“Superman: Legacy”: David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan

James Gunn’s “Superman: Legacy” Casts David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan as New Superman and Lois Lane.

James Gunn, the co-chair of DC Studios and the writer-director of “Superman: Legacy,” has announced the casting of David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan as the new Superman and Lois Lane, respectively. The news was confirmed by a representative from Warner Bros., generating excitement among fans and media alike.

Introduction: The Search for the New Superman and Lois Lane

The iconic character of Superman, previously portrayed by Henry Cavill, has been a beloved symbol of hope and heroism on the big screen for a decade. With Cavill stepping away from the role, speculations have been rife about who would don the red cape next.

Finally, James Gunn took to Twitter to reveal the talented actors who will bring the characters to life in “Superman: Legacy,” slated for release in July 2025.

David Corenswet as the New Superman

After an extensive casting process that included notable contenders like Nicholas Hoult and Tom Brittney, David Corenswet emerged as the chosen actor to portray Superman. Corenswet, a 29-year-old Philadelphia native, has gained recognition for his performances in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series “The Politician” and “Hollywood.”

His portrayal of an aspiring actor resonated with audiences, showcasing his range and talent. Additionally, Corenswet impressed audiences with his recent role as a theater owner entangled with Mia Goth’s aspiring actress in Ti West’s “Pearl.”

Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane

The role of Lois Lane, the tenacious and determined reporter and Superman’s love interest, has been awarded to the accomplished actress Rachel Brosnahan. Known for her outstanding portrayal of Midge Maisel in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” Brosnahan has garnered critical acclaim and an Emmy and two Golden Globe awards for her performance.

Her talent and charisma have captivated audiences, making her a natural choice for the coveted role of Lois Lane. Other actors, including Emma Mackey and Phoebe Dynevor, were reportedly in contention for the role but Brosnahan ultimately won the hearts of the casting team.

James Gunn’s Vision for “Superman: Legacy”

James Gunn and veteran producer Peter Safran were brought on board by Warner Bros. last year to revitalize the DC universe and chart an ambitious 10-year plan.

Their first venture, “Superman: Legacy,” promises an intriguing exploration of Superman’s journey to reconcile his aristocratic Kryptonian heritage with his humble upbringing as Clark Kent in a small midwestern town.

With Gunn at the helm, fans can expect a fresh and exciting take on the iconic superhero, delving into the complexities of his character while delivering thrilling action and emotional depth.


The announcement of David Corenswet as Superman and Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane has generated tremendous anticipation for James Gunn’s “Superman: Legacy.”

Fans eagerly await the release of this highly anticipated film that promises to breathe new life into the beloved characters. With Corenswet’s talent and charisma as Superman and Brosnahan’s stellar acting skills as Lois Lane, the film holds the promise of delivering a memorable cinematic experience for both longtime fans and newcomers to the DC universe.

FAQs About “Superman: Legacy”

Q: When is the release date for “Superman: Legacy”?

A: “Superman: Legacy” is scheduled to be released in July 2025.

Q: Who is playing Superman in “Superman: Legacy”?

A: David Corenswet has been cast as the new Superman in “Superman: Legacy.”

Q: Who will portray Lois Lane in “Superman: Legacy”?

A: Rachel Brosnahan has been chosen to play the role of Lois Lane.

Q: What is the premise of “Superman: Legacy”?

A: The film explores Superman’s journey as he tries to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage and his upbringing as Clark Kent in a small midwestern town.

Q: Who is directing “Superman: Legacy”?

A: James Gunn, the co-chair of DC Studios, is writing and directing “Superman: Legacy.”