Kazi Nazrul University (KNU) International e-Conference 2022 Advances in Business and management in the VUCA World

Kazi Nazrul University (KNU) International e-Conference 2022 Advances in Business and management in the VUCA World.

Department of Business Administration


KNU Center for Entrepreneurship and Skill Development

Kazi Nazrul University

West Bengal

Kazi Nazrul University (KNU) International e-Conference 2022 Advances in Business and management in the VUCA World

The business world has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and we now live in a connected society where change can be fast-paced, constant and unpredictable. A state of flux has replaced the sense of certainty, stability and familiarity that people were used to. This type of environment can be described using the “VUCA” acronym, which stands for “Volatile,” “Uncertain,” “Complex,” and “Ambiguous.”

The world, we live in, is Volatile, things are changing quickly which is beyond our control. It is Uncertain as predicting about future outcomes and impact is harder like a puzzle. It is Complex since many different, interconnected factors come into play, which cause chaos and confusion.

Finally, it is Ambiguous because of the lack of clarity and awareness about that kind of situation. The conference “INTERNATIONAL E CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT IN THE VUCA WORLD” organized by Department of Business Administration, Kazi Nazrul University aims to provide a platform for learners, academicians, practitioners, researchers, and industrialists from all across the world to discuss the issues, challenges & opportunities in the dynamic business environment and to point out essential measures in the present business scenario.

The e-conference aims to discuss and publish findings in the field of behavioural studies with an emphasis on studies that lead to beneficial organisational change and hopes to inspire researchers to contribute their theoretical and experimental findings in detail. Objectives are to:

Create an application of behavioral studies in various forms that aid in understanding and improving a broad variety of social operations such as making decisions, strategic planning, developing policies, changing behaviour, employee retention, team spirit, post-merger integration, optimising diversification, demographic shift etc.

Explain organisational interventions and methodologies for implementing change in workgroups, institutions, and processes.

About the University :

Kazi Nazrul University (KNU), a burgeoning State university in the district of Paschim Bardhaman of West Bengal, offers Diploma, Under Graduate, Post Graduate, M Phil, and Ph.D. courses in the Faculty of Arts and Fine Arts, Faculty of Science & Technology, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Commerce & Management on its campus and also in its affiliated colleges. Every year, it meets the needs of over 44,000 students.

Within the first eight years of its existence, KNU has made a name for itself in academia by imparting knowledge, developing skills, and encouraging entrepreneurship among students in order to prepare them to meet the needs of society from the local to the global in a variety of fields, including research.

Several initiatives have already been launched to internationalise the University.

About the School of Management :

WROUL DIG PCHOOL OF INSURANC School of Management has been established as a B-School in the University. Prior to the establishment of School of Management, the University has offered various postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in management. Presently, the School is willing to contribute to Management Education through its various full-time courses offered at the various affiliated colleges and at the University Campus.

The School aims to achieve impressive growth in terms of its various academic related initiatives in terms of national and international collaboration through student exchange, faculty research and extension activity. The course curriculum prepared meets the industry requirement, speaks of the intellectual distinction of the faculty drawn from within the University and institute of repute.

Our faculty who are the centre of all our efforts includes both full time and guest faculties from reputed Universities, B-schools and industry. They are dedicated to provide high quality and challenging educational experience. Faculties are experts working in their domain area and have professional expertise in a variety of works settings.

The aim of the department will be to meet the global demands of the business in the wake of growing complexity. It will help to create niches within the management where special skills and training are required. We aim to develop responsible, committed. compassionate thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs who create value for their organizations and their communities.

Themes & Sub-Themes:

To widen the scope of deliberations, the following are the suggested topics for the conference on which participants can submit their papers. These topics are only indicative and the conference welcomes submissions in all areas listed below:

Finance and Economics:

  • Crypto Currency
  • Bit-coin
  • Fintech
  • Impact of Covid-19 in financial markets & the
  • Risk perceptions and portfolio management
  • Financial and non-financial investment and decision making economy O
  • Behavioral corporate finance
  • Banking institutions & NPAs
  • Economic policy choices
  • Economic policy
  • Behavioral science and public policy
  • Financial inclusion
  • Role of behavioral economics in ESG investing Circular economy
  • Protectionism & free trade
  • Cognitive psychology and its application
  • Reviving Industries & consumer demand
  • Emerging Micro Finance practices

Authors are requested to submit the abstract/Full paper in MS-word format at [email protected] within the date.

Important dates (Tentative)

Last date of Registration:- 2nd November, 2022

Last date of Abstract submission:- 15th October, 2022 

Last date of paper submission:- 20th October, 2022 

Last date of acceptances of the paper :- 27th October, 2022 

Date of Conference 8th & 9th November, 2022

Registration fee-Nil

Registration link: https://forms.gle/1q6ybbaMpHWi4uBH6

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