Nicolas Cage Joins Dead by Daylight

Nicolas Cage Joins Dead by Daylight: An Iconic Actor Enters the Gaming World. DBD Nicolas Cage PTB Release Date, Time Countdown & How to Play?

Nicolas Cage, the renowned actor known for his captivating performances, has made his debut in the gaming world. From today, fans can step into the shoes of this iconic actor and play as Nicolas Cage in the popular game Dead by Daylight.

This exciting addition comes as part of the Nicolas Cage Chapter, which will be available for purchase across all platforms from the 25th of July.

Cage’s presence in the game as a Survivor adds a unique twist to the gameplay, offering an immersive experience for players.

Unveiling the Nicolas Cage Chapter

The Nicolas Cage Chapter brings a whole new dimension to Dead by Daylight, immersing players in a thrilling adventure featuring the legendary actor himself.

In the Public Test Build on Steam, players can already enjoy playing as Cage before the official release.

The Chapter introduces a gripping storyline where Cage, while filming “the role of a lifetime” on set, gets summoned by The Entity, the mysterious force within the game’s universe.

Now, Cage must face a horde of merciless Killers, deadlier than even the most scathing film critic, in order to survive.

The Actor-Like Moveset

To truly capture the essence of Nicolas Cage, the developers have meticulously crafted his moveset within the game. Cage’s character showcases the unique traits and abilities of the actor, providing players with an authentic experience.

As they control Cage, players will feel the intensity and energy that he brings to his performances. The actor-like moveset is a testament to the attention to detail and dedication of the development team.

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New Perks to Enhance Gameplay

Alongside the introduction of Nicolas Cage as a Survivor, the Nicolas Cage Chapter introduces three new Perks that players can utilize to enhance their gameplay. These Perks add strategic depth to the gaming experience, allowing players to adapt their playstyle and maximize their chances of survival.

Dramaturgy: This Perk taps into the instincts of players, granting them haste and random effects that can turn the tide of a match. Players will have the opportunity to unleash their inner creativity and react swiftly to the challenges they face.

Scene Partner: With this Perk, Cage can lock eyes with Killers and gain deeper insights into their thought process. By revealing the Killer’s aura, players can gain a tactical advantage and make informed decisions about their next move.

Plot Twist: This Perk allows players to take their performance to new heights. By faking their death, they can deceive the Killers and catch them off guard. It adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to the gameplay, creating thrilling moments of triumph.

The Voice of Nicolas Cage

The inclusion of Nicolas Cage in Dead by Daylight is a testament to his passion for the craft and dedication to the project. Mr. Cage recorded all his voice lines and was involved in every step of the development process.

His collaboration with the team at Behaviour Interactive showcases his commitment to delivering an authentic and immersive experience to the players.

The developers feel privileged to have worked with Nicolas Cage, and they are confident that players will be delighted by his portrayal within the game.

Mathieu Côté, the head of partnerships for Behaviour Interactive, expressed his excitement about Nicolas Cage’s involvement in the gaming world.

He stated, “To say we are thrilled to have Nicolas Cage join the gaming world for the first time with Dead by Daylight is an understatement. His dedication to his craft and professionalism is unmatched. We feel very privileged to have him, and to our players: you’re in for a treat!”

When does Nicolas Cage come out in DBD?

The highly anticipated release of Nicolas Cage in Dead By Daylight is just around the corner, and fans can now rejoice as the DBD Public Test Build (PTB) is available for PC players.

Excitement is in the air for Dead By Daylight enthusiasts. The ongoing Twisted Masquerade anniversary event, which allows players to collect a range of new masks, will continue until July 13th. While the anniversary event has provided lots of fun, the DBD community has eagerly awaited the arrival of Nicolas Cage ever since his announcement.

So, when can we expect to see Nicolas Cage in DBD? The release date and time countdown for the Dead By Daylight Nicolas Cage PTB is set for July 5th at 08:00 PDT, 11:00 EST, and 16:00 BST.

It’s worth noting that the Nicolas Cage PTB will only be accessible to DBD fans playing on Steam. Although Dead By Daylight is also available on PC through Epic Games, the public test builds are exclusively accessible via Valve’s platform.

Dead By Daylight Nicolas Cage release date

This official PTB date was confirmed by BeHaviour Interactive during Summer Game Fest. The Cage himself, Nicolas Cage, was interviewed by Geoff Keighley on stage, where he expressed his love for horror and his excitement at joining the Dead By Daylight universe.

Aside from Nicolas Cage, the year 8 roadmap reveals that Tome 16 will be released in July, along with chapter 29 featuring a new killer and survivor in August.

For those eagerly waiting to fully experience Nicolas Cage in Dead By Daylight, mark your calendars for July 25th. On this date, he will be available to everyone in the game as a survivor. According to johnwanggd, a gameplay programmer at BeHaviour Interactive, Cage’s perks are a real treat. The legendary actor has also provided numerous voice lines to accompany his character’s likeness.

It is worth noting that Nicolas Cage will not be featured as a killer in the game, which may disappoint some fans. Nevertheless, embodying the Cage himself should still be a delightful experience, especially considering the unique role he will be playing.

Rather than portraying a fictional character, Nicolas Cage will be playing as his real self in Dead By Daylight. In a fascinating twist, the Academy Award-winning actor finds himself trapped in the Fog after inadvertently summoning the Entity while filming a movie on set.

How to play Dead By Daylight PTB

To participate in the Dead By Daylight PTB and play as Nicolas Cage, PC players can follow these steps on July 5th:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Proceed to your Library.
  3. Right-click on Dead By Daylight and select Properties.
  4. Click on Betas.
  5. Open the dropdown menu and select Public Tests.
  6. Restart Steam and launch DBD.

As for PlayStation and Xbox players, they will have to wait until July 25th to unleash their inner Nicolas Cage in Dead By Daylight.

Remember, this article is written in English.


The arrival of Nicolas Cage in Dead by Daylight has added a new layer of excitement to the game. Players now have the opportunity to embody the iconic actor and face the challenges set forth by The Entity.

With the Nicolas Cage Chapter, Dead by Daylight continues to push the boundaries of immersive gameplay, delivering thrilling experiences to its dedicated community. Prepare to delve into a world where the line between reality and fiction blurs, and survival is the ultimate goal.


1. Can I play as Nicolas Cage on all platforms?

Yes, the Nicolas Cage Chapter will be available for purchase on all platforms, allowing players to enjoy playing as the iconic actor.

2. When can I purchase the Nicolas Cage Chapter?

The Nicolas Cage Chapter will be available for purchase from the 25th of July across all platforms.

3. What are the new Perks introduced with the Nicolas Cage Chapter?

The new Perks are Dramaturgy, Scene Partner, and Plot Twist. Each Perk offers unique abilities that can enhance gameplay and provide strategic advantages.

4. Is Nicolas Cage involved in the development of the game?

Yes, Nicolas Cage recorded all his voice lines and was actively involved in the development process. His dedication and professionalism shine through in his portrayal within the game.

5. How can I access the Public Test Build on Steam?

To access the Public Test Build on Steam, follow the instructions provided by the developers to participate in the testing phase and experience playing as Nicolas Cage before the official release.