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Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University M.Phil and Ph.D Admission Notification 2023

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Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University M.Phil and Ph.D Admission Notification 2023

Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University M.Phil and Ph.D Admission Notification 2023

Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University M.Phil and Ph.D Admission Notification 2023. Conduction of Online M.Phil./Ph.D. Entrance Test (MPET) for admission to M.Phil./Ph.D. Programme- Direction 2023.

Whereas, University Grants Commission vide its Regulation dated 5th May, 2016 for minimum standards and procedure for award of M.Phil. /Ph.D. degrees, has prescribed the criteria for award of M.Phil./ Ph.D. Degree, recognition of M.Phil./ Ph.D. supervisor, procedure of admission, allocation of supervisor, coursework , Evaluation and Assessment methods for award of M.Phil./ Ph.D. degrees published in the Gazette of India Part-III on 05th May, 2016.


Whereas, it is expedient to frame the Regulation in respect of Conducting Online M.Phil/Ph.D. Entrance Test (MPET) for admission to M.Phil/Ph.D. Programme to be conducted by Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, by conversion of Rule No.1/2017 in to Regulation, as the Maharashtra Public Universities Act,2016 does not prescribe the framing of Rules. Therefore, the Direction No. 36/2021 has been issued U/S 12 (8) of the Act, repealing Rule No. 1/2017,


Whereas, as per section U/S 12 (8) of the Maharashtra Public Universities Act-2016, the Direction lapses after a period of six months, hence, fresh Direction is to be issued in its place as the making of the Regulation is time consuming process.

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Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University M.Phil and Ph.D Admission Notification 2023

Now, therefore, I, Dr.Pramod Yeole, Vice-Chancellor, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, in exercise of powers conferred upon me under Sub-Section (8) of Section 12 of Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016 hereby direct as under: –

  1. ” This Direction may be called as “Direction for conduction of online .M.Phil./Ph.D. Entrance Test (MPET) for admission to M.Phil./Ph.D. Programme –Direction 2023.”
  2. This Direction shall come into force from the date of its issuance.
  3. In this Direction, unless the context otherwise requires;
  • “University” means “ Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati”.
    1. “MPET” means “M.Phil./ Ph.D. Entrance Test to be conducted by Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.”
    1. “Designated Agency” means “the agency appointed by Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati for conduct of Online MPET”.
    1. “Candidate” means “student appearing for MPET”.
    1. Committee means “the committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor for the purpose of conducting Online M.Phil. / Ph.D. Entrance Test (MPET) for admission to M.Phil/Ph.D. Programme from time to time”.
    1. “Question Bank Committee” means “a Committee of experts for the preparation of Question Bank, recommended by the MPET Committee and approved by the Vice-Chancellor”.
    • “Stages” means “Stages of pre and post process, consisting of procedures required to be complied by candidate within time-limit, as well as other deficiencies, etc. “at their end.”
  • “RRC” means “Research Recognition Committee.”
  • “BOS” means “ Board of Studies.”

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  • The MPET will be conducted by the University once in a year, and the date of examination will be as declared by the University.
  • The University shall publish the advertisement on University web-site for inviting the applications for online MPET.
  • The candidate should apply on the University portal. The candidate needs to upload the mandatory testimonials and pay the fees through the online payments’ mode. Candidate will have to pay fees as per the Notification published by the University from time to time, for Open Category and for Reserved Category i.e OBC/SBC/VJ(A)/NT(B)/NT(C)/NT(D)/EWS (Non-Creamy layer Category only)/SC/ST/Trans-genders/Orphan through the payment gateway provided by the University. Candidate belonging to Physically Handicapped (PH)/Visually Handicapped i.e Blind (VH) category are exempted from the payment of fees.
  • The candidates claiming reservation shall submit the required documents as per Government Resolutions published from time to time.
  • The candidate shall be eligible to appear for MPET in the subject in which he/ she pursuing/ completed Master’s degree. However, the subject for which MPET is not conducted by the University, the candidate shall eligible to appear MPET in relevant subject as specified by the concerned Board of Studies of the University. Moreover, in case if RRC feels that topic selected by the candidate falls in interdisciplinary    nature then a co-supervisor may be allowed who shall be the Recognized Supervisor of the University.
  • The candidate can apply for MPET only in one subject. Applicants must fully satisfy themselves about their eligibility as prescribed, before filling in the application form for the admission to the M.Phil/ Ph.D. Programme. It shall be the responsibility of the candidate, to read carefully the Directions / Ordinances regarding the procedure for the admission to M.Phil /Ph.D. programme.
  • The online applications filled by the candidates shall be scrutinized by the Ph.D. cell under the supervision of MPET committee. The Director Board of Examination and Evaluation is empower to appoint manpower for MPET related work as and when required.
  • Scrutiny of applications shall be done online, first based on the report generated by the computer system as per the information filled up /claims made therein by the candidates in their online application. If the candidate fails to submit the required documents and /or found indulged in false claims while submitting the said on-line application form, his/ her applications form shall be rejected without assigning any reason thereof. In such eventuality, the fee shall not be refunded.
  • Designated Agency will generate roll numbers and admission-cards of the eligible candidates only.
  • Designated Agency will provide online admission cards to all eligible candidates within stipulated time period in the students’ login.
  • The MPET will comprise one Paper with two Sections, i.e. Section A & Section B.


This Section will be based on Research Methodology and will be common to all candidates. Test for this Section will be of 50 multiple choice objective questions with 50 marks. Each question will carry one mark. The Question paper for this Section shall be in English and Marathi.

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This Section will contain Research Methodology. It includes: Types of Research, Research Process, Research Design, Research Problem, Variables and Their Types, Formulation of Hypothesis, Sampling, Tools of Data Collection, Data Analysis, Interpretation of Data, Research Methods (Descriptive or Survey Method, Experimental Method), Research Proposal, Research Report, Bibliography, Hypothesis Testing, Research Paper writing, Research Articles, Patents, Discoveries.


This Section will be based on specific subject in the relevant faculty. Test for this Section will be of 50 multiple choice objective questions with 50 marks. Each question will carry one mark.

Section- B- Course

The course for Section B shall be as that of prescribed for the respective Post Graduate Programme of the University. The Question paper for this section shall be as per medium of instructions of respective subject.

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Pattern of Question Paper Setting:

There shall be a single paper for both Section A and B. Question No. 1 to 50, belong to Section A and Question No.51 to 100 belong to section B.

  1. It is mandatory to score minimum 50% marks in each section separately for passing the MPET. For OBC/SBC/VJ(A)/NT(B)/NT(C)/NT(D)/EWS (Non-Creamy layer Category only) /SC/ST/VH/ Trans-genders(PH- Physically Handicapped /VH-Visually Handicapped i.e Blind) categories the minimum passing percentage will be 45% in each Section separately.
  2. The duration of online MPET shall be 120 minutes.
  3. For smooth conduction of Test, the Vice-Chancellor shall constitute a MPET Committee, which shall consist of its Chairman, five Subject Experts, as members, Director, Board of Examination, and Evaluation Ex-officio, as Member, and Assistant /Deputy Registrar Ph.D. Cell, Member-Secretary.
  1. MPET Committee shall Provide Specific format for setting of Questions Papers in tune with service Provider to the Committee Constituted as per 48( 3)(a) by Board of Studies.
  1. The Vice-Chancellor shall constitute Paper Setting Cum Moderation Committee for preparation of Question Bank for Section A. The Committee will prepare at least 600 questions for Section A.
  • For Section B, the process of preparing questions will be done in accordance with the provisions prescribed in Clause 48(3)(a) of Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016. The preparation and moderation of Question sets of Section B will be done by a Committee recommended by the Chairman, Board of Studies (BOS) and approved by the Vice-Chancellor. The Committee shall be comprising of Chairman of respective BOS as a Chairperson along with three Subject Experts not below the rank of Associate Professor as members. The Committee shall submit at least 300 questions for Section B. as per the format provided.
  • The University shall handover all the moderated questions for Section A & Section B to the Designated Agency for composing of Question Bank. The MPET Committee shall resolve any difficulty related to Section A and for Section B, one Subject Expert if required for moderation of section B to be nominated by respective Chairman of BOS and the members MPET Committee.
  • The University shall conduct online examination at the centers proposed by MPET Committee and approved by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Designated Agency shall make available sufficient computers with efficient networking and Internet Facility for conduction of Online MPET.
  • The MPET committee shall submit a list of Observers and Supervisors for the approval of the Vice Chancellor. The approved Observers and Supervisor will look after the smooth conduct of MPET.
  • The provision for Assistance to the differently abled candidates shall be followed as per the relevant Ordinances of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.
  • Designated Agency shall make the questions available Online by random fetching from the Question Bank to the candidates appearing for MPET at the Centre. The MPET Committee shall prescribe Standing Instructions to appearing candidates for the Test, which may be displayed on the website. The MPET Committee shall be responsible for smooth conduct of Test. No person other than examinee, Observers, Supervisors and any such person as may be permitted by the Chairman of the MPET Committee, shall be allowed to enter the premises of the Test Centre.
  • The evaluation of answers for both the sections shall be performed through software. There shall be no negative marking for the questions attempted. However as under clause

15 of this direction for calculating 45% of marks the scheme as under should be implement. If Candidate shall secure 22 marks in any one of the section and minimum 23 in another section in such a cases candidate under benefited categories shall be declared Pass.

  • Passing MPET will be one of the eligibility criteria for admission to M.Phil. /Ph.D. Programme. Appearance merely in the Entrance Test and/ or securing pass marks at the Entrance Test does not confer any right to the candidate for grant of admission to the M.Phil/Ph.D. Programme unless he/she fulfills the other eligibility conditions, prescribed.
  • Remuneration to persons involved for conduct of MPET shall be paid as prescribed by the University from time to time.
  • The list of the candidates along-with their marks shall be certified by the Designated Agency and shall be submitted to the University. Passing Certificate to the successful candidates and Marksheets of all candidates shall be made available in the candidate’s login. Candidates shall have to obtain the same by online process only.
  • No Re-assessment, Retotaling and Redressal is permitted for MPET Answer Scripts, or photocopy thereof.
  • The Ordinance No. 20 of 2001 shall be applicable, on amendment of Results due to errors and on unfair means.
  • The validity of MPET certificate will be for Five years from the date of declaration of the result.
  • In case of any grievance from the candidate regarding MPET, the decision of the Vice Chancellor shall be final. The grievances related to MPET at any stage i.e. pre and post stage, should be submitted within 3 days after completion of that perticular stage, thereafter no communication shall be entertained.
  • Direction No. 28 / 2022 stands lapsed.

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