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Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme (SFRFP) 2023

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Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme (SFRFP) 2023

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme (SFRFP) 2023

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme (SFRFP) 2023. Continuing Education Programme SUMMER FACULTY RESEARCH FELLOW (SFRF) PROGRAMME – 2023.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme 2023

Applications are invited in the prescribed format from full-time regular/ permanent faculty from various
Engineering, Science, Humanities, Management and Public Policy Colleges/Institutions/Universities in India
for doing research work under the Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme (during May – July 2023).

Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi conducts the Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme (SFRFP) every year since 2008 for aspirant faculty fellows from various Institutes and Colleges in the mid of May every year.

IIT Delhi is inviting faculty fellows from various Engineering and Science Institutes and Colleges other than IIT Delhi to come and spend the summer (May-July) for pursuing research under the guidance of a faculty mentor of IIT Delhi.

The objective is to facilitate and orient the faculty fellows to undertake research. The faculty fellow will get an opportunity to interact and work with the IITD faculty mentor and his/her research students and get exposure to the world-class research matched by world-class facilities.

The SFRF programme works as a catalyst for those who are considering higher studies (Masters/PhD) at IIT Delhi in the near future. The SFRF programme duration may range from 06 to 08 weeks during May- July of every year.

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About the Programme

Faculty Mentors

A list of faculty mentors from the various departments at IIT Delhi is available on our website, along with their areas of interest.

The prospective candidates may select a faculty mentor depending on the match of their research interests and of the faculty mentor.

Please find the list of faculty members are taking interns this summer here (append the Faculty Mentor List). To facilitate the process, prospective fellows are requested to indicate upto four preferences for faculty mentors.

Faculty Mentor List


Minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.


The selected applicants (faculty fellows) may avail of paid campus accommodation (in hostels with basic facilities) subject to availability during the period May 16, 2023 (Tuesday) to July 14, 2023 (Friday) only, chargeable @ Rs. 750/- per day (including meal) + bedding charges @ Rs. 50/- per day i.e. Total approx. @Rs. 800/- per day. Allotment will be on sharing basis.


The faculty fellow should be a regular faculty member. Preference will be given to those who are considering higher studies (Masters/PhD) in the near future.

Last Date of Application

28th February 2023


14th April 2023 (Tentative)

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HOW TO APPLY : Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme

  • Download the SFRF-2023 application from CER, IT Delhi website at https:
  • Fill the application form and attach the required documents (a copy of resume, research paper, publication etc)
  • Get the application with No Objection Certificate (NOC) duly forwarded (sign and seal) through your Head of the
  • Scan the complete document as a single pdf file name titled “Your name SFRF2023
    Application | + Email the scan (soft copy- single pf il) to: [email protected] Please mention the email subject as
    Process ‘SFRF2023 Application
  • Ensure to Post/Courier the complete application (hardcopy) to the following address in a sealed envelope.
    The envelope should be superscribed as: “SFRF2023 Application
    The Head,
    QIP/CER, 1st Floor, Wing – B, Vishvakarma Bhawan,
    UT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110 016.

Source Website:

(1) What is SFRF programme?

Ans: SFRF stands for Summer Faculty Research Fellow programme.

(2) Which activity is covered in SFRF?

Ans: SFRF is a unique short term programme conducted annually which gives an opportunity to the faculty members of various institutes for pursuing research under the guidance of the IITD faculty members.

(3) Benefits of attending the SFRF programme? / Why should I attend the SFRF programme?

Ans: To get exposure to the world class research environment and at the same time get mentored by the pioneer faculty members of IITD.

(4) What is the duration of SFRF Programme?

Ans: The SFRF programme duration varies from minimum 6 weeks to maximum 8 weeks during May-July every year.

(5) Mode of delivery: whether the SFRF is conducted in IITD campus or online?

Ans: Till 2019 SFRF programme was conducted in IITD campus whereas prevailing to the changing scenario throughout the world in 2020, it was conducted online. Please refer to the advertisement (as and when announced) for the subsequent year to know the mode of delivery.

(6) Who can apply for SFRF programmes?

Ans: Only the Faculty members from various institute can apply for SFRF programme.

(7) Are there any eligibility criteria for the participants?

Ans: The basic eligibility criteria for SFRF programme is that the participant needs to be a regular faculty member in any institute. Prospective applicants need to submit the NOC from their parent institute to attend the SFRF programme

(8) Are there any shortlisting criteria for the participants?

Ans: Applications qualifying the basic eligibility criteria will be further scrutinized by the respective faculty mentors at IITD in terms of academic and professional credentials of applicants.

(9) Number of available seats in a SFRF Programme?

Ans: The number of seats may vary each year depending upon the number of participating faculty mentors. In general, 2 to 3 faculty fellows are assigned to each faculty mentor. Prospective applicant/faculty fellows are advised to apply well in advance without waiting for the last date of to avoid any technical/administrative/processing glitch/delay.

(10) When can I apply for SFRF Programme?

Ans: Applications are called annually (normally in the month the of February/March) for the SFRF programme. Interested faculty fellows are advised to keep visiting the SFRF section on our website for regular update/announcement for the programme.

(11) Do I Need to pay any fee to apply/attend the SFRF Programmes?

Ans: No, the participants need not pay anything to apply/attend the SFRF Programme.

(12) Is there any provision of research/contingency/travel grant to the attendees of SFRF programme?

Ans: No, there is not any provision of such research/contingency/travel grant to the faculty fellows to attend the SFRF programme. However, the facility of subsidized hostel accommodation in the institute campus may be provided subject to the availability.

(13) Will I get any Degree/Diploma?

Ans: No, SFRF is not any Degree or Diploma programme.

(14) Will I get any Certificate?

Ans: Yes, Certificate will be awarded to the participants.

(15) Type of Certificate to be awarded?

Ans: Participation certificate will be awarded to the participants.

(16) Is there any evaluation process to get the certificate?

Ans: Yes, the performance of participants will be evaluated by the respective faculty mentors and based on the satisfactory performance only the certificates will be issued.

(17) Do I get any transcript/marks sheet?

Ans: No, any transcript/marks sheet will not be issued.

(18) Can I get the alumni status of IITD?

Ans: No, there will not be any alumni status of IITD.

(19) Any placement assistance after attending/successfully completing the SFRF Programme?

Ans: No, there will not be any placement assistance.

(20) Can the participant submit his/her feedback for the programme which he/she attended?

Ans: Yes, there is mandatory provision of collecting feedback from the participants. Participants are advised to ensure that they have submitted their feedback for the programme in the prescribed format, to be made available during the programme. Only then the Certificates will be issued.

(21) I have a question regarding SFRF programme which is not listed above, to whom should I contact?

Ans: If you have any query regarding SFRF which is not answered above, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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