TikTok star Alix Earle with Boyfriend Braxton Berrios

It appears that TikTok star Alix Earle and Miami Dolphins receiver Braxton Berrios have taken their relationship to a new level.

They were seen together on the red carpet at the ESPYs in Los Angeles, indicating that they are comfortable being public about their romance .

Alix looked stunning in a black leather dress, seemingly ready to embrace her role as an NFL WAG alongside Berrios.

Their appearance at the awards show suggests that they have moved past any previous relationship dramas, such as Berrios' breakup with Sophia Culpo.

They have been spotted together at NBA Finals games and on social media, indicating that they are committed to each other.

Alix's TikTok video, where she wasted food after a late-night drama, received some criticism from fans .

she didn't let it bother her and continued with her content creation without deleting the video or issuing a phony apology.

Her ability to brush off negative comments and maintain a thick skin will likely serve her well, especially when facing passionate NFL fan bases like the Bills Mafia.

Alix has risen to the top of the TikTok food chain through her content, and she seems focused on continuing her success .

Barbie events and appearances at award shows like the ESPYs, she will likely have plenty of content to share, including "get ready with me for game day" content as the NFL season approaches.