National Geoscience Awards-2022: National Mineral Awards Scheme

National Geoscience Awards-2022: The National Mineral Awards Scheme was instituted in the year 1966 by the Ministry of Mines, Government of India. The scope of the awards has been expanded and the name changed to National Geoscience Awards (NGA) from 2009.

The objective of the scheme is to honour individuals and teams for extraordinary achievements and outstanding contributions in the field of fundamental / applied geosciences, mining and allied areas. 

Broad Disciplines:-

1) Mineral Discovery & Exploration 

2) Mining, Mineral Beneficiation & Sustainable Mineral Development 

3) Basic Geosciences

4) Applied Geosciences

Any citizen of India with significant contribution in any field of earth sciences is eligible for the Award.

There are three categories of awards under National Geoscience Awards:

(i) National Geoscience Award for Lifetime Achievement

(ii) National Geoscience Award and

(iii) National Young Geoscientist Award

Eligibility :

1) Any citizen of India who is a professionally qualified geoscientist/engineer/technologist/academician, having a meritorious background with significant contribution in any of the fields specified in Clause-2 of the Regulation shall be eligible for consideration of the Awards.

2) National Geoscience Award and National Young Geoscientist Award shall be given on the basis of contributions made through work done for the most part in India, in the past ten years preceding the year of the award. The ten year criterion shall not apply for the Award for Lifetime Achievement.

3) A nomination for a team award can comprise a maximum of four (4) members. The number of team awards shall not exceed Three (3).

4) The Award for Lifetime Achievement and the Young Geoscientist Award shall be given to individuals, not teams.For Young Geoscientist Award the individual should be below 35 years of age as on the 31st December of the preceeding year, in which the nominations are invited.

5) A person who has been awarded once in a field would not be considered for an award for the second time in that particular field. However, the person can apply in other fields.

6) An awardee of the Award for Lifetime Achievement cannot apply for any award.

7) A certificate from the head of institution/head of department / supervisory officer that the work has been done by the respective nominee is desirable but not mandatory.

Decoration :

1) The awardees are presented with a cash prize and certificate.

2) The Cash Prize would be as under:

(a) National Geoscience Award for Lifetime Achievement: Rs.5,00,000/-*.

(b) National Geoscience Award: Rs.3,00,000/-*[In case of a team award, the award money will be equally divided].

(c) National Young Geoscientist Award: Rs.1,00,000/-* plus a research grant of Rs. 5,00,000/-* spread over five years subject to satisfactory yearly progress.

No. of Awardees :

1) National Geoscience Award for Lifetime Achievement – 1

2) National Geoscientist Award – 10 (Individual/ Team)

3) National Young Geoscientist Award – 1

Who can nominate? :

1) The nomination for all three categories can be made by either the individual nominee or anyone among the team nominees or any former awardee or the Head of any institution, government department, university, or research entity.

2) The nominations have to be accompained by a declaration by either the nominee or the nominating entity as per the clause 8 (ii) of regulation.

Selection Process :

1) The nomination received would be scrutinized by the Sectional Scrutiny Committees(SSC) and recommend the short-listed nomination to the Screening Committee of Experts(SCE) for the further evaluation and recommended to Award Making Authority (AMA).

2) The shortlisting of nominations for the ”Award for Lifetime Achievement” and the “Young Geoscientist Award” will be made directly by the SCE and the nomination of “National Geoscience Award” will be evaluated and recommended to Award Making Authority (AMA).

3) The SCE, if so desires, shall invite the candidates shortlisted for National Geoscience Award by SSCs and applicants for the Young Geoscientist Award for presentation and interview in online/offline mode for their shortlisting

Ceremony Details :

Presentation of the National Geoscience Awards will be made at an Award Presentation Ceremony on a date and time as may be decided.

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