Adele Confirm Secretly Married Rich Paul


rumors surrounding the marriage of Adele and Rich Paul. 

Adele reportedly confirmed her marriage to Rich Paul during Alan Carr's comedy show in Los Angeles.

Comedy Show Confirmation: 

Audience members shared details with the celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi, stating that Adele spontaneously revealed the news when Carr asked if anyone had recently gotten married.

Adele had previously referred to Rich Paul as her "husband" during one of her Las Vegas residency shows in September.

Previous References to Marriage:

In response to a fan, she mentioned her husband, and in another performance, she called herself Paul's "wife."

Rich Paul, when asked about the marriage rumors in a recent interview, did not provide a direct confirmation but emphasized their privacy.

Response to Rumors:

He mentioned that their relationship is for themselves, not for the media or paparazzi.

Adele and Rich Paul went public with their relationship in July 2021

Relationship Timeline:

They were seen together at Game 5 of the NBA Finals, and according to a source, they had been dating for a few months at that time.

Adele has publicly expressed her love for Rich Paul, including singing "Happy Birthday" to him during a Las Vegas show and stating that she loves him more than life itself.

Public Expressions of Love:

Rich Paul released a memoir, "Lucky Me: A Memoir of Changing the Odds," detailing his traumatic childhood in a crime-ridden area of Cleveland. 

Rich Paul's Memoir:

Adele, who has shared her own struggles in the past, found the book emotionally challenging, according to Paul.

Rich Paul credits his late father for making a positive difference in his life and teaching him valuable skills.

Family Background:

Adele has also been open about her childhood struggles, including the loss of her grandfather and her father's absence.

while the couple has not officially confirmed their marriage in response to recent rumors, there have been previous instances where Adele hinted at her marital status.

Rich Paul emphasized the importance of privacy in their relationship