Sadhu Ram Chand Murmu University of Jhargram (SRCMUJ)

Sadhu Ram Chand Murmu University of Jhargram (SRCMUJ): Sadhu Ram Chand Murmu University of Jhargram (SRCMUJ): Nurturing Minds and Enriching Society.

Introduction: Sadhu Ram Chand Murmu University of Jhargram

Sadhu Ram Chand Murmu University of Jhargram (SRCMUJ), formerly known as Jhargram University, is a public state-aided university situated in the district of Jhargram, West Bengal, India. Established in 2018 under “The Jhargram University Act, 2017,” this institution has undergone significant developments and a change in name to reflect its commitment to education, culture, and the tribal heritage of the region.

Campus and Facilities:

SRCMUJ’s picturesque campus spans across 27.02 acres of lush green Sal wood jungle. It boasts modern infrastructure, including a three-story guesthouse called “Jungle Kanya,” with eight deluxe double-bedded AC accommodations, and the four-story Administrative-cum-Academic Building. Additionally, the “Sahid Matangini Girls’ Hostel” accommodates 100 students, providing a comfortable living environment.

Academic Initiatives:

The academic journey of SRCMUJ commenced on May 13, 2021, amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the academic session 2021-23, the university began offering postgraduate courses in subjects like Santali, Journalism & Mass Communication, English, and Mathematics. A total of 171 students were admitted, with 157 continuing their studies in the 3rd semester during the academic year 2022-23. In the academic session 2022-24, SRCMUJ expanded its offerings to include twelve subjects, further enhancing educational opportunities in the region.

Mission and Vision:


SRCMUJ’s primary mission is the development of individuals and society through the enrichment of the human mind and spirit. It achieves this through teaching, research, artistic endeavors, professional practice, and public service. The university is dedicated to providing a holistic education that combines liberal and professional learning to impart knowledge, wisdom, moral discernment, and respect for others.

Research excellence is fundamental to SRCMUJ’s mission. Faculty and students are encouraged to contribute actively to the advancement of knowledge and practices on a global scale.


SRCMUJ envisions itself as a pivotal player in the development of the Jungle Mahal region and the nation as a whole. The university is committed to long-term growth, emphasizing quality and excellence in all its endeavors. It aligns its policies, commitments, and fiscal strategies to achieve these goals.

Integrity and Values:

SRCMUJ places a strong emphasis on values that guide the institution’s behavior, fostering a culture of trust, ethical decision-making, and diversity. These values include enhancing institutional trust, promoting open communication and respect, reinforcing ethical decision-making, embracing diverse cultural perspectives, and anchoring behavior in foundational guidelines aligned with the university’s mission.

University Policies:

SRCMUJ is committed to creating a safe and productive academic and work environment. The university formulates dynamic policies that evolve to meet its changing needs. All members of the university community, including employees and students, are expected to be familiar with and adhere to these policies. Violations of these policies are thoroughly investigated upon reporting.

Strategic Plan:

Since May 2021, SRCMUJ has been guided by a series of strategic plans that outline the vision and future direction of the university. These plans facilitate dialogue among faculty, staff, and students, ensuring a collective effort towards the institution’s growth and innovation.



1. Santali

2. English

3. Journalism and Mass Communication

4. Bengali

5. History

6. Library and Information Science

7. Music and Performing Arts

8. Kudmali Language and Culture (M.A.)

9. Political Science

10. Philosophy


1. Mathematics

2. Geography

3. Nutrition and Public Health


1. Kudmali Language and Culture

2. Jhumur

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In summary, SRCMUJ stands as a beacon of education, culture, and community engagement in the Jhargram region. With its dedication to academic excellence, research, and values-driven education, it plays a pivotal role in the development of individuals and society, aligning its efforts with the rich tribal heritage of the region it serves.

Sadhu Ram Chand Murmu University of Jhargram (SRCMUJ)

Jitusol, Jhargram, West Bengal-721514, India