National Seminar On PUNARJAGRAN: “Relevance of Ancient Indian Consciousness of Knowledge in Global Context”

National Seminar On PUNARJAGRAN: “Relevance of Ancient Indian Consciousness of Knowledge in Global Context”

Date: 13th -14th September 2022


New Delhi

Organized By

Mansa College Of Education,
Kohka Road, Kurud, Bhilai (C.G)

Recognized by
NCTE and Affiliated by
Hemchand Yadav University, Durg

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Mansa college was established in the year of 2003. The college is recognized by National Council for Teacher Education and affiliated with Hem Chand Yadav University, Durg. (C.G) With the intake of 200 seats in B.Ed., 50 seats in M.Ed., and 100 seats in B.P.Ed. The college has trained more than 5000 students till now. At, Mansa we look at education differently aimed at providing superior quality trained manpower.


The important landmarks in the history of education in India were presented starting from Vedic times, epic and Buddhist, the Islamic, the colonial periods to the current system. Various aspects of education such as aim, type, language, methods, contents, number of years of schooling, relationships, life situations, etc. were compared across these time scales.

With the development of Science and Technology, education has become more of imparting professional skills. The relevance of ancient Indian knowledge has automatically proved itself during the corona pandemic period.

As many concepts of Indian heritage have been globally adopted like ‘Namaste’ is considered as the most humble and safest form of greeting especially in the global pandemic.

It has replaced hugs, handshakes, and elbow bumps with still maintaining a feeling of regard for other. Isolation or quarantine is not a new concept in Indian cultural practices. during chickenpox or smallpox (prior to eradication) was to keep the child in a separate room, not allowing him to play with other children, Our elders always insisted on speaking softly.

The logic behind this was that aerosol emission increases when one speaks loudly, contributing to the air-borne transmission of respiratory diseases A period of around 40 days of confinement after childbirth helps in providing social isolation to the new mother and infant to protect from infection, along with providing due rest to the mother combined with infant care.

Another important practice of gargling with warm water saline is a wonderful and scientifically proven remedy to relieve symptoms of sore throat. Thus, By enumerating some of our traditional practices with scientific proofs validating their benefits, we seem to have just scratched the tip of the iceberg of our rich culture.

Now that we understand the scientific logic behind these practices, which are a legacy of our rich culture, it seems even more imperative that we inculcate them in our daily routine.

Thus there is an urge felt to impart ancient values and consciousness into today’s Global education context has been recognized, mainly because there are many lacunae that are not addressed by the modern education system. Considering the same the sub-themes of the topic are undersigned.


  • Relevance of ancient knowledge in a global context.
  • Holistic health healing.
  • Ancient pillars of Heritage for invention in science.
  • Contribution of unsung heroes of ancient India.
  • Ideas for using the ancient concept in a technological context.
  • Ancient curriculum and modern world of Education.
  • Life skills and ancient education system contemporary to Modern education pattern.
  • Yoga and spirituality.
  • Role of language.
  • Psychological aspect of knowledge of classroom learning.
  • Philosophical aspect of classroom learning.
  • Competitions and dependency of the life on information and knowledge.
  • Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in youngsters

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