ISRO offers a 3-day webinar-based free training on Bhuvan utilisation

ISRO offers a 3-day webinar-based free training on Bhuvan utilisation. National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), ISRO has organised a 3-day training course on Bhuvan portal utilization. Bhuvan is a Geoportal platform of ISRO.

It hosts a wide range of services spanning visualization of satellite data, thematic maps, query and analysis, free data downloads and products, near real-time disaster services, Apps for crowdsourcing, and diverse geospatial applications. It also supports the ministries with G-Governance applications.

About Bhuvan Training

Webinar based Training is offered on Bhuvan Visualization, Services and Collaborative Applications. In order to increase the awareness on Bhuvan, attract Academicians to participate in crowdsourcing & development and initiate Government agencies to collaborate with Bhuvan a two-day webinar explaining the functionalities and utilities of Bhuvan is planned by Team Bhuvan.

The training is aimed for student participants from fields like Computer Science, Geo-informatics, Civil Engineering, Remote Sensing, Geology and Geography Departments and participants from various Government organizations and varied professions.

The course comprises of an overview of all the functionalities on Bhuvan like Visualisation, Data Download, Services Provided, Map Services, Crowd Sourcing, Applications, API etc.

Register for Training

Webinar Registration is Free. Training is scheduled on July 12-14, 2022 and for complete details Click here.

Registrations are invited from professionals working in Government, PSU/Autonomous organization, Private, NGO and Faculty/Students from Academia.

Participants can submit the Request for the Bhuvan Training. Your request will be processed for selection of the candidates for webinar.

Further details regarding the timings and course will be intimated through e-mail.

Last date for registration is Jul 04, 2022.

ISRO offers a 3-day webinar-based free training on Bhuvan utilisation

The training is free, webinar-based, and scheduled for July 12-14, 2022.

It targets to benefit undergraduate and postgraduate students, professionals in government organisations, start-ups, private firms etc. The registration link is here: The Last date for registration is July 4, 2022.

Training Calendar for 2022 (Tentative Schedule)

SL No.PeriodRegistration OpensRegistration Closes
1Mar 15-17, 2022Feb 24, 2022Mar 07, 2022
2May 04-06, 2022Apr 15, 2022Apr 26, 2022
3July 12-14, 2022Jun 23, 2022Jul 04, 2022
4Sep 28-30, 2022Sep 09, 2022Sep 20, 2022
5Nov 09-11, 2022Oct 21, 2022Nov 01, 2022

Two days webinar on “Bhuvan Overview”

Bhuvan is a Geo-Platform of ISRO launched in 2009 showcasing Multi sensor, Multi-platform and Multi temporal Satellite Imagery from 56m to 1m spatial resolution data for the entire country. It also has rich thematic data – Land Use/Land Cover, Waste Land, Geomorphology, Urban Land Use, Lineaments, Water Bodies, etc.

Apart from the above, Bhuvan also provides rich & diverse data like Hydrological Boundaries, Climate and Environment, Disaster, Forestry, Tourism, Water, Urban, Agriculture, etc.

In addition to these, Bhuvan also caters to the administrative and infrastructure layers, from the National level to that of the street level. Apart from high resolution data visualization, Bhuvan also provides data through download services and Maps as OGC Services.

Contact: For any queries, email to [email protected] [email protected] / or call on 04023884247.

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