G20 Digital Innovation Alliance

G20 Digital Innovation Alliance

The G20 Digital Innovation Alliance is a platform aimed at promoting digital innovation and cooperation among the G20 countries.

The alliance was established in 2020 as part of the G20 Leaders' Declaration, with the aim of sharing best practices, expertise, and technology to drive the digital transformation of the global economy and society.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT has chosen six themes which are of critical significance for global communities.

These themes are Ed-tech, Health-tech, Agri-tech, Fin-tech, Secured Digital Infrastructure, and Circular Economy.

Startups from G20 nations along with 9 invited guest nations across these 6 sectors will participate in this global program.

A total of 174 startups will be engaged, celebrated, showcased, and supported under this program from around the world.

The program will culminate in a 3 day Grand Summit in Bangalore in August 2023 where 174 selected startups and hundreds of investors and stakeholders in participate.

The G20 Digital Innovation Alliance, MeitY Startup Hub is launching an application for Indian innovators/startups with digital solutions to solve global challenges and scale the solutions in the above-mentioned sectors.

Participation via applying on below mentioned link

Timeline of Application Start date: 23rd January 2023 End date: 31st March 2023