PH Meetings by Eliminating Zoom Broadcasts

PH Meetings by Eliminating Zoom Broadcasts Avoid Technical Difficulties. Changes to Prospect Heights City Council Zoom Meetings: A Return to Pre-Pandemic Format.

Technical Difficulty Concerns Eliminate Zoom Broadcasts For PH Meetings

Over the past year, virtual meetings have become the norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, those who attended Prospect Heights City Council meetings virtually may have noticed a recent change.

The city has decided to discontinue the use of Zoom for their meetings, opting for a return to their previous format.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this decision and its implications for public participation.

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The Shift to Virtual Meetings during the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, numerous organizations, including city councils, had to adapt to new ways of conducting their meetings. Virtual platforms such as Zoom became popular, offering a convenient and safe alternative to in-person gatherings.

Prospect Heights City Council was one of the few towns that provided a Zoom option for virtual attendees during this time.

Prospect Heights City Council’s Use of Zoom

To facilitate virtual participation, Prospect Heights City Council included Zoom meeting access codes on their bi-weekly meeting agendas.

This allowed residents and other interested individuals to join the meetings remotely, ensuring public engagement and transparency in decision-making processes.

The Decision to Terminate Zoom Meetings

However, since the middle of May, Prospect Heights officials have made the decision to remove Zoom meeting access codes from their agendas.

City Administrator Joe Wade explained that the termination of the governor’s emergency COVID declaration prompted this change. The city wanted to revert to its pre-pandemic meeting format.

Concerns and Technical Difficulties

City Administrator Joe Wade expressed concerns regarding technical difficulties associated with Zoom meetings. These difficulties caused delays that could potentially jeopardize the overall meeting experience and even lead to meeting cancellations.

If the city were to rely solely on Zoom and encounter such technical issues, it could be in violation of the Open Meetings Act, which mandates public participation.

Porn Hack Incident

Another factor that may have influenced the decision to terminate Zoom meetings was an incident that occurred during an April meeting.

The city’s livestream experienced a “porn hack,” where offensive and obscene images or videos were displayed.

Prospect Heights officials have not publicly addressed this incident, and it remains unclear whether Wade’s mention of “technical difficulties” was related to the porn hack.

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Government Functionality as the Priority

City Administrator Joe Wade emphasized that while the Zoom feature served its purpose during the emergency declaration period, the primary focus is on the functionality of the government.

Elected officials still have the option to participate via Zoom for specific reasons allowed by state law.

However, the city aims to prioritize the smooth functioning of their meetings without compromising public participation.

The Future of Prospect Heights City Council Meetings

During the Prospect Heights City Council meeting on July 10, City Administrator Joe Wade provided an update on the Zoom situation.

He stated that the matter would be reviewed soon, suggesting that the city is open to reevaluating their decision to terminate Zoom meetings.

The future format of Prospect Heights City Council meetings remains uncertain, but it is clear that the city is committed to ensuring effective governance and public engagement.


Prospect Heights City Council’s recent termination of Zoom meetings marks a shift back to their pre-pandemic format.

Concerns over technical difficulties and the need to comply with the Open Meetings Act have driven this decision. While the city prioritizes government functionality, they remain open to reevaluating the use of Zoom in the future.

As Prospect Heights adapts to the evolving landscape of public meetings, the engagement and participation of its residents will continue to be of utmost importance.


Q. Will Prospect Heights City Council reconsider using Zoom for meetings?

City Administrator Joe Wade mentioned during a recent meeting that the matter would be reviewed soon, indicating the possibility of reconsideration.

Q. How can residents participate in Prospect Heights City Council meetings now?

Residents can still engage with council meetings through live streaming services via local channel 17 and YouTube replays.

Q. What is the Open Meetings Act?

The Open Meetings Act is a law that ensures transparency and public participation in government meetings.

Q. Was the decision to terminate Zoom meetings solely due to technical difficulties?

While technical difficulties played a role, the decision was also influenced by concerns over potential violations of the Open Meetings Act and the incident involving a “porn hack” during a previous Zoom meeting.

Q. What defines the “defined reasons” for elected officials to participate via Zoom?

The specific reasons allowed for elected officials to participate via Zoom are determined by state law and may vary depending on the circumstances.