Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Free Coaching Scheme for SC and OBC Students

The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment invites application from SC and OBC Students with annual family income upto Rs. 8.0 lakh for seeking assistance to undertake coaching of their choice of courses in physical mode under the Scheme of Free Coaching for SC and OBC students.


i. The empowerment of the weaker sections has been a priority area of concern for the Government since independence. A number of plans and programmes are being implemented for assisting them so as to enhance their skills and capabilities for ensuring rapid economic development and integration in the national main stream.

ii. A scheme for providing free coaching to students belonging to Scheduled Castes (SCS) was started during 6th Five Year Plan. Similar schemes were also being implemented to provide free coaching to students belonging to Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and Minorities. With a view to ensure effective implementation and monitoring and to assist the students in a better manner, the separate coaching schemes for SCs, OBCS and Minorities were amalgamated and a combined Scheme, namely, ‘Coaching and Allied Assistance for Weaker Sections’ including Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities was introduced with effect from September, 2001.

iii. After creation of a separate Ministry to handle matters relating to the Minorities viz the Ministry of Minority Affairs, the Scheme underwent further revision in April 2007 for removing the minority component from the ambit of the scheme and to accommodate other changes deemed necessary at that point of time. The last revision of the Scheme came into effect from 01.04.2016,

Objective : Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Free Coaching Scheme

The objective Scheme provide coaching of quality economically disadvantaged Scheduled Castes (SCS) and Backward Classes (OBCs) candidates to enable them appear competitive examinations

Courses for Coaching

The courses for which the Coaching will imparted shall be as follows:

a. Group A and B examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) and the various Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs);

b. Group A and B examinations conducted by the State Public Service Commission’s;

c. Officers’ Grade examinations conducted by Banks, Insurance Companies and Public Secfor Undertakings (PSUS);

d. Premier Entrance Examinations for admission in (a) Engineering (e.g. IIT JEE), (b) Medical (eg. NEET), (c) Professional courses like Management (e.g. CAT) and Law (e.g. CLAT), and (d) Any other such disciplines as Ministry may decide from time to time.

e. Eligibility tests/examinations like SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL.

f. Entrance examination tests for CPL courses/National Defence Academy and Combined Defence Services.

Distribution of slots amongst types of competitive examinations

60% of total available slots shall be allotted to the courses for which qualifying exam is graduation (Bachelor’s level). 40% of total slots be for the courses for which exam is Class

Category-wise Ratio Candidates

The ratio of and OBC students to coached under the Scheme will 70:30. case non-availability adequate number candidates in OBC category, the Ministry Social Justice and Empowerment can relax this ratio.

Eligibility criteria for students

a. Only students belonging SCs and OBCs, having total family income from sources of 8.00 lakh less per annum will eligible benefits under the Scheme.

b. SC/OBC candidates belonging to Minority community shall apply under the similar scheme Ministry Minority Affairs.

c. Income Certificate: Income declaration of self-employed parents/guardian should be the form of certificate issued by Revenue Officer not below the rank Tehsildar. Employed parents/guardians are required obtain income certificate from their employer and submit consolidated certificate from Revenue Officer including any other additional source income.

d. For the competitive exams for which the qualifying exam class XII, benefits under the scheme will be available to candidate only if candidate has passed class XII or studying class XII as the date of receiving the benefit under the scheme. Student will be required to declare the marks obtained by him/her in class X in the application form. The marks scored by the student in his class X examination shall be reckoned for the purpose of evaluating his her eligibility and drawing inter-se merit. Students having less than 50% marks in their class X exam, shall not be considered under the scheme.

e. Further, in case of competitive exams for which the qualifying exam is at bachelor level, only students/candidates having completed the bachelor level course or studying in the final year of the bachelor degree course at the time of receiving the benefits under the scheme shall be eligible. Student will be required to declare the marks obtained by him/her class XII in the application form. The marks scored by the student his her higher secondary examination shall be reckoned for the purpose of evaluating his her eligibility and drawing inter-se merit. Students having less than 50% marks in their class XII exam, shall not be considered under the scheme.

f. Benefits under the Scheme can be availed by particular student not more than twice, irrespective of the number chances he/she may entitled take in particular competitive examination, and irrespective of the number of stages the exam. The student will required provide declaration that he/she has not taken benefit more than twice under the Scheme.

g. The candidate shall be precluded from availing benefits under any other coaching scheme of the Centre State Government and will required to provide declaration to this effect. A list beneficiaries availing the scheme will also uploaded on the website the Ministry and shall shared with States/UTs to avoid possibility the candidate availing benefits similar coaching scheme simultaneously.

Mode of implementation : Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Free Coaching Scheme

The Ministry will directly select a total of 3500 students as laid down in para9 of the Scheme. These students shall have the liberty to pursue a coaching for any of the exams indicated in the Annexure, in an institute of their choice through physical mode only Online coaching shall not be supported under the scheme.

Extent of Assistance

a. The actual course fee of the institute, or the prescribed course fee by the Ministry as per Annexure of the Scheme, whichever is less, shall be payable. If the course fee is more than the amount specified in the Annexure, the candidate has to arrange for the remaining funds from his/her own sources.

b. The coaching fee shall be paid through DBT in a single instalment to be released within 2 weeks from the date the candidate uploads the fee receipt showing payment of fee to the institution. This is, therefore, on a reimbursement basis.

c. Monthly stipend of Rs. 4000/- per student will be released to the student through DBT in one instalment after completion of the coaching period, and after appearing in the exam for which coaching has been taken. For claiming this, the student has to upload the hall ticket of the exam along with self-certification that he has completed the coaching and taken the exam. In case the exam is not taken within one year of the completion of the coaching, and proof thereof is not submitted accordingly, the student shall forfeit the stipend.

Process of application: Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Free Coaching Scheme

i. The applicants assessing their conditions Scheme, required Scheme portal i.e. along with the course he/she intends to join.

ii. The applicants will required to upload their applications along with the supporting documents.

iii. If the student Scholarship schemes for SCS/OBCS, or the SCs/OBCs, same shall mentioned along with their under these scholarship schemes as allotted by the National Portal.

iv. Aadhaar number shall be students have attained 18 age the date application earlier.. Any number, can apply by providing EID number of Aadhaar The applicant shall be required give other documents as identity, prescribed separately.

v. Every applicant above years having applied with Aadhar shall Bank Account with his Aadhaar number certify that same has been done. For those applying with those below age 18 years who do have Aadhar number, account details will require to given by the applicant.

Selection of candidates: Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

i. Merit lists shall be drawn up for each category, with number of candidates equal to the number of slots in that category. A waitlist of candidates equal to the allocated slots for that category shall also be drawn up for each category.

ii. In each category, applicants who are recipients of the Post/Pre Matric Scholarship for SCs, Post/Pre Matric Scholarship for OBCS, or Top-Class Scholarship Schemes for SCs and OBCS (TCS) in the immediately preceding year will get over-riding priority in selection.

The eligibility of these candidates would be auto-verified from the databases already available with the Ministry/NSP/State Governments. There will be no further verification of these cases. Merit lists for these candidates shall be drawn up as per the criteria prescribed in para 6 d) and e) of these guidelines.

If there are unfilled seats after the process above, they will be allotted in the order of merit as per the criteria prescribed in para 6 d) and e) of these guideline. For verifying the particulars of these candidates, the Ministry will follow a well-laid out system stipulated for verification of applications through State Government in PMS-SC.

iii. All the selected applicants will be sent a computer-generated letter intimating their selection for the coaching scheme, with a request to join the institution of their choice, and upload the fee receipt on the portal.

iv. The selected applicants shall join the coaching institute of their choice within 6 month of declaration of the merit lists and upload the digitally paid fee receipt alongwith a copy of the relevant bank entry of the passbook indicating the payment to the institute, on the portal alongwith a certificate from the Institute that he has enrolled himself in the course and has already paid total course fee.

Number of total seats- 3500

Applications will be accepted only in online mode received through the portal

Apply on :

Date of opening of portal – 01.05.2022 Date of closing of portal 31.05.2022

Assistance given- entire actual coaching fee subject to the maximum coaching fee prescribed in the guidelines of the Scheme, for a stipulated course (whichever is less)

Stipend- Rs. 4000/- per month (till the duration of course or 9 months, whichever is less)

Details regarding selection procedure, approved courses, prescribed maximum fee, duration of the course etc. can been seen at in the scheme guidelines.

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