UES – Law, Economics and Governance International Talent Scholarship

UES - Law, Economics and Governance International Talent Scholarship

UES – Law, Economics and Governance International Talent Scholarship

UES has an additional track for international students who applied for a Master’s programme offered by the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governances (LEG), the UES/ Law, Economics and Governances International Talent Scholarship (UES-LEGITS).

In contrast with regular UES, both EU/EEA students and non-EU/EEA students can apply to UES-LEGITS.

This scholarship offers a number of highly talented prospective students the opportunity to pursue a degree in one of the English taught Master’s programmes of the Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance.

With this selective scholarship programme, the Faculty wants to contribute and invest in talented international students who have shown the highest achievement in their career so far.

This can be based on their academic quality and results from preceding education or from student’s societal engagement or career vision.

The scholarship enhances a more diverse and international classroom. Approximately 6 UES-LEGITSs are awarded per year.

Criteria for Eligibility

If you are an eligible candidate you will be selected for a scholarship on the basis of the following criteria:

  • your academic quality and results of the preceding education, as evidence, for example, by grades, test scores, publications, letters of recommendation;
  • your career vision, promise in the proposed field of study;
  • your societal engagement (e.g. extracurricular activities)
  • The quality and relevance of your motivation letter for the Master’s programme;
  • The quality of the application itself (completeness, accuracy, consistency)

In order to be awarded this scholarship you should:

  • hold a non-Dutch secondary education degree;
  • have been admitted to one of the English taught Master’s programmes of the Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance with a start date of 1 September 2021;
  • be able to comply with the conditions to obtain a Dutch visa if applicable;

Failure to meet one or more of these criteria automatically means you are not eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship Amount

  • for students who will have to pay the statutory tuition fee (mainly EU/EEA student): €11.000
  • for students who will have to pay the institutional tuition fee (most non EU/EEA students): tuition fee + €11.000

In a 2-year’s Master’s programme, the scholarship will only be renewed for the second year if the awardee is making satisfactory progress towards the degree.


Prospective students who wish to be considered for the scholarship must apply for admission to the programme AND the scholarship before 31 January 2021 (23:59 CET), after which the application portal will be closed.

Your application for a scholarship will only be processed if you have submitted an application for a Master’s programme as well. You can start your application as of 1  November 2020


How to Apply

Students who apply for a UES will automatically be considered for a UES-LEGITS. Students who are not eligible for a UES (e.g. because they hold a EU/EER citizenship) can be eligible for a UES-LEGITS.

  1. Submit an application for a Master’s programme; if you do not do this first, your UES-LEGITS or UES application will be deleted without notice.
  2. After submitting an application for a Master’s programme, you can go to Osiris Online Application.
  3. Log in with your Osiris username and password.
  4. Click on the link ‘New application‘.
  5. Answer the UES questions and upload the requested document(s).


Important notes:
– In contrast with a regular UES, for UES-LEGITS a top 10% ranking of your graduation class is not a criterium.

– Students who apply for UES-LEGITS only (e.g. because they hold a EU/EEA citizenship) must upload a general recommendation letter instead, when asked for proof of top 10% ranking. The general recommendation letter can be the same one as used in the Master’s application.

– EU/EEA students who do have a top 10% ranking proof should also upload this as well because they may then qualify for both, UES and UES-LEGITS. Without this proof an application is for UES-LEGITS only.

– EU/EEA students can ignore non-eligibility messages related to non-EU/EEA citizenship

  1. Submit your application.

You will not be informed whether you have been awarded the scholarship prior to the scholarship deadline and not before you have been (un)conditionally admitted to the programme.

More Information

  • For general information about the UES-LEGITS you can contact [email protected]
  • For information about the admission and application for a Master’s programme of the Faculty of Law Economics and Governance see ‘Admission and Application’ per programme
  • Applicants for the European Governance programme need to make an account in Osiris Online application where they can apply for the scholarship as described above. Please mind the deadline! After you have applied for the scholarship contact us per mail at [email protected].

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