20 ExtraTorrent Proxy | Unblock All Extratorrents Sites

20 ExtraTorrent Proxy | Unblock All Extratorrents Sites. ExtraTorrent Proxy: Unblock Extratorrent.cc Try 100% Working. ExtraTorrents Proxy List August 2023.

20 ExtraTorrent Proxy | Unblock All Extratorrents Sites

ExtraTorrents Proxy List (Self-Tested) To Unblock Extratorrent.Cc, 6 ExtraTorrent Alternatives That Still Work (Tested 2023). The 10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives That Work in 2023.

Best Legal Torrent Sites (2023): What is Torrenting? Is it Safe? Is it illegal? Will you be caught? Is uTorrent Safe? Is it Illegal? Can You Be Arrested?

ExtraTorrent is also one of the biggest Torrent Search Engine. Extra Torrent was the fastest and more secure BitTorrent system.

We would likely offer all kinds of downloading documentation is easy-to-use databases and content that are available on the web or internet. Extra Torrent visitors or users can upload torrent from this site.

Some of the fundamental reasons you can visit are because they have provided the top level of torrent content or stuff and user friendly and more active network.

This is one of the main bit torrent systems that are now available after the current government stop or hunts to search or download any illegal access on the web or internet.

Other torrent systems work on P2P (Peer to Peer), This torrent site is also working on a p2p (distributed) database.

About ExtraTorrent Search Engine

Although ExtraTorrents has an extremely short-sighted plan, and it all the downloading content at very high speed and high quality and latest or freely available on the web.

The most interesting feature seen on other BitTorrent sites in Extra Torrent is the section of the post that provides the latest information and updates on all kinds of highly advanced information.

Although it is been a useful tool for easily finding popular torrents content, It would be more helpful to provide a higher quality of torrent features such as 720p or 1080p.

Generally, a simple interface means that since the load is small the user can easily find content and requires almost any internet connection to access it.

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Why did ExtraTorrent Stop?

Extratorrents is used to be maybe the best way to safely get the perfect deluge as the Extratorrent team used to check each torrent with their speed, validity, user reviews and make it easier for anyone to find out the quality.

Given this, it would usually promote fraud content that is illegal in various nations because of its tendency to the crime. 

This prompted ISPs and the country to put a strict restriction on access to the site.

Here We are providing a rundown of the latest ExtraTorrent intermediaries and mirror destinations that are kept current with the first Extra Torrent platform and typically updated.

Those sites hold unique Extra Torrent records, content, file, and application so use them if you have faced difficulty accessing ExtraTorrent’s main site.

Some of the proxy or mirror pages are extratorrents.ch/, extratorrent2.net/, extratorrent.cc and so on enabling you to download your favorite movies quickly with such proxy.

Extratorrent Proxy & Mirror List

1Extratorrent Proxy 1Live
2Extratorrent Proxy 2Live
3Extratorrent2 ProxyLive
4Extratorrent Proxy 3Live
5Extratorrent Proxy 4Live
6Extratorrent Proxy 5Live
7Extratorrent Proxy 6Live
8Extratorrent Proxy 7Live
9Extratorrent Proxy 8Live



It is a very famous and best proxies of Extra Torrent. There is an incredible amount of stuff available web scrapers anyway this one is usually assigned to finding you the new movies and worries released. It allows you to find your favorite Stuff and has a good time.

This has also exchanged various documents such as code, and many other items that can be downloaded. It is one of the admired torrent Websites on the internet, where a large number of facilities go to and from basically, but this one has had the alternative of making an effect that has made it one of the most popular websites.

That is almost the equivalent of the next torrent assumptions, it is not fully accessible. This is the most effective solution for unblocking extra torrentsmovies.cc or extratorrent.cc. To ensure they can find the fastest speed, one needs to use proxies, and VPN organizations. Some objectives can effectively consider a successful web site.

Some of the delegates or mirror areas are extratorrents.ch/, extratorrent2.net/, etc. you can share your favorite films through these proxies without any wait.


 This torrent proxy also helps you to allow or access blocked sites. If we are not able to access Torrent’s main site then with the help of Extratorrents.ch proxy we can download stuff from blocked or banned sites it provided you a similar network as that of original and same downloading speed and high quality.

There are a lot of torrent web sites and this one is typically devoted to finding the newly released movie pictures and fun is extratorrent.cc. This allows you to search and live it up to your desired stuff. This includes multiple documents shared as well as programming and other things that can be downloaded.

Extratorrents.ch is one of the popular torrent proxy websites on the internet, and also help to access or unblock extra torrentsmovies.cc unblocked torrent proxy site, where a lot of sites are simply going everywhere, but this one has had the option of getting an effect that has made it one of the most popular sites.

This is fully available, just the same as other torrent sites. Someone needs to just use proxies and VPN services to make sure they can get into the site.


Extratorrent.net is one of the most recognized proxies and uses to download the latest content that is available on torrents blocked sites. In any case, there is a large amount of torrent web stuff.

This is one it is usually committed to providing you the latest films, songs, games and web series that are released. It allows you to find your content or stuff supported and to make those amazing memories.

This is the way that helps you to unblock 123extratorrents. It has often us to exchanged other documents like scripting, and other items that can be downloaded. It has often provided other documents like scripting, and other items that can be downloaded.

It’s one of the web’s revered torrent site link, where a massive amount of stuff is available It is one of the acclaimed torrent sites on the internet, where incredible stuff of destinations goes forward and backward from a general viewpoint, and this one has had the choice of having an impact which has made it one of the best website sites.

To ensure that they can reach the fastest speed, one needs to use proxies and the VPN connection. There are also represent targets that can effectively find the fastest web speed crawler.


This is also a way or proxy that is used to access or download stuff from torrent block site. Torrent web site is commonly used for uploading and fast downloading of the latest pictures of stuff.

It’s one of those recognized individuals at the web site. There’s are some proxies used to access or download stuff from the torrent web site, at any rate, this one is generally related to helping you to find released the new movies directs.

Extratorrent.cd helps you to download freely available stuff from the internet. There are a lot of VPN connections that you need to use because you can be tracked by proxies who can cause a problem. The use of an appropriate VPN connection is therefore recommended.

Alternatives of ExtraTorrents

In case you don’t work with Extra torrents or you want to pursue any other alternatives. Below I’ve listed you with the top 3 Extratorrent Alternatives. Any such sites may be helped in many ways same as Extratorrents. Let’s take a look at the sites below as Extra torrents.

✔ The Pirate Bay

Although the Pirate Bay is moving around a lot, it has been around for an extremely long period under some form or another. It is considered one of the most well-known download sites and provides excerpts that allow you to check whether a seeder is trusted.

Best Extratorrent tool. The web content is highly versatile and transfers for new items are available quickly. You may face a few difficulties getting to the website due to it moving around a huge amount, yet once you’ve got the website, accessing what you’re looking for is anything but challenging.

We advise looking for alternative torrents because this is an amazing sign that the content is being protected and you will not have to interact with any possible malware problems.

✔ LimeTorrent Proxy

When you are searching for legal torrents, Lime Torrents is one of the best choices. The platform has a huge database that is continually updated with new content, and today the legal torrents are among the biggest on the internet.

It’s considered one of the greatest music torrents. Because the site offers you a lot of content or information, you can help decide if it’s worth downloading. The best option for the extra torrent is Lime torrent.

It is one we probably recommend in terms of the value it provides. There is also a safety meter in each file to help you prevent potentially harmful content.

✔ Torlock 

Tor lock is also an alternative which is used to access torrent network, Wheneveryou are trying to stop potentially fake torrents, TORLOCK is one of the safest sites.

Browsing the web is very simple, and it features a huge content database that you can use. It also features a Top Hundred list showing you all you need to know about the most popular content on the market today.

Everything we like would be that TORLOCK is paying $1 to its customers for any fake torrent they find on the site. They get more than 5 million verified torrents, as per the site, that will ensure you see what you’re looking for when downloading.

✔ Torrentdownload 

Torrent-Downloads is just one of those sites offering you simple and concise torrents of price. The website has a clear details page so it would be easy to find anything that you may be searching for by a huge search.

✔ YTS Proxy

✔ RARBG Proxy

✔ 1337x Proxy

✔ KickAss Proxy

Conclusion: 20 ExtraTorrent Proxy | Unblock All Extratorrents Sites

All the information about each of the torrents you might select is displayed as well. If you are searching for a book BitTorrent, then torrent downloading will be your best choice.

The site also has a feedback section that enables users to rate the torrents once downloaded, making it easy to spot possible fake torrents that helping the group find what they are searching for.

When you are searching for efficient alternatives, this is one of the best choices of the torrent site.

When using torrents seek to keep a check of the file that you are uploading, because it can often lead to a virus or malware program being entered.

There are also representing targets that can effectively meet this torrent web site. He has often provided various documents like software, and other items that can be downloaded.

It’s one of the esteemed stuff sites on the web where, in a broad sense, a huge amount of objectives goes forward and backward, and this one has had the option of getting an impact which has made as one of the most excellent websites.

FAQs: 15 ExtraTorrent Proxy

Why is ExtraTorrent not working?

ExtraTorrent abruptly disappeared from the internet in 2017, possibly due to the legal challenges associated with operating a torrenting service. Subsequently, several other websites emerged using the same name, although their safety and susceptibility to malware and phishing attacks remain unverified.

What is Extratorrents new website?

ExtraTorrent has ceased to exist, but there are numerous peer-to-peer torrent platforms that serve as excellent alternatives. Some noteworthy torrent websites include:
The Pirate Bay: Regarded as the top all-around torrent site.
1337x.to: Highly recommended for software, movies, and TV shows enthusiasts.

How to download movies from uTorrent?

To open the torrent file in uTorrent, simply double-click it.
When you drop the file into uTorrent, it will initiate the download of the movie file to your computer. While it’s generally safe and legal to visit torrenting sites without a VPN, it is highly recommended that you use a VPN before downloading any torrents.

What is the meaning of extratorrents?

ExtraTorrent, often abbreviated as ET, served as an online catalog of digital content encompassing entertainment media and software.

What is the best movie download site?

Here are some websites known for offering movies for download:
HDMoviesPoint: This site provides a wide range of movies in high-definition quality for download.
Goojara.to: A popular movie and TV show streaming site that also offers a substantial selection of movies available for download.
YTS.Autos: Known for its collection of high-quality movie torrents.
1337x: A versatile torrent site offering various types of downloadable content, including movies.
Popcornflix: A platform where you can both stream and download movies.
AZMovies: A website with a vast library of movies available for download.
FZMovies: Offers a diverse range of movies for download.
MyDownloadTube: Another source for downloading movies.
Please note that the legality of downloading movies from these sites can vary by location and the content being downloaded, so it’s important to be aware of copyright laws in your region.

Is it legal to download from uTorrent?

Torrenting itself is not inherently illegal. Nevertheless, downloading copyrighted material without the explicit consent of the owner is indeed illegal. It can be challenging for a user to independently determine whether specific materials are copyrighted or not. In many instances, the materials obtained through torrents occupy a legal gray area.

How risky is uTorrent?

While it’s possible to use uTorrent safely when paired with a VPN, it’s worth noting that it may not be as secure as some other torrent clients like qBittorrent. uTorrent itself is not a virus, but it has a reputation for including bloatware and intrusive advertisements. Additionally, there have been instances in the past where uTorrent distributed malware and cryptocurrency mining software to its users. Therefore, users should exercise caution and consider alternative torrent clients for a more secure experience.

Which torrenting sites are legal in India?

Here are some of the best legal torrent sites for 2023:
Legit Torrents: A platform offering a collection of legally available torrents.
Vuze StudioHD Network: Known for providing legitimate and high-quality content.
Public Domain Torrents: Offers movies that are in the public domain, making them free and legal to download.
Bitlove: Focuses on podcasts and distributes them through torrents legally.
Internet Archive: A vast digital library offering a wide range of legally accessible content, including books, movies, and music.
Vodo: Provides independent films and documentaries that can be legally downloaded through torrents.
These sites are excellent sources for legally obtaining content through torrents while respecting copyright and licensing regulations.

Is using uTorrent safe in India?

Similar to BitTorrent, the uTorrent software is legal in itself, but it can be employed for engaging in digital piracy. The official uTorrent application is free from malware and can be utilized safely and privately, especially when used alongside a VPN. However, it’s essential to note that uTorrent does not provide protection against downloading malicious files that could potentially infect a user’s device.