Blind Movie Review: Remake Korean film ‘Same Name’

Blind Movie Review: A Lackluster Thriller Remake. Blind Movie Review: There is hardly any surprise element in Sonam Kapoor and writer-director Shome Makhija’s straitjacketed adaptation of a Korean flick.

Rating: 2 / 5

Director: Shome Makhija ; Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Purab Kohli

Blind,” directed by Shome Makhija, stars Sonam Kapoor in the lead role alongside Vinay Pathak and Purab Kohli. The film is a remake of a Korean movie with the same name. While it attempts to create a gripping thriller, it falls short of expectations and fails to captivate the audience.


The story revolves around Gia Singh (Sonam Kapoor), a police officer in Scotland who loses her eyesight in a car crash that also claims her brother’s life. Despite her disability, she tries to convince the police to reinstate her in the force. Meanwhile, a series of kidnappings of girls occurs in the city.

One night, Gia encounters a stranger posing as a cab driver (Purab Kohli) who offers her a ride home. During the journey, she hears suspicious sounds coming from the trunk of the car.

Although she manages to escape, she suspects that the cab driver may be the psychopath behind the kidnappings. Gia, along with an officer and an eye-witness, embarks on a quest to find the kidnapper and solve the mystery.

What Works

“Blind” benefits from decent staging and good production design. Some scenes, particularly a chase sequence involving Purab Kohli’s character, are executed well. Sonam Kapoor portrays the blind character convincingly, capturing the essence of her role effectively.

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What Doesn’t

The film lacks the essential thrills that are expected from a thriller. It fails to engage and captivate the audience, unable to recreate the impact of its source material. Sonam Kapoor’s performance feels lethargic, and her telephonic conversation with the psychopath lacks intensity and falls flat. The film attempts to be a decent thriller but fails to keep viewers invested due to its dull treatment.


Sonam Kapoor’s portrayal of Gia Singh is ineffective. Although her attempt to portray a blind character is commendable, it doesn’t translate into a substantial performance on screen.

Vinay Pathak brings some comic relief to the film and delivers an enjoyable performance. He manages to make his character memorable and entertaining.

Purab Kohli shines as the cold-blooded psychopath, effectively portraying the dark and menacing nature of his character.

The supporting characters in the film don’t leave a remarkable impact and fail to stand out.

Final Verdict

“Blind” is a lackluster thriller that falls short in both engagement and entertainment. Despite being a remake of an acclaimed Korean thriller-drama, it fails to come anywhere close to its source material.

The film lacks the necessary thrills and fails to maintain the audience’s interest due to its dull execution. It can be streamed on Jio Cinema for those interested in exploring this subpar remake.

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FAQs: Blind Movie

Q: What is the rating of the movie “Blind”?

A: The movie “Blind” has a rating of 2 out of 5.

Q: Who is the director of “Blind”?

A: The director of Blind Movie is Shome Makhija.

Q: Who are the main cast members of Blind Movie?

A: The main cast of “Blind” includes Sonam Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, and Purab Kohli.

Q: Is Blind Movie a remake of a Korean film?

A: Yes, “Blind” is a remake of a Korean movie with the same name.

Q: Where can I watch “Blind”?

A: “Blind” is currently streaming on Jio Cinema.