attacker was ready to pounce if not for his intervention.

10th min: Panama has done well to maintain possession during the opening stages of the match, using one-touch passing effectively to keep the U.S. from gaining control. They primarily attempt to progress forward through the flanks but haven’t been able to penetrate the attacking third. The U.S. defense has done a decent job of keeping the ball in front of them.

6th min: Chance, USA! Cade Cowell dribbles through defenders effortlessly but fails to take a shot before the Panama defense foils his attempt. It’s perplexing how he didn’t manage to shoot in that situation. The flag is raised at the end of the play, but a review would have likely overturned it as replay shows he was onside.

5th min: Fox sideline host Jenny Taft reports that Alex Zendejas is unavailable due to a calf injury, further depleting the U.S. squad. With Aidan Morris also absent and Jalen Neal sustaining an injury against Canada, the U.S. is three players short of its 23-man roster. This doesn’t include Alan Sonora, who was replaced due to injury by Jackson Yueill after the group stage.

2nd min: The match begins at a fast pace! Panama launches a counter-attack, requiring a last-ditch intervention from James Sands. Immediately after, the U.S. launches their own attack, with Djordje Mihailovic coming close to an open chance. However, the rebounded effort is just out of his reach in the six-yard box.

1st min: Chance, USA! Wow! Right from the start, Brandon Vazquez wins the ball high up the pitch and passes it to Cade Cowell at the top of the penalty area, who strikes the post! Wake up, everyone, the action has begun!

USA vs Panama

Kickoff: The semifinal match between the U.S. and Panama is underway at Snapdragon Stadium! We’ll see how quickly the U.S. can overcome the fatigue from the emotionally and physically demanding match against Canada just 72 hours ago, or if it will affect their performance at all.

Brandon Vazquez, who scored a crucial goal in Cincinnati, gets the start in his hometown of San Diego in front of an expected capacity crowd of 32,000, although the stadium is currently only half-full.

USA vs Panama: Pre-match Commentary, Analysis, Stats, and More

5 minutes to kickoff: According to the Fox broadcast, Jalen Neal suffered a groin injury late in the quarterfinal match against Canada, which is why he didn’t start today and may not be available as a substitute. It’s interesting that Aaron Long was chosen over Matt Miazga, but it could be due to recovery considerations.

15 minutes to kickoff: Gianluca Busio had a fascinating performance against Canada on Sunday. He struggled in the first half, and his poor passing was called out on social media. However, he turned things around in the second half, finishing with impressive passing accuracy, successful crosses, shots on goal, and duels won. He made it into the Gold Cup Best XI for the quarterfinals. For today’s match, he needs to build on his strong second-half performance and leave behind the first-half struggles against Canada.

30 minutes to kickoff: With Brandon Vazquez earning his first start of the tournament tonight, the U.S. has now used 22 different starters in the Gold Cup. Only goalkeeper Gaga Slonina, who hasn’t played, and Jackson Yueill, who joined the squad as an injury replacement, have yet to start a game. Breaking the record of 27 starters set in 2017 is unlikely due to the current roster rules limiting the squad to 23 players.

44 minutes to kickoff: Cade Cowell receives his second start of the tournament, making him the fourth-youngest player in USMNT history to start a Gold Cup knockout match. He has been impressive off the bench but had a relatively average performance in his sole start against St. Kitts & Nevis.

Cowell is a talented young player with a promising future, expressing his desire to play in Europe. He discussed his ambitions in an interview with The Sporting News before the group stage finale, where he scored his first international goal as a substitute.

52 minutes to kickoff: Panama fields an unchanged lineup from their quarterfinal victory against Gold Cup invitees Qatar, including Ismael Diaz, who scored a hat-trick in that match. Bryan Reynolds will be tasked with containing Diaz on Panama’s left wing.

1 hour 5 minutes to kickoff: The U.S. lineup is out, and there are some interesting choices made by interim head coach BJ Callaghan. Aaron Long starts at center-back ahead of both Matt Miazga and Jalen Neal, despite Long’s involvement in the physically demanding quarterfinal match just three days ago.

Additionally, Brandon Vazquez starts as the number nine, with Jesus Ferreira also included in the absence of a second natural winger. This suggests that Ferreira will play on the opposite wing to Cade Cowell.

1 hour 15 minutes to kickoff: Rumors of a transfer to Europe have emerged for U.S. striker Brandon Vazquez, although negotiations are said to be complicated. He has been linked with a move to Borussia Monchengladbach in Germany. Vazquez has an opportunity to showcase his abilities further in the Gold Cup, whether starting or coming off the bench.

1 hour 30 minutes to kickoff: The U.S. will wear their blue jerseys for tonight’s match, as they have for the past three matches. They have only worn their white jerseys once in the Gold Cup, in the group stage match against St. Kitts & Nevis.

1 hour 45 minutes to kickoff: The U.S. and Panama have faced each other frequently in recent years, having played 25 matches in the last 19 years. The U.S. has faced only Mexico more often.

They have regularly met in the Gold Cup, except in 2021, competing in every edition since 2007. Panama has won only once against the U.S. in the Gold Cup during regulation time, with that victory coming in the group stage in 2011. However, they defeated the U.S. in the third-place match on penalties in 2015 after a 1-1 draw.

2 hours to kickoff: While this fringe USMNT squad competes in the Gold Cup, first-team star Christian Pulisic has completed a move to AC Milan. Although the transfer has not been officially announced by the club, Milan’s social media accounts hinted at the move, and Pulisic was photographed signing autographs for Milan fans after completing his medical. The deal is essentially finalized!

USA vs Panama Lineups:

USA: Goalkeeper: Turner Defenders: Reynolds, M. Robinson, Neal, D. Jones Midfielders: Busio, Sands, Mihailovic Forwards: Ferreira, Vazquez, Cowell

Substitutes: Johnson (GK), Slonina (GK), Neal, Miazga, Yedlin, Tolkin, Yueill, Roldan, J. Morris, Zendejas, Gressel

Panama: Goalkeeper: Mosquera Defenders: Escobar, Cummings, Andrade Midfielders: Barcenas, Carrasquilla, Godoy, Davis Forwards: Fajardo, Quintero, Diaz

Substitutes: (Lineups released one hour prior to kickoff)

How to watch USA vs Panama live stream, TV channel:

USA: Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2023 Time (ET): 7:30 p.m. ET (4:30 p.m. PT) TV Channels: FS1, Univision, TUDN Streaming: Fubo, Fox Sports site/app, TUDN site/app

USA vs Panama

The match between the United States and Panama will be televised in the United States on FS1 (English) and on Univision and TUDN (Spanish). All three channels are available to stream on Fubo, which offers a free trial for new users. Viewers with cable, satellite, or telco packages can access the stream on the Fox Sports or TUDN site and app using their credentials.

Canada: Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2023 Time (ET): 7:30 p.m. ET (4:30 p.m. PT) TV Channel: Telus Optik TV (Channel 980) Streaming: Fubo Canada, OneSoccer site/app

In Canada, the match will be televised on Telus Optik TV (Channel 980), and viewers can watch the OneSoccer broadcast. It will also be streamed on Fubo Canada and the OneSoccer site and app for subscribers.

USA vs Panama Betting Odds

The United States are considered favorites in this match as defending Gold Cup champions, but Panama should not be underestimated, as they are an impressive and experienced side that can challenge the young and inexperienced U.S. squad.

The USMNT had a tough time against a fringe Canada team in the quarterfinals, and Panama could exploit the weaknesses exposed in that match. Given the U.S. had a physically demanding match just days ago and a short recovery time of less than 72 hours, there may be multiple factors favoring Panama, making their moneyline odds of over 4/1 valuable.

Tired legs were a significant factor for the United States. The team knew they had to win the game in regulation to advance, but fatigue played a role in their sloppiness. Panama executed a well-planned strategy early on, exposing the stretched U.S. midfield. Despite tactical substitutions, the U.S. looked increasingly sloppy as the game progressed.

Playing back-to-back extra-time matches in the Gold Cup was a rare occurrence for the USMNT, and it proved to be too much for them to muster the necessary energy. It’s not an excuse, but a reality.