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National Conference on Reading Narratives/Storying Humanity: Society and Culture in South and Southeast Asia

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National Conference on Reading Narratives/Storying Humanity: Society and Culture in South and Southeast Asia

National Conference on Reading Narratives/Storying Humanity: Society and Culture in South and Southeast Asia

A Two-day National Conference on Reading Narratives/Storying Humanity: Society and Culture in South and Southeast Asia

March 17-18, 2023

Sponsored by
|CSSR-NERC, Shillong

Department of English
Assam University, Silchar)


In their attempt to analyse and theorise particular societies and cultures, narratives have become the focal point of investigation in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Studying narratives, analyzing them, assessing their manifest content and decoding their latent content seem to have become the primary tools of cultural studies in the recent past.

The narratives, the stories, vary greatly in terms of form and content

~ they might be works of literature, or other forms of cultural artifacts with a tale attached or they might be oral in form or folk in origin or they might be historical in nature or sociological political in intent

~ but the fact remains that these stories constitute what we usually refer to as society or culture. Narratives circulate in society as a part of the superstructure influencing discourses of identity, culture and politics of a population.

Narratives influence policies, predetermine actions at the individual and social level, narratives feed into biases or challenge the same, narratives help | elections and bring change and world took a postmodern turn, as Je o narratives in al forms and shapes ar Processing… regular basis.

At any point of time, PET circulation in a society. These narrat] hadabiiie ad Salles political realities of the society, and in their turn, influence and manipulate these material realities.

Cultural theorists would categorise these ‘stories’ into three boxes: those that are dominant, and have become hegemonies that privilege and support the ruling dispensation, and help maintaining status quo; those that are residual, and have been hegemonic in the past, and yet hold that nostalgia; those that are. emergent, and challenge the current hegemony, call for change and aspire to become the hegemonies of the future.

These stories, these narratives that facilitate and support these discourses in consolidation constitute the reality that we experience and participate in.

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National Conference on Reading Narratives/Storying Humanity: Society and Culture in South and Southeast Asia

F. Author* and S. Authort
Department of English

Department of Sociology
Assam University, Slchar-788011, Assam

Email: [email protected]
Kindly copy and use the above MS Word template for your abstract preparation and submission. Use the Times New Roman font everywhere.

The title of not more than 10 words) should be in 12pt bold; the name(s) of author(s) should be in pt bold; the affation(s) should be in Tip italic

In case of there being two authors, the corresponding author should be indicated by a +” and the email address should be given (please remove the hyperlink). Until here the document should be centred, Leave aline between the title and the author affiliation, and another before the abstract body.

+The abstract body (one paragraph, 12p, left and right aligned) should be S00 words or less.

The abstract must be followed by at cast 05 keywords.

Biographical information of the authos
‘The maximum number of words is 60.
Font: Times New Roman; Font size: 10; Spad
Sample: Dr. Smith 5 professor of Languag
He holds a PhD in Swahill He is the author 4
Swahili and previously taught at the Univer Processing…


Abstract submission deadline: 03 March 24 Ja LV ENT
Proposal acceptance notification: 06 Marc} CHERELE IE
Last date for Registration and the submission of Registration Fes: 10 March 2023

Registration Fees:

Presenters other than Research Scholars: Rs. 1500/-
Research Scholars: 1000/-
‘The Registration Fe includes lunch and refreshments for the days of the conference,
conference kit and certificate of participation. The outstation participants will be offered help in
finding hotel accommodation, if they so desire.

Kindly send in your abstract as an email attachment to [email protected] mentioning in the subject line “Abstract Submission

‘The conference intends to be a neutral, objective, open and free space where we can come together to discuss these narratives, analyse them, decode them, interpret them to find out their ideological roots.

Stories from South and Southeast Asia are of importance to the global community at this present moment in history, not only because there are so many emerging economies in the region but also because these emerging economies are participating as equal partners in determining the global narrative at this point of time.

South and Southeast Asia are strategically important because of the partially bipolar globe with China and the USA competing for domination, and because of the strategic location, both politically and geographically, of the countries of South and Southeast Asia that can influence the future course that humanity will take in the 21st century.

Under these circumstances, it is cr that are in circulation in South and or political, or sociological in origin) (SY provide a roadmap, not only for th [RT future of the story of humanity acre We are interested in inviting pape: Nia AV aos DO NOT SWITCH TABS (OR) REFRES interpret the same with respect to historical and literary relevance in the scheme of things.

Possible themes on which sul} but are not limited to, the folld (@]

Narratives and Counter-narrative:
Narratives of Social Formations ar Processing…
Myths, Legends, Histories

Narratives of Nationalism, Globali wighy. ELL
Narratives of Race and Religion

Human Rights Narratives

Ecological, Environmental and Climate Change Narratives

Narratives of Gender and Sexuality

Narratives of Violence

Narratives of Dispossession and Exile

Narratives from Popular Culture

Fantasy & Science Fiction Narratives

Folk and Oral Narratives

Narratives in Literature and Other Art Forms

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