University of Delaware, USA Workshop on “Inverse Problems and Related Topics”

University of Delaware, USA Workshop on “Inverse Problems and Related Topics”, October 25-29 2021, International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, TIFR-CAM, India.

This week-long program will consist of several lectures by experts on different types of inverse problems and the underlying basic techniques to understand them.

The targeted audience for these lectures are Master’s and PhD students, and researchers with a strong background in PDEs.

Prior experience of research in inverse problems will not be assumed.

The topics that we cover during this week-long program are:

  • Calderon problem.
  • Fractional Calderon problem.
  • Geometric inverse problems.
  • Integral geometry problems.
  • Inverse problems for Maxwell’s equations.
  • Inverse problems involving non-linear equations.
  • Inverse problems for hyperbolic and transport equations.
  • Probabilistic inverse problems.
  • Machine Learning approaches in inverse problems.

Application Deadline: October 15, 2021

Rakesh (University of Delaware, USA) and Venkateswaran P Krishnan (TIFR-CAM, India)

Contact: [email protected]
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