Sisu (Finnish dubbed in English) movie review : Silent, deadly, brutal & terrific.

JalmariHelander's directed film hero (Jorma Tommila) is a brooding angry old man who we are told is “immortal, a loner and one mean fucker you don’t want to mess with”!

The 93-minutes film is mostly silent but the brutal and bloody action will leave you breathless along with fab camera work.

A brutal, kill-fest movie with a lot of gory and violent scenes. In just over an hour, viewers will witness pools of blood in action scenes. There isn't much logic in the plot, but the main character possesses a strong, wild, and immortal nature. The film's pace alternates between crazy action and slow mood.

The high point of the film is the breathtaking and mind-blowing death scenes. There are several whistle-blowing scenes throughout the movie.

Messing with the wrong guy and the bloody aftermath are the main themes, similar to John Wick.

As a Finn it was extra special but it’s just awesome bonkers fun. Congrats Jalmari Helander. A war action horror relentless movie for the ages.

ust saw an early screening of SISU at the metreon in #sanfrancisco, and that movie was no fucking joke. A nonstop gore-o-romma rollercoaster that never stops. Rambo and Comando got nothing on #SISU. A must-see opening weekend in theaters.

SISU saw it today. Think of this as John Wick from another timeline who's had enough of ppl's shit. He's not doing this for revenge, it's because cocky pricks keep getting in his way!! Smart INTENSE Action Here!!

Movie score: worth all 180 pennies of amc a list! Interpretation: gold and silver are bedrock of humanity even without electronic demand during nazi times. This is the 3rd or 4th gold re

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