ISRO’s New Internship and Student Project Trainee Schemes

ISRO’s New Internship and Student Project Trainee Schemes. ISRO Announces Internship & Student Project Trainee Schemes, Know How To Apply.

In a significant stride towards fostering talent in the field of space science and technology, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has rolled out its Internship Scheme and Student Project Trainee Scheme for aspiring students nationwide.

Understanding ISRO’s Internship Scheme

Opportunities for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD Students ISRO’s Internship Scheme welcomes students pursuing undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), and PhD courses in Science and Technology from recognized institutions, both within India and abroad.

Duration and Hands-On Experience

The internship duration spans up to 45 days, providing participants with immersive hands-on experience in cutting-edge space research projects.

Eligibility Criteria

Students must maintain a minimum aggregate of 60% or a CGPA of 6.32 on a scale of 10 to qualify for the internship, ensuring the selection of dedicated and academically accomplished individuals.

Unveiling the Student Project Trainee Scheme

Tailored for Various Academic Stages

ISRO’s Student Project Trainee Scheme caters to students at different academic stages, including engineering students post their 6th semester, ME/MTech students post their 1st semester, final-year BSc/Diploma students, MSc students post their 1st semester, and PhD scholars who have completed their coursework.

Flexible Project Durations

The duration of projects under this scheme ranges from 45 days to 30 months, varying according to the academic level of the participants.

Academic Criteria for Participation

Similar to the Internship Scheme, participants must meet the minimum academic criteria of 60% aggregate or a CGPA of 6.32 on a scale of 10 to be eligible for the Student Project Trainee Scheme.

Selection Process and Recognition

Rigorous Selection Process

Applications for both schemes undergo a rigorous review process by respective Centres/Units of ISRO in accordance with established norms.

Certificate of Completion

Successful participants receive certificates upon the completion of their internship or project, acknowledging their contribution to ISRO’s endeavors.

Facilities and Application Guidelines

Accommodation and Application Procedures

While accommodation facilities are not provided, arrangements may be made on a chargeable basis, subject to availability. Interested students are encouraged to visit the respective Centre/Unit websites for detailed guidelines and application procedures.


Through these pioneering initiatives, ISRO aims to nurture the next generation of space scientists and engineers, empowering them to actively contribute to India’s space exploration endeavors and technological advancements.

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FAQs : Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

1. Are these schemes open only to Indian students?

No, both the Internship Scheme and Student Project Trainee Scheme welcome students from recognized institutions worldwide.

2. Is financial assistance provided to interns and project trainees?

No, interns and project trainees do not receive financial assistance. However, they gain invaluable experience working alongside leading experts in the field.

3. Can participants extend their project durations beyond the specified periods?

Extensions may be possible in exceptional cases, subject to approval from the concerned authorities at ISRO.

4. Are there any specific research areas covered under these schemes?

ISRO offers a wide array of research opportunities across various domains within the realm of space science and technology.

5. How competitive is the selection process for these schemes?

The selection process is rigorous, aiming to identify candidates with strong academic backgrounds and a genuine passion for space research.