Genesis Therapeutics raises $200 Million for AI drug discovery Research

Genesis Therapeutics raises $200 Million for AI drug discovery Research. Genesis Therapeutics Secures $200M in Funding Boost for AI-Driven Drug Discovery.

Genesis Therapeutics Closes Oversubscribed $200 Million Series B. A16z-Backed AI Biotech Startup Genesis Therapeutics Raises $200M. AI drug designer Genesis Therapeutics forges $200M round with eye on clinical testing.

Genesis Therapeutics raises $200 Million for AI drug discovery Research

In the dynamic landscape of AI-powered drug discovery, Genesis Therapeutics has emerged as a frontrunner, recently raising an impressive $200 million in a Series B financing round. This substantial injection of capital propels the Burlingame, California-based company’s total funding to an impressive $280 million.

Joining the ranks of AI-powered drug discovery pioneers, such as Causaly, BenchSci, Iktos, TandemAI, and Protai, Genesis Therapeutics has solidified its position in this cutting-edge field. The latest round of funding, co-led by Andreessen Horowitz and an undisclosed U.S.-based life sciences-focused investor, saw participation from notable investors, including BlackRock, NVentures (Nvidia’s venture capital arm), Menlo Ventures, Radical Ventures, Rock Springs Capital, Fidelity Management & Research Company, and T. Rowe Price Associates.

About Genesis Therapeutics

Genesis Therapeutics, founded in 2019 as a spinout from Stanford University, is dedicated to the development of its AI platform known as Genesis Exploration of Molecular Space, or GEMS. This innovative platform is designed to create small-molecule drug compounds capable of addressing challenging diseases across a diverse range of complex protein targets. According to Ben Sklaroff, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Genesis’s primary focus within its drug pipeline currently centers on oncology, although specific targets remain undisclosed.

Genesis Therapeutics, headquartered in Burlingame, CA, and equipped with a fully integrated laboratory in San Diego, pioneers the fusion of AI and biotechnology in the quest for groundbreaking treatments aimed at patients facing severe and debilitating conditions. Our pioneering approach harnesses the power of a cutting-edge, proprietary AI platform known as GEMS (Genesis Exploration of Molecular Space).

GEMS represents a convergence of deep learning-based predictive models, molecular simulations, and language models tailored for chemical applications. This innovative platform expedites the selection of promising molecules for synthesis and experimental assessment, perpetually refining the process through multiple iterations of AI-driven discovery and optimization.

Leveraging the distinctive capabilities of GEMS, Genesis Therapeutics has constructed an internal pipeline comprising multiple initiatives targeting traditionally challenging, data-scarce, and historically intractable therapeutic targets.

What set Genesis Therapeutics

What sets Genesis Therapeutics apart from its competitors is its physics-centric AI platform. Sklaroff highlights the startup’s profound expertise in physics-based methods for computational chemistry, which it seamlessly integrates with its proprietary machine learning engine. This engine constructs foundational 3D models for the analysis of protein-ligand complexes, a capability that distinguishes Genesis from its peers.

Sklaroff explains that while machine learning has traditionally expedited calculations in their field, it has been limited to interpolating known chemical data due to its limited grasp of physics. On the other hand, physics-based methods excel in deriving relationships between molecules from first principles but struggle to generalize to novel protein targets and are often slow. Genesis’s fusion of its in-house AI engine with extensive knowledge in physics-based computational chemistry delivers a powerful synergy for small molecule drug discovery.

This approach has garnered attention from pharmaceutical giants. In 2020, Genesis Therapeutics secured a drug discovery partnership with Genentech, followed by another with Eli Lilly in the subsequent year, valued at $690 million, including a $20 million upfront payment with additional milestones across various therapeutic areas.

Regarding the utilization of their new funding, COO Will McCarthy disclosed that it will primarily facilitate Genesis’s transition into the clinical testing phase. While no specific timeline was provided, McCarthy assured that this transition would occur in the near future. Additionally, the startup intends to allocate some of its newfound resources to expand its AI platform, exploring new targets across diverse therapeutic domains.

FAQs: Genesis Therapeutics

Q. What is Genesis Therapeutics?

Ans: Genesis Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical startup company focused on AI-powered drug discovery.

Q. How much funding did Genesis Therapeutics recently secure?

Ans: Genesis Therapeutics closed a $200 million Series B financing round.

Q. What is the total funding raised by Genesis Therapeutics to date?

Ans: Genesis Therapeutics has raised more than $280 million in funding so far.

Q. Which investors participated in Genesis Therapeutics’ recent funding round?

Ans: The funding round was co-led by Andreessen Horowitz and an undisclosed U.S.-based life sciences-focused investor, with participation from BlackRock, NVentures, Menlo Ventures, Radical Ventures, Rock Springs Capital, Fidelity Management & Research Company, and T. Rowe Price Associates.

Q. When was Genesis Therapeutics founded, and where is it based?

Ans: Genesis Therapeutics was founded in 2019, and it is based in Burlingame, California.

Q. What is the focus of Genesis Therapeutics’ AI platform, GEMS?

Ans: GEMS (Genesis Exploration of Molecular Space) is designed to create small-molecule drug compounds for challenging diseases across a wide variety of complex protein targets.

Q. What is the primary focus of Genesis Therapeutics’ drug pipeline?

Ans: While specific targets are not disclosed, Genesis Therapeutics’ drug pipeline is currently focused on oncology.

Q. What sets Genesis Therapeutics apart from its competitors in the AI-powered drug discovery field?

Ans: Genesis Therapeutics stands out due to its physics-centric AI platform, which combines physics-based methods for computational chemistry with its proprietary machine learning engine to analyze protein-ligand complexes.

Q. Which pharmaceutical companies have partnered with Genesis Therapeutics?

Ans: Genesis Therapeutics secured drug discovery deals with Genentech in 2020 and Eli Lilly in the following year. The Eli Lilly deal is valued at $690 million.

Q. How does Genesis Therapeutics plan to use its recent funding?

Ans: Genesis Therapeutics intends to use the funding to transition into its clinical testing phase and expand its AI platform to explore new targets across different therapeutic areas.