Universities List who not appointed Ombudsperson(s)

Universities List who not appointed Ombudsperson(s). List of defaulting Universities who have not appointed Ombudsperson(s) as pmvided in the University Grants Commission (Redressal of Grievances of Students) Regulations, 2023

Universities List who not appointed Ombudsperson(s)

UGC has notified the University Grants Commission (Redressal of Crievances of Students) Regulations, 2023 in the Official Cazette on 11 April 2023 (available on UGC website). The Universities were requested to appoint Ombudsperson(s) within 30 days of the notification of the Regulations vide letter dated 12 April 2023. This was followed with several reminders.

ln the previous communication dated 5 December 2023, the universities were again requested to appoint Ombudsperson(s) and implement other provisions of UGC Regulations by 31 December 2023. It was also mentioned that the list of universities not complying with these requtements would be published on the UGC website.

Accordingly, the list of Universities who are yet to appoint the Ombudsperson(s) are attached herewith.

Those universities who have appointed or appoint Ombudsperson(s) subsequently may communicate the complete details of the Ombudspersons to the following emails:

In case of a Central Universitv: [email protected]

In case of a State University [email protected]

ln case of a Deemed to be University: [email protected]

In case of a Private University: [email protected]

Universities who have already appointed Ombudsperson(s) but find their name in the list may also write to the above emails.

The Universities and their affiliated Colleges are requested to display the particulars and contact details of the Ombudsperson(s) and Students Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC) on their websites and at prominent places on their campuses.

Similarly, stakeholders and the general public may write to the above emails if any University/College does not have an Ombudsperson/SGRC or their details are not available in the public domain.

List of Defaulting Central Universities

Sr. No.Name of the University
1.North Eastern Hill University, Shilong, Meghalaya

List of Defaulting State Universities

Sr. No.Name of the UniversityAddressstate
1.Andhra Kesari UniversityPernamitta, Ongole, Prakasam DistrictAndhra Pradesh