Malayalam actress PK Rosy

Malayalam actress PK Rosy

PK Rosy is a Malayalam film actress who was active in the Indian film industry during the 1960s and 1970s.

She was known for her roles in Malayalam films and was one of the leading actresses of her time.

In the Arts School, Roji learned the Kathak dance, in which the story of Shiva-Parvati's arrival on earth was depicted through dance and songs.

She lived the rest of her life in anonymity. So anonymous that today, on Google, there is only a vague image of her. No photo shoots, no videos, nothing.

She was the first actress in the Malayalam film industry and the first Dalit actress in the Indian film industry.

To save her life, Roji reportedly joined a convoy that was heading towards Tamil Nadu. She married the convoy driver Keshavan Pillai and lived her life as Rajamma.

In the Malayalam film industry, a group of female actors named themselves as the PK Rosy Film Society.

Google has dedicated a doodle today on Friday to mark the 120th birthday of Malayalam cinema's first female actress and first Dalit actress P.K. Rosy on the occasion of her birthday.

It is said that she went to a lorry in Tamil Nadu where she got married to the lorry driver and stayed there as 'Rajmma'.

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