ONGC Apprentice Recruitment 2023: Apprentice Posts

ONGC Apprentice Recruitment 2023: Apprentice Posts. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), which is India’s flagship energy major and a ‘Maharatna’ Central Public Sector Enterprise engaged in Exploration and Production of Oil & Gas in India and abroad, as a measure of Skill Building initiative for the Nation, proposes to engage apprentices from its operational areas at its location across 22 work centres.

Applications are invited from candidates meeting the following qualifications for engagement as Apprentices under Apprentices Act 1961 (as amended from time to time) in the trade/disciplines mentioned below:


Note: A candidate is to choose and can apply for one trade at one work centre/Location only.


Work CentreSl.NoTradeNo. of Seats
            Dehradun1Accounts Executive10
2Data Entry Operator5
3Secretarial Assistant35
4Mechanic Auto Electronics  5
6Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance  9
7Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)5
8Stenography (English)10
9Civil Executive5
10Computer Science Executive10
11Petroleum Executive5
12Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)2
13Fire Safety Executive3
  Sub Total114
            OVL /Delhi1Accounts Executive4
2Secretarial Assistant14
3Computer Operator and Programming Assistant04
5Civil Executive1
6Office Assistant14
7Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)1
 8Fire Safety Executive1
Sub Total40
3Instrument Mechanic1
4Mechanic Diesel1
5Petroleum Executive1
Sub Total5
Northern Sector Total159


Work CentreSl. NoTradeTentative No. of Seats
                Mumbai1Accounts Executive17
2Secretarial Assistant29
3Store Keeper7
4Computer Operator and Programming Assistant38
6Electronics Mechanic6
7Instrument Mechanic10
8Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance10
9Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)20
10Mechanic Diesel10
11Medical Laboratory Technician (Cardiology and Physiology)2
12Medical Laboratory Technician (Pathology)2
13Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic1
14Civil Executive8
15Electronics Executive6
16Instrumentation Executive7
17Office Assistant104
18Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)7
19Fire Safety Executive8
Sub Total303
      Goa1Accounts Executive3
2Secretarial Assistant4
3Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)2
4Computer Operator and Programming Assistant5
6Civil Executive3
7Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)2
8Fire Safety Executive3
Sub Total25
        Hazira1Accounts Executive1
2Secretarial Assistant2
3Computer Operator and Programming Assistant3
6Instrument Mechanic5
7Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)1
8Mechanic Diesel4
9Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic4
10Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)3
 11Civil Executive3
13Electrical Executive2
14Instrumentation Executive2
15Mechanical Executive2
16Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)2
17Fire Safety Executive3
Sub Total45
              Uran1Accounts Executive4
2Cabin/Room Attendant4
3Library Assistant1
4Secretarial Assistant5
5Store Keeper3
6Computer Operator and Programming Assistant5
9Instrument Mechanic2
11Mechanic Diesel4
12Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic2
13Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)5
14Civil Executive2
15Electrical Executive3
16Mechanical Executive5
17Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)2
18Fire Safety Executive3
Sub Total63
Mumbai Sector Total436


Work CentreSl. NoTradeTentative No. of Seats
                  Cambay1Accounts Executive4
2Cabin/Room Attendant1
3Secretarial Assistant14
4Computer Operator and Programming Assistant3
5Draughtsman (Civil)1
7Electronics Mechanic2
9Instrument Mechanic1
10Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)3
12Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)3
13Mechanic Diesel5
14Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic1
16Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)3
17Civil Executive1
18Electrical Executive1
19Electronics Executive1
20Mechanical Executive2
21Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)5
22Fire Safety Executive5
Sub Total71

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                  Vadodara1Secretarial Assistant5
2Store Keeper1
4Electronics Mechanic3
6Instrument Mechanic4
7Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance4
8Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)6
10Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)6
11Mechanic Diesel11
12Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic2
14Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)12
15Civil Executive2
16Computer Science Executive5
17Electronics Executive2
18Instrumentation Executive3
19Mechanical Executive5
20Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)4
21Fire Safety Executive5
Sub Total112
                  Ankleshwa r1Accounts Executive10
2Secretarial Assistant20
3Store Keeper3
4Computer Operator and Programming Assistant5
5Draughtsman (Civil )4
8Instrument Mechanic6
9Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance4
11Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)7
12Mechanic Diesel12
14Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)7
15Civil Executive3
16Computer Science Executive3
17E&T Executive5
18Electrical Executive8
19Electronics Executive5
20Instrumentation Executive7
21Mechanical Executive6
22Petroleum Executive8
23Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)8
24Fire Safety Executive8
Sub Total173
    Ahmedaba d1Accounts Executive6
2Secretarial Assistant6
3Store Keeper2
4Computer Operator and Programming Assistant9
5Draughtsman (Civil)4
7Electronics Mechanic4
9Instrument Mechanic4
10Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance4
11Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)7
13Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)7
14Mechanic Diesel8
15Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic2
17Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)8
18Civil Executive3
19Computer Science Executive3
20Electrical Executive10
21Electronics Executive2
22Instrumentation Executive2
23Mechanical Executive13
24Petroleum Executive10
25Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)7
26Fire Safety Executive8
Sub Total165
                    Mehsana1Accounts Executive4
2Secretarial Assistant10
3Store Keeper5
4Computer Operator and Programming Assistant9
5Draughtsman (Civil)4
8Instrument Mechanic5
9Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance10
10Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)6
12Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)16
13Mechanic Diesel25
15Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)14
16Civil Executive7
17Computer Science Executive4
18Electrical Executive5
19Electronics Executive4
20Instrumentation Executive8
21Mechanical Executive14
22Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)7
23Fire Safety Executive8
Sub Total211
Western Sector Total732


Work CentreSl.NoTradeTentative No. of Seats
  Jorhat1Accounts Executive5
4Instrument Mechanic7
 5Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)9
6Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)5
7Mechanic Diesel25
8Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)11
9Executive (HR)10
10Office Assistant10
11Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)4
12Fire Safety Executive4
Sub Total132
        Silchar1Accounts Executive5
2Secretarial Assistant12
3Computer Operator and Programming Assistant5
4Draughtsman (Civil )4
8Mechanic Diesel10
9Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)8
10Office Assistant5
11Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)2
12Fire Safety Executive2
Sub Total71
                          Nazira & Sivasagar1Accounts Executive14
2Library Assistant2
3Store Keeper2
4Dresser (medical)8
5Computer Operator and Programming Assistant14
6Draughtsman (Civil)2
8Electronics Mechanic10
  10Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance  2
11Instrument Mechanic5
12Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)8
14Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)4
15Mechanic Diesel25
16Medical Laboratory Technician (Cardiology and Physiology)3
17Medical Laboratory Technician (Pathology)3
18Medical Laboratory Technician(Radiology)3
19Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)10
20Civil Executive10
21Computer Science Executive2
23Electrical Executive10
24Electronics Executive6
25Instrumentation Executive5
26Mechanical Executive10
27Petroleum Executive10
28Office Assistant110
29Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)7
 30Fire Safety Executive8
Sub Total390
Eastern Sector Total593


Work CentreSl.N oTradeTentative No. of Seats
    Chennai1Accounts Executive21
3Electronics Mechanic3
4Office Assistant21
5Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)1
6Fire Safety Executive1
Sub Total50
        Kakinad a1Accounts Executive2
2Computer Operator and Programming Assistant25
3Draughtsman (Civil )2
5Electronics Mechanic4
7Instrument Mechanic6
8Mechanic Diesel2
9Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic5
10Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)5
11Fire Safety Executive5
Sub Total78
                Rajahmu ndry1Accounts Executive4
2Secretarial Assistant7
3Store Keeper2
4Computer Operator and Programming Assistant5
7Instrument Mechanic4
8Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance2
9Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)7
11Mechanic Automobile (Advanced Diesel Engine)6
12Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)5
14Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)4
15Civil Executive1
16Electrical Executive1
17Instrumentation Executive1
18Mechanical Executive6
19Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)7
20Fire Safety Executive8
Sub Total102
    Karaikal1Accounts Executive6
2Data Entry Operator25
3Store Keeper3
4Computer Operator and Programming Assistant5
5Draughtsman (Civil)5
8Instrument Mechanic4
10Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)3
11Mechanic Diesel12
12Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic3
13Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)4
14Civil Executive3
15Computer Science Executive2
17Electrical Executive5
18Electronics Executive2
19Instrumentation Executive7
20Mechanical Executive13
21Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)7
22Fire Safety Executive8
Sub Total148
Southern Sector Total378


Work CentreSl.NoTradeTentative No. of Seats
                      Agartala1Accounts Executive10
2Cabin/Room Attendant1
3Data Entry Operator7
4House Keeper (Corporate)02
5Secretarial Assistant12
6Store Keeper5
7Mechanic Auto Electronics1
8Computer Operator and Programming Assistant7
9Draughtsman (Civil )2
11Electronics Mechanic7
13Instrument Mechanic3
15Mechanic Automobile (Advanced Diesel Engine)2
16Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)5
17Mechanic Diesel9
18Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic2
20Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)9
21Civil Executive2
22Computer Science Executive3
23Electrical Executive6
24Instrumentation Executive1
25Mechanical Executive9
26Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)5
27Fire Safety Executive5
Sub Total147
  Kolkata1Secretarial Assistant11
2Computer Operator and Programming Assistant11
4Mechanic Diesel3
 6Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)1
 7Fire Safety Executive1
Sub Total31
      Bokaro1Accounts Executive3
2Secretarial Assistant3
5Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)2
6Mechanic Diesel3
7Civil Executive1
8Electronics Executive2
9Mechanical Executive1
10Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)2
11Fire Safety Executive2
Sub Total24
Central Sector Total202
Grand Total2500

Note: The trades mentioned and number of seats mentioned above are tentative which may change as per requirement of work centre. The candidates desiring to undergo apprenticeship training with ONGC should apply only for one work centre & in only one trade.

Note: A candidate is eligible to apply only for a particular work centre if and only if he/she is a resident of, or has obtained his / her essential qualification from eligible District(s) against that work centre of ONGC ( Refer: Annexure 1) .

  • Reservation to various categories viz SC/ST/OBC/EWS/PwBD shall be given as per the government guidelines.


Minimum 18 years and maximum 24 years as on 20.09.2023, i.e, the Date of Birth of the Candidate/Applicant should between 20.09.1999 and 20.09.2005.

Concession & Relaxation:

  1. Upper age is relaxed by 5 years for SC/ST candidates and 3 years for OBC candidates.
    1. Candidates belonging to PwBD categories shall be given age relaxation upto 10 years (upto 15 years for SC/ST and upto 13 years for OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) Candidates)


1Library AssistantPassed 10th class examination
2Cabin/Room AttendantPassed 10th class examination
3Dresser (medical)Passed 10th class examination
4House Keeper (Corporate)Passed10th class examination
5Office AssistantPassed 12th class examination
6Mechanic Auto ElectronicsITI in Mechanic Auto Electrical & Electronics
7Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA)ITI in COPA Trade
8Draughtsman (Civil)ITI in Draughtsman (Civil)
9ElectricianITI in Electrician trade
10Electronics MechanicITI in Electronics Mechanic
11FitterITI in Fitter
12Information & Communication TechnologyITI in Information technology
 System Maintenance 
13Instrument MechanicITI in Instrument Mechanic
14Fire Safety Technician (Oil & Gas)ITI in Fire & Safety
15MachinistITI in Machinist
16Mechanic Automobile (Advanced Diesel Engine)ITI in Diesel Mechanic
17Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)ITI in Mechanic Motor Vehicle
18Mechanic DieselITI in Diesel Mechanic
19Medical laboratory Technician ( Cardiology and Physiology)ITI In Medical Laboratory Technician ( Cardiology and Physiology)
20Medical laboratory Technician ( Pathology)ITI In Medical Laboratory Technician(Pathology)
21Medical Laboratory Technician(Radiology)ITI in Medical laboratory Technician (Radiology)
22Refrigeration and Air Conditioning MechanicTrade Certificate in Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
23Stenographer (English)ITI in Stenography (English)
24SurveyorITI in the Surveyor
25Industrial Welder (Oil & Gas)ITI in the trade of Welder
26Executive (HR)B.B.A degree
27Accounts ExecutiveBachelor’s degree (Graduation) in Commerce
28Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)B.Sc. (Chemistry)
29Data Entry OperatorGraduate
30Secretarial AssistantGraduate
31Store keeperGraduate
32Civil Executive  Diploma in the respective disciplines of Engineering.
33Computer Science Executive
34E&T Executive
35Electrical Executive
36Electronics Executive
37Instrumentation Executive
38Mechanical Executive
39Fire Safety ExecutiveDiploma in Fire & Safety
40Petroleum ExecutiveGraduate with Geology as one of the subject
  • Note: The trades mentioned and number of seats mentioned above are tentative which may change as per requirement of work centre. The candidates desiring to undergo apprenticeship training with ONGC should apply under a sector, for a particular work centre, for a trade through Online Portal which shall open from 01.09.2023 till 20.09.2023. This portal will have the diversion link to the Skill India portal of Government of India and therefore, candidates applying for trades from Sl no 1 to 31 have to register on that portal, i.e. only. (Please Refer Para D and I : QUALIFICATION & ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA/ HOW TO APPLY).

For trades mentioned at Sl No 32 to 40, candidates have to register on portal of Board of Apprenticeship Training (BOAT) i.e. only. As due approval of BOAT, Govt of India is pending for trades mentioned at Sl no 32 to 40 above( Para D) , candidates are advised to regularly visit our website/portal i.e. for latest information on the subject and notification for further registration/applying for apprentice positions through BOAT portal

The instructions for the registration are published in the information brochure.

Note: Please apply only if you have these essential minimum qualification, fulfilling all the parameters. Qualifications acquired through distance learning shall also be accepted provided

they have been recognized by the relevant statutory bodies. Trade Certificate should be from respective ITIs/ Technical Institutions recognized by State Board of Technical Education (SBTE)/National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT). For posts where Trade Certificate in Electrician trade is the prescribed qualification, a Trade Certificate in Wireman trade shall not be acceptable. The candidate with B.A / B.Com / B.B.A/ B.E./ B.Tech must possess qualifications recognized by the relevant statutory bodies like UGC/ AICTE etc.

Duration of training: 12 months for all trades mentioned above.


  1. The apprentices are eligible for monthly stipend as per Apprentices Act, during their period of engagement as follows:
Category of ApprenticeQualificationStipend amount per month (Rupees)
Graduate ApprenticeB.A / B.Com / B.Sc / B.B.A/ B.E./ B.Tech9,000/-
Diploma ApprenticesDiploma8,000/
Trade Apprentices10th/ 12th/ ITI7,000/-
  1. The trainee is not eligible for any TA-DA/Boarding or Lodging expenses incurred during the period of training. ONGC will not provide any financial assistance towards transportation.


Selections for engagement of Apprentices would be based on the merit drawn on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination as stipulated in the advertisement. In case of a similar number in merit, a person with higher age would be considered. No canvassing or influencing would be acceptable at any time and may result in rejection of the candidature.

Reservation of positions will be followed as per Government of India Policy on SC/ST/OBC/PwBD/EWS categories.

H.    GENERAL CONDITIONS: ONGC Apprentice Recruitment 2023

  1. Candidates are advised to carefully read the full advertisement for details of eligibility criteria and selection modalities before submission of application.
  2. The candidates should NOT have undergone Apprenticeship earlier or pursuing Apprenticeship Training as per the Apprentices Act, 1961, as amended from time to time.
  3. Candidates, who had training or job experience for a period of one year or more after the attainment of prescribed qualifications, shall NOT be eligible for being engaged as Technician Apprentice.
  4. The applicant for the position should NOT have completed three years after passing of the qualifying examination as on the cut-off date of eligibility i.e. 20.09.2023. In case the date of Declaration of result is not mentioned in the Mark Sheet, the candidate must submit a certificate mentioning the date of publication of result from the Principal of the Polytechnic/ College / Institute from where the candidate pursued his course at the time of verification of documents.

V.          ONGC shall have no obligation to offer regular employment to Apprentices during and/or after the completion of the apprenticeship period. After successful completion of Apprenticeship period, candidates shall be relieved from the respective work area.

  • Any corrigendum/addendum etc. or updates with regard to this advertisement shall be made available on our website and Candidates are thus advised to periodically visit our above websites as all future correspondence and latest information shall be available on our website.

VII.          Candidates can apply for one Trade ONLY. Candidates applying for more than one Trade will not be considered for any post and their applications will be summarily rejected. Further, only one mobile number and one email ID can be used for applying for the training. The same mobile number and email ID cannot be used by any other candidate for filling online application for this notification.

  • The candidature of the applicant would be provisional and subject to subsequent verification of certificates. In case it is detected at any stage of engagement or thereafter, that a candidate does not fulfil the eligibility norms and/or that he/she has furnished any incorrect/doctored/false information/certificate/documents or has suppressed any material fact(s), his/her candidature will stand cancelled. If any of these shortcomings is/are detected even after engagement, his/her engagement is liable to be terminated.
  • Engagement of selected candidates is subject to his/her being declared medically fit as per the requirement of the Apprentices Act, 1961. All such engagement will also be subject to all relevant Rules/policies/guidelines of the Corporation.
  • The decision of Management will be final and binding on all candidates on all matters relating to eligibility, acceptance or rejection of the applications, mode of selection, cancellation of the selection process either in part or full, higher qualification etc. No correspondence will be entertained in this regard. Filling up of the seats is solely at the discretion of the management based on suitability of candidates and no claim will arise for engagement, if some of these seats are not filled due to unsuitability / insufficient number of candidates.
  • Applications/Registration which are incomplete or not fulfilling the eligibility criteria shall not be considered “Eligible” and treated as “Rejected”.
  • Canvassing of any kind shall disqualify the candidate.
  • The service terms and conditions of the apprentices shall be governed by The Apprentices Act, 1961 and Rules 1992 as amended from time to time


  1. Please check whether you are eligible to apply for the seats based on the qualification criteria as mentioned in Para D above and whether you belong to the eligible districts as mentioned in Annexure 1.
    1. The candidate must have an active email ID and Mobile Number which must be valid for at least next one year. All future communication including Corrigendum/Addendum with regard to this advertisement with candidate will take place only through / e-mail / SMS Alerts.
    1. The candidate should have scanned copy of colour photograph (Size: between 20-50 KB in JPG Format) ready before applying on-line.
    1. The candidate must ascertain the correctness of all information before filling in the Online Application Form and its final submission.
    1. The candidate shall be wholly/exclusively responsible for the information provided in his/her online application form.
    1. Paper based applications will NOT be accepted
    1. Candidate have to follow the steps given below
      1. Candidates meeting the above prescribed eligibility criteria should visit our ONGC website from 01.09.2023 till 20.09.2023.

2.     This portal   will   have   the   diversion   link   to   the   Skill   India   portal

3.     Candidates have to select the Apprenticeship Opportunities in the top menu. Then select in search column location as per ONGC workcentres and select the respective trade .This will force to login the site with the basic details. Follow the steps given by the portal and complete the registration.

  • Candidates are therefore advised to furnish the details in the portal carefully and check the same before final submission.
    • For trades mentioned at Sl No 32 to 40(Para D), candidates have to register on portal of Board of Apprenticeship Training (BOAT) i.e. only. As due approval of BOAT, Govt of India is pending for trades mentioned at Sl no 32 to 40 above( Para D), candidates are advised to regularly visit our website/portal i.e. for latest information on the subject and notification for further registration/applying for apprentice positions through BOAT portal.


  1. Selected candidates will be intimated through their registered mail ID/sms on registered mobile number.
  2. The verification of the original documents shall be done prior to joining on a specific date. A registration form will be generated once the candidate is selected. A print out of the same may be taken from the Skill India Portal and brought during document verification to ONGC.


Issue of advertisement and call for applications01st Sep 2023
Opening of online application portal01st 2023
Last date for receiving of applications20th Sep 2023
Date of Result/Selection5th Oct 2023

Note: However, in case of insufficient receipt of applications or non-availability of the required number of suitable candidates, ONGC reserves its right to extend the date of application at its own discretion.

For any further query please contact at [email protected] Annexure 1

Sl.Name of Work Centre / LocationsCorresponding StatesCorresponding District
1DehradunUttarakhandAll districts
2DelhiNational Capital RegionDelhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad
3JodhpurRajasthanJodhpur and Jaisalmer
4GoaGoaNorth Goa and South Goa
5HaziraGujaratSurat, Navsari, Tapi, Dang & Valsad
6MumbaiMaharashtraAll districts
7UranMaharashtraAll districts of Maharashtra (Preference will be given to Raigad District)
8AhmedabadGujaratAhmedabad, Gandhinagar, Kheda and Mehsana
9AnkleshwarGujaratBharuch, Surat, Narmada, and Vadodara
10BarodaGujaratAll Districts
11BokaroJharkhandBokaro District
12CambayGujaratAnand, Kheda, Nadiad and Vadodara
13MehsanaGujaratMehsana and Patan
+14JorhatAssamGolaghat and Jorhat
15Nazira & SivasagarAssamSivasagar and Charaideo
16SilcharAssamCachar, Hailakandi and Karimganj
17ChennaiTamil Nadu & PondicherryAll districts
18KakinadaAndhra PradeshAll districts
  19  Karaikal  Tamil NaduCuddalore, Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam, Ariyalur, Tiruvarur, Tanjore, Trichy, Pudukottai and Ramanathapuram
20RajahmundryAndhra PradeshKrishna,East Godavari, and West Godavari
  21  Agartala  TripuraWest Tripura, North Tripura, South Tripura, Dhalai, Gomati, Khowai, Sepahijala and Unakoti
22KolkataWest BengalAll districts