Dibrugarh University Advertisement for Teaching Positions(Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor)

Dibrugarh University Advertisement for Teaching Positions(Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor): Applications (along with 08 photocopies of the same) in the prescribed form of the University are invited from the intending eligible candidates as per UGC Regulations on minimum qualifications for appointment of Teachers and Other academic staff in Universities and colleges and measures for the maintenance of standards in higher education 2018 dated 18th July,2}18.

for the following posts so as to reach the undersigned on or before 28/01/2022 alongwith a Bank Draft of Rs. 500/- in favour of the Registrar, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh payable at-Punjab National Bank, Dibrugarh University Branch (Code: 994000).

(A) PROFESSOR: [Pay Band: Rs.1,44,200 – 2,18,200/-]

1. Anthropology (1) : Specialization: Open [UR]

2. Commerce (1) : Specialization: Open [UR]

3. Assamese.(l): Specialization/Qualification: i) MA in Assamese / Sanskrit / Bengali / Hindi/ Oriya/English with good academic career provided that the candidates other than those who have done [MA in Assamese must have proficiency in Assamese high standard ii) publications on Comparative Literature or Equivalent research work. I UR ]

4. Physics (1) : Specialization : Open t UR I

5. Mathematics (1) : Specialization :Open I UR ]

6. Sociology (1) : Specialization : Open IOBC/MOBC]

7. Life Sciences (1) : Qualification: M.Sc .Life Sciences (Botany/Zoology)/M.Sc. Botany/M.Sc. Zoology, Specialization : Open IST(H)I

(B) ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR [Pay Band 1,31,400 – 2,17,100/-]

1. Anthropology (1): specialization: . social and cultural Anthropology, [UR]

2. Political Sciences (i): Specialization: .Open IUR]

3. Life Sciences (2):

Post No.1: Qualification: [M.Sc. Life Sciences (Botany)/M.Sc. Botany, Specialization : Open [UR]

Post No.2: Qualification: [M.Sc. Life Sciences (Zoology)/M.Sc. Zoology, Specialization: Open [UR]

4. Economics (2): Post No. f : Specialization : Agricultural Economics, [UR] Post No. 2: Specialization: Financial Economics / lndustrial Economics ISCI

5. Sociology (1): Specialization: Open t UR I

6. History (1) : Specialization : Open I UR]

7. Mathematics (01): Specialization: Open IUR l

8. Applied Geology (1) : Specialization : Engineering Geology and Neotectonics tST(H)I

9. Commerce (1) : Specialization : Open [OBC/IVIOBC]

10. English (1) : Specialization : Open I UR]

(C) ASSISTANT PROFESSOR [Pay Band 57,700 – 1,42,400/-]

1. Education (1): Specialization: IMA in English with M.Ed. and the ability to communicate in Assamese language ST(p) 2. Applied Geology (1): Specialization: Metamorphic Petrology / Geochronology / Isotope Geochemistry IST(P)]

3. Assamese (1) : Specialization : i) M.A. in Sanskrit ii) Profound Knowledge of Assamese Literature and Language iii) Acquaintance with Manuscriptlogy. [EWS]

4. Commerce (1) : Specialization : Finance [UR]

5. Mathematics (1) : Specialization: Open [SC]

6. Chemistry (1) : Specialization : lnorganic [EWS]

7. Anthropology (01) : Specialization . ( Physical Anthropology) [PWD]:

8. Economics (1) : Specialization : Open [OBC/MOBC]

9. Physics (1) : Specialization : Open IST(H)I

Prescribed Application Form for the above posts can be downloaded from the University’s website www.dibru.ac.in

N.B.: Mere fulfilment of the minimum eligibility criteria shall not entitle an applicant for consideration to be called for interview. The decision of the Screening Committee (s) for shortlisting of candidates shall be final and binding.

Dibrugarh University Advertisement for Teaching Positions

(A) Points to be noted by the applicants

1. The applicant must be a citizen of India.

2. He / She must be medically fit both in mind and in body – a certificate duly signed by the District Medical Officer, Dibrugarh District or any competent Registered Medical Officer, approved by the Vice-Chancellor, shall have to be produced by any person who has been appointed as a Teacher, before / she is allowed to join. Provided that in the case of a person already in service of the Dibrugarh University, such a Medical Certificate shall not be required.

3. A certificate about good character from the Head of the Institution last attended or served shall ordinarily accompany an application for any post of a Teacher if he / she is not already in service of the University.

4. The candidate must possess the minimum qualifications for the post.

5. Applicants must fill-in all the parts (Part-A, Part-B Annexure-II, as the case may be) of the application form. Incomplete application and application not in the prescribed form and application without photocopies of certificates / mark sheets, proof of date of birth, caste certificate, etc. will be rejected. A list of enclosures must be furnished as provided in the application form.

6. Applicants are advised to give phone numbers and e-mail address in their own interest to facilitate prompt communication.

7. Applicants may attach additional sheet(s) wherever necessary quoting the serial number.

8. Applicants willing to apply for more than one post / department must send separate application forms for each post(s) along with separate application fee.

9. Application(s) received after the last date as mentioned in the advertisement shall be summarily rejected.

(B) Conditions to be fulfilled after appointment :

1. A person appointed to the post of a Teacher shall join within one month from the date of issue of appointment order, failing which the appointment order is liable to be cancelled, provided that in exceptional circumstances, the Vice-Chancellor may extend this period.

2. Before a person appointed to the post of a Teacher joins in his / her post, he / she shall execute an agreement with the university that he / she shall strictly abide by the provisions of the Acts and the Ordinances. A Teacher shall also undertake in the agreement to submit to the Vice Chancellor a self-appraisal report of his / her performance annually.

3. Every person appointed permanently to a post of Teacher shall be on probation for a period of one year. Provided that the period of probation may, for good and sufficient reasons, be extended by the Executive Council for another period not exceeding one year.

4. Every person appointed permanently to a post of Teacher, on satisfactory completion of his / her period of probation, shall be confirmed in the post unless he / she is considered unfit for confirmation.

5. The person, after joining the post of Teacher, will be subjected to the provisions of the Dibrugarh University Teachers’ Service Conditions Ordinance.

Dibrugarh University Advertisement for Teaching

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