Sewa Setu Portal

To take Governance closer to people, Govt of Assam launched the Sewa Setu Portal offering over 500 Govt services to the people at the fingertips.

Over 1 crore applications have been received in the portal with a disposal rate of 85%.


The Assam Right to Public Service Act in 2012, enacted by the Government of Assam, is an act to provide for the delivery of notified public services to the people of the state of Assam within the stipulated time limit and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

This Act came into force across all districts of the state, except for the Sixth Schedule areas.

However, the Act has now been extended and adopted in the Sixth Schedule Districts which includes Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC), Dima Hasao Autonomous Territorial Council (DHATC) and Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC). 

The Act was amended in September 2019, and is now known as the “The Assam Right to Public Services (Amendment) Act, 2019”. 

The Act is a step towards Bringing Services Closer to People. Some of the Key Provisions under this Act are –

  1. Right to get ARTPS notified public services within a specified time frame 
  2. Right to get Acknowledgement receipt on application submission
  3. Designated Public Servant (DPS) for notified public services
  4. Provision of appeal to Appellate Authority in case of non-receipt of notified public services
  5. There is a Provision for Second Appeal in case the applicant is not satisfied with the Decision of the Appellate Authority

Government of Assam has undertaken a lot of e-governance initiatives to strengthen the public service delivery system.

About the Portal

The RTPS Portal is created under the World Bank Financed Assam Citizen Centric Service Delivery Project of the Administrative Reforms and Training Department to allow citizens to apply for ARTPS notified services online and also to promote proactive disclosure related to citizens’ entitlements under the Act and procedures for accessing ARTPS services.

Some of the Key Features of the web portal are:

  1. Online application of services
  2. SMS alerts to applicant and Designated officials
  3. Acknowledgement receipt on application submission
  4. Dashboard for real time monitoring
  5. Online tracking of status of application
  6. Process automation
  7. Online appeal provision for non-delivery/ delay in providing services
  8. Lodge online grievance
  9. Information repository of RTPS Services.

This portal is designed and developed by NIC Assam, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India.



How this ARTPS Act help the citizens ?

This Act will help citizens access services in a time-bound manner and create a formal appellate process in the case of non-compliance.

How can citizen apply for the services ?

Citizen can apply for any of the services notified under ARTPS Act at this ARTPS Portal or at any Public Facilitation Centres (PFC) or any Citizen Service Centres (CSC).

What will the citizen get after filing of application for the notified services under ARTPS Act ?

The citizen shall receive an acknowledgement after submission of the application by the Designated Officer or his/her authorised representative.

What does the acknowledgement contain ?

The acknowledgement issued to the citizen/applicant will consist of an Acknowledge No, Name of the service, the date of submission of the application, the given time limit if all the essential documents are attached with the application, name of the DPS etc.

How can a citizen know the status of his/her application ?

The citizen can get the information of the status of the application by providing the Acknowledge No. and Date of submission of the application at the ARTPS Portal or at the PFCs or at the CSCs.

Where shall a citizen get to know the services covered under this Act ?

 Each Public Office who is providing services under this Act will display all information relating to Public Services, given time limit, Appellate Authority and Revisional Authority in the Notice Board in English and Assamese language for convenience of the public. Also, the list of the services notified under this Act will be published at this ARTPS portal.

What are the documents are necessary to be attached along with the application ?

For each service, the essential documents to be attached along with the application are to be displayed on the Notice Board. The information is also available in the website. Accordingly, the applicant has to submit the essential documents along with the application to make it complete in all respect. Last date for time limit will be mentioned in the acknowledgement.

How will citizen know that their applications are denied or rejected ?

The Designated Officer shall communicate the applicant or an SMS will be sent to the applicant describing following aspect: 1) The Reasons for such denial / rejection 2) The Period within which an appeal against such denial or delay be preferred 3) The particulars including all available contact information of the Appellate Authority

Whether the time limit specified for each service includes the public Holidays ?

No, the public holidays shall not be included in the given time limit for providing the service.

Who may file appeal ?

The applicant can file an appeal in two instances: Instance 1: If the Applicant does not receive the service within the stipulated time and is not even informed about the reason for delay Instance 2: An applicant whose application has been rejected by the Designated Officer