JioFiber Double Festival Bonanza offer

JioFiber Double Festival Bonanza offer

Reliance Jio has launched a new JioFiber Double Festival Bonanza offer for those buying new JioFiber connections.

Available for a limited time period, the offer is available for those who purchase a new JioFiber connection and subscribe to one of the two plans that are available in this offer.

Jio has introduced two plans under the JioFiber Double Festival Bonanza offer- Rs 599 and Rs 899 plans.

Both are a six months validity plans and this price is for each month of the validity period.

This means that Rs 599 plan will cost you Rs 3594 and Rs 899 will cost you Rs 5394 in total excluding the GST.

Note that these aren’t new plans but it will be on offer from October18 to October 28, 2022.

Jio explains the Bonanza offer saying that those who book a new JioFiber connection and subscribe for either of the two plans will be eligible for two additional benefits along with plan benefits.

These benefits are – 100 percent value back and 15 days extra validity.

In addition to these plans, the Rs 899×3 months is eligible for 100 per cent value back but without 15 days additional validity.

The Rs 599 JioFiber plan offers 30Mbps speeds, more than 14 OTT apps, over 550 on demand channels.

Jio will charge you Rs 4241 for this which includes plan price and Rs 647 GST cost.

The customers will get a shopping voucher worth Rs 4500 with this plan. Additionally, there will be 15 days extra validity with the plan.

Jio under Rs 899 plan offers 100 Mbps speeds along with similar benefits as Rs 599 plan.

The plan in total costs Rs 6365 including the Rs 971 GST cost.

There is also a Rs 899 plan for 3 months that offers similar benefit but you don’t get the extra 15 days validity with this one.

Customers buying any of these plans will also get a 4K JioFiber set top box worth Rs 6000 at no extra cost.