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National Overseas Scholarship (NOS) Scheme

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National Overseas Scholarship (NOS) Scheme

National Overseas Scholarship (NOS) Scheme

Opening of portal for invitation of Online Applications for National Overseas Scholarship (NOS) Scheme for selection year 2023-2024.

National Overseas Scholarship (NOS)

The National Overseas Scholarship is to facilitate the low income students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Denotified Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes, Landless Agricultural Labourers and Traditional Artisans category to obtain higher education viz., Master degree or Ph.D courses by studying abroad thereby improving their Economic and Social status.

Objective of the Scheme

The Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship is to facilitate the low income students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Denotified Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes, Landless Agricultural Labourers and Traditional Artisans category to obtain higher education viz., Master degree or Ph.D courses by studying abroad thereby improving their Economic and Social status.

How to Apply


Portal Name:

1. General Instructions

  1. Before filling the form, the selection procedure provided in the Scheme Guidelines 2023-24, available in the portal, may be referred.
    1. New Applicants applying for the Scholarship for the first time need to register under “Student Register Form” under the  login  tab.  The applicant is required to provide accurate information while filling the form. After successful login details, a text message will be sent to the registered e-mail address.
    1. The E-mail address and password entered by the applicant will be the user-id and password respectively for filling of the application form. The same login-id and password will be  used  for  any  query/information from the Department.
    1. The applicants are required to fill the application form accurately and upload the requisite documents in order to successfully submit the application. The list of documents to be uploaded at the time of Application is at Annexure-I.
    1. The portal will remain open till 31st  March  2023  for  receiving application for the first round of  selection.  A  list  of  selected/not selected candidates will be uploaded on the online portal. Individual email/messages will also be sent to all registered applicants  in  due course of time. Incomplete application will be rejected.
    1.   In case of selection of the candidate, the applicant is required to submit the Attestation form and other documents as sought by the Department.
    1. Applicants are advised to read the detailed guidelines/ scheme guidelines 2023-24 carefully as available in the portal before filling of the application form, please check all the details before submitting, No changes will be allowed after submission of application.

2.  How to Fill the Student Registration Form

All fields in the form are very important and applicants are advised to fill it carefully. Any wrong information may lead  to  delay/rejection  of  application for scholarship.

CategorySelect the category from the drop-down menu (Scheduled              Castes/                                Denotified                                Nomadic/Semi- Nomadic Tribes/Landless Agriculture Labour and Traditional Artisans)
First NameEnter     your     first    name Matriculation Certificate.asmentionedinthe
Middle NameEnter your middle name as mentioned in the Matriculation Certificate, if any, otherwise leave blank.
Last NameEnter     your     last     name     as     mentioned                  in           the Matriculation Certificate, if any, otherwise leave blank.
Full NameIt will be automatically displayed based on the information provided in the earlier fields. Applicants are advised to re-check the full name with the Matric Certificate before submitting the form.
Mobile NumberA ten digit valid mobile number available with the applicant and/or the guardian may be filled.
Email idA valid Email id of the applicant may be filled. The email id will be used as the User-Id for filling the application. All the requisite correspondence will also be made in the email id given by the applicant.
Date of BirthDate of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format should be mentioned. Enter date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY as per the Matric Certificate. It is to be noted that applicant should not be more than 35 years of age as on 1st April, 2023.
State of 10th BoardMention     the    State     Board     from                         where              Matric examination was passed.
10th Board Certificate NumberCandidate must mention the 10th Board Certificate number.
Year of passingCandidate must mentioned the year of passing of 10th Board
Upload Certificate10thApplicant must upload 10th Certificate in the PDF format.
PasswordThe password should be at least 8 digits with combination of numeric, alphabet and one special character. At least one character should be in capital letter.
Retype passwordTo confirm the password entered in the previous field, same password may be entered in this field also.
Aadhar NumberPlease enter your aadhar number correctly.

Applicants are advised to verify the information filled before submitting the

form. No change in the basic information submitted will be entertained.

3. Personal Information

Full NameIt will be automatically displayed from the information already provided under the Student Registration Form.
Fathers/Guardian NameEnter full name of the father/guardian. Field left blank will not be accepted.
GenderSelect     the     Gender     from    the     drop-down      menu (Male/Female/Others).
Date of BirthIt will be automatically displayed from the information already provided under the Student Registration Form.
Mobile NumberIt will be automatically displayed from the information already provided under the Student Registration Form.
Email IDIt will be automatically displayed from the information already provided under the Student Registration Form.
Domicile StateSelect your domicile state from the drop-down menu.
Domicile DistrictSelect your domicile district from the drop-down menu.
Marital StatusSelect the marital status from the drop-down menu (Married/Un-married/Divorce/Separated).
Aadhaar No.Enter valid Aadhaar Number.
  • Current Address
Address (Line 1)Enter House No/Plot No etc.
Address (Line 2)Enter Street Name/Road Name/Location Name etc.
StateSelect the State from drop down menu.
DistrictSelect the district from drop down menu.
Pin CodeEnter the Pin code

5. Is permanent address same as current address

In case the permanent address is same as the current address, the applicant may select ‘Yes’ and all fields will be automatically displayed in the permanent address as filled in the current address. If the permanent address is different

from the current address, the applicant may select “no” button and fill all the fields as explained earlier.

6. Next of kin in India to be notified in case of Emergency

The Applicant is required to provide the details of his family member/friend/relative or any other person residing in India, who may be contacted in case of emergency. A valid and functional Phone  No. /Mobile no. and Email ID of the next kin to be notified in case of emergency should be provided in the relevant fields.

7. Foreign University/Institute Details

The Applicant is required to provide the details of the foreign university/Institute where he/she has taken admission or he/she has applied for admission. It is mandatory to upload the supporting documents viz., the unconditional offer letter. In case, the candidate has unconditional offer letters for more than one University/Institute he/she should choose only one most preferred University/Institute and provide the details of the same Foreign University/Institute. It is further reiterated that before filling the form, the selection procedure provided in the Scheme Guidelines (2023-24) may be referred.

Degree Course Applied forThe scholarship is provided either for Master’s Degree or Ph.D. The relevant course may be selected in the field.
Field of StudyThe relevant field of study under which the course is applied for may be selected in the field. If the candidate is not aware of the field, same may be left blank.
Course NameIn case the Applicant has applied scholarship for Masters Programme, the full nomenclature of the course name may be entered.
Title/Topic of the ResearchIn case the Applicant has applied scholarship for Ph.D programme, the title/topic of the proposed research may be entered.
Description of the CourseApplicant may also fill the details of the course in maximum 1000 characters. The details should be related to the course for which scholarship has been applied for.
Application/Registration /Admission dateEnter the  date of Application/ Registration/Admission made in the foreign University/Institution where the candidate has obtained unconditional offer letter.
Anticipated Joining Date (if any)The anticipated joining date in the format DD/MM/YYYY may be filled.
Anticipated Course End Date (if any)The anticipated course end date in the format DD/MM/YYYY may be filled.
Name of the University/InstituteThe name of the University/Institute for which the applicant has taken admission (name of Universities in drop down)
CountryThe name of the country from the drop down menu may be selected.
Do you have unconditional offer letterRelevant code in Yes/ No may be filled.
QS world rankingAutomatically filled after selection of foreign University

8. Qualifying  Degree/Examination Details

The Applicant for Master Degree courses abroad is required to provide the details of his/her graduation degree. The candidate applying for Ph. D. is required to provide the details of his/her Post Graduation degree.

Course NameIf the course applied is Masters programme, the name of the Graduation Degree from recognized University/Institute is required to be filled. Otherwise, the name of Post-Graduation Degree programme may be filled in this field.
Name of the College/ University/InstitutionEnter the name of the college/university/institute from which the Graduation/Post Graduation has been completed.
StateSelect the State of College/University/Institution from drop down menu.
DistrictSelect the district of College/University/Institution from drop down menu.
Address of the College/University/Inst itutionEnter the address of the College/University/Institution from where the Graduation/Post Graduation has been completed.
Subject/Course takenName of the subjects studied during the course may be entered.
Year of PassingEnter the passing year of the Graduation/Post Graduation.
Scoring SystemSelect the scoring system from the drop down menu (CGPA/OGPA and % marks). In case, the scoring system is CGPA/OGPA, the grade marks (0 to 10) as mentioned in the certificate may also be indicated.
Percentage/ Equivalent Percentage of MarksEnter the equivalent percentage of marks in this field. The % marks will be calculated on the basis of the total marks secured during each year of Graduation/Post Graduation Degree. It may be remembered that only the marks obtained in the degree programme for which actual study has been done is valid for the purpose of scholarship. For example, if an applicant has taken direct admission in the second year of the degree programme due to relaxation of any diploma programme already done/other reason, the marks of the degree programme from second year onwards only will be valid. For any University, percentage would be calculated on the basis of the marks obtained by the applicant in various semesters/ terms. Marksheet for all semesters is to be provided. Wherein the University provides only the CGPA and not the numerical marks, a formula for conversion of CGPA to numerical marks bearing authentication by the University should invariably be provided. In case marksheets for all semesters/terms  are not submitted with the application form the candidature of the applicant will be rejected. Likewise, if the formula of conversion of CGPA (wherever applicable) are not submitted by the applicant   with               his                             application    form,         the candidature           would           be                             rejected.                No representations, in this regard, in either case will be entertained.
Details        of                          published Research Papers, if anyEnter the details of any published research papers by the applicant.

8(a) to (c) Employment / Gap Details

The Applicant is required to provide his/her current and/or past employment details, if any, from the qualifying examination. For example, if the applicant has completed Master in the year July, 2017 and has applied for scholarship during the year 2023-24. In this case, the applicant is required to submit the details of his/her employment or GAP details after completion of Master Degree from August, 2017 onwards, if any, while filling the details. In case of no employment by the candidate, an affidavit of the same may be attached to the concerned column.

  • Current employment details: If the applicant is currently employed, the following details may be provided
Nature of employmentEnter the employment classification like self- employed/salaried/contract work/casual work etc.
Name of Office/OrganizationEnter the Name of Office/Organization
StateSelect the State from the drop down menu
DistrictSelect the district from the drop down menu
Address of Office/OrganizationEnter the address of the Office/Organization of present employment.
Date of JoiningEnter the date of joining in the present office
DesignationThe designation in the present employment maybe entered.
Last emolumentsIn case of salaried persons, salary received including all allowances from the present employment during last month may be provided. In case of employment other than salaried, the total monthly income of the last month may be entered.

*    Gap details after completion of Bachelor or Master Degree must be attached.

(b)    & (c) Have you ever been employed earlier/any other experience

There may be situations that the applicant has worked in earlier occasions also and in that case, the details as explained above may be filled in the requisite fields.

8 (a) & (b) Award of Scholarship under National Overseas Scholarship (NOS) Scheme on previous occasion

The details of scholarship awarded to the candidate or any of his/her siblings under NOS in earlier occasions is required to be provided under the relevant fields. The relationship with the applicant/year of award/course for which scholarship was awarded should be mentioned in the relevant fields.

9. Visa Application details

The Applicant is required to provide details of the Visa obtained or applied for. In case the candidate has applied in any University in the United States of America, he/she is required to obtain J-1 VISA only. Applicants are advised

to follow the instructions as detailed in the guidelines available in the portal.

10. Prospects in India

The Applicant is required to provide the future prospects in India after completion of his/ proposed study abroad.

11. Income from all sources of family members contributing to the household during the (i) Financial Year  (FY)  2021-22  for  the applicant applying between  15-2-2022  to  31-3-2023  and  (ii) Financial Year (FY) 2022-23 for the applicant applying during 2nd Round.

The candidate is required to provide details of income from all sources  of his/her family members:

Application PeriodIncome Details required
Applicant applying between 15-2- 2023 to 31-3-2023Income from all source of his/her family                        members         during          the financial year 2021-22
Applicant applying in other round of selection for 2023-24Income from all source of his/her family members during Financial Year 2022-23

The relevant nature                                                    of               employment               like salaried/self- employed/casual/others/unemployed for each family member along with his/her name may be filled.

The details of the documents to be attached in support of the  family income are as under:-

  1. Family Income Certificate issues by  the  Revenue  Authorities  of the State Government would be mandatory.
  2. In case of salaried employee or other category – filing ITR, the submission of ITR for the Financial Year 2021-22 would be mandatory.


List of Document Required at the Application Stage

  1. 10th Board Certificate
  2. Caste Certificate (Caste Validity Certificate for Maharashtra)
  3. Photo
  4. Scanned Signature
  5. Current Address proof/Permanent Address Proof, in case different from current address
  6. Qualifying Degree/Provisional Certificate
  7. Mark sheet of every semester of qualifying examination
  8. Proof of CGPA /SGPA conversion formula into percentage (in case percentage marks not given).
  9. Unconditional offer letter from foreign University.
  1. Certificate / Affidavit in respect of GAP details after completion of Bachelor / Master Degree (if any) if period is more than six months.
  2. Family Income Certificate.
  1. Income Tax Return in case of person filing ITR.
  1. Employer’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) Certificate if applicant is employed.
  1. Aadhar Card


1. Who can apply for the Scholarship

Ans: Following target groups are eligible to apply under the Scheme: (i) Scheduled Castes (ii) Denotified Tribes (iii) Traditional Artisans (iv) Landless Agriculture Labourer

2. What is the eligibility criterion?

Ans: (i) Age below 35 as on 1st April of every Selection Year. (ii)Family Income less than Rs. 8,00,000/- (Rs. Eight lakh per annum).

3. How many slots are available?

Ans: 125 slots are available each Financial Year.

4. Whether the Scholarship is available for Graduation Level Course.

Ans: No, under the Scheme Scholarship is given for Master and Ph.D level courses only

5. What is the minimum Qualification Required?

Ans: Graduation for Masters and PG for Ph.D

6. What is the minimum percentage of marks required?

Ans: 60%

7. How many awards are required for SC/ Denotified Tribes/Traditional Artisans.

1. Scheduled Castes – 115
2. Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes – 06
3. Landless Agricultural Labourers and Traditional Artisans – 04 Total – 125

8. What is the procedure for applying?

Ans: Applicant can apply on the online portal only. The

9. Can the applicant apply through offline?

Ans: No

10. What are the documents required for filling the forms

Ans: Applicant can refer how to file the form documents available in the portal The detailed documents explained the documents required and other detail for filling the form.

11. What is the duration of the Scholarship?

Ans: Maximum 3 year for Master.
Maximum 4 year for Ph.D.

12. How much financial assistance is provided?

Ans: Under the scheme following assistance is provided:
1. Tuition Fees.
2. Maintenance allowance (US Dollars 15,400/- Annually except UK.Great Britain Pound 9,900/- Annually in UK)
3. Contingency
4. Visa fees
5. Equipment allowance
6. Tuition Fee only and medical insurance premium
7. Air Passage by economy class as per scheme guidelines For details refer to latest scheme guidelines available on the Portal/Website of the Department.

13. Who gives the assistance?

Ans: Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment provides financial assistance for the admissible expenditure incurred in India and the expenditure incurred abroad on the awardees and is met by the concerned Indian Missions. Consequent upon final selection of a candidate for award under the scheme, the candidate is issued a award letter by this Ministry.

14. Within how much period a candidate can avail the award?

Ans: Students may be allowed a maximum time period of either one year or two intake deferrals, whichever is earlier from the date of issuance of provisional award letter to join university/Institute abroad failing which the award would stand automatically cancelled and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained thereafter.

15. How to seek admission abroad?

Ans: Selected candidates are required to themselves arrange for their admission in foreign accredited educational institutions/universities.

16. What to do after getting admission?

Ans: After a candidate has obtained confirmed admission in a foreign educational institution, the candidate is required to intimate the same to this Ministry which in turn may get it verified through the Indian Missions abroad. After receipt of the confirmation of the admission, this Ministry will issue the ‘confirmed award letter’ to the concerned candidate, wherein the details of the course, educational institution etc. will be also mentioned.

17. How to get visa?

Ans: Consequent upon confirmed admission of a candidate for a specific course in an educational institution abroad, the concerned candidate may contact the embassy, consulate, mission of the foreign country in India. The candidates should, however, apply for only such type of visa which requires them to return to India after pursuing their course abroad. The Government of India does not render any assistance to a candidate for obtaining visa.

18. What are the formalities to be completed before proceeding for studies abroad?

Ans: The selected candidates are required to furnish all such legal documents and other agreements before their departure abroad, as decided by Government of India from time to time. The candidates on reaching abroad are also required to immediately contact the concerned Indian Mission abroad and to share joining report duly certified by University. In case of employed candidates, they are also required to executive such bonds, agreements etc. as may be required by the employer.

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