Change Management Webinar | University of Arkansas

Change Management Webinar | University of Arkansas

With rapid changes happening all around, organizations need their workforces to adapt to new ways of working, from technology to structural and process changes.

Travis McNeal, instructor in the Master of Science in Operations Management program and director of HR operations and implementation at Walmart Supply Chain, will present “Change Management | Increasing the Odds of Adoption” at noon Oct. 7.

McNeal will discuss how organizations develop strategies, programs and projects intended to address these changes.

“Unfortunately, history is littered with strategies and programs that fail to live deliver expected results,” McNeal said.

“This has led to the recent rise and proliferation of change management as a practice as well as a skill set.

Oftentimes, however, change management theory is given preeminence over practicality.

This webinar will explore practical and actionable ways to immediately increase the odds of adoption for your program or project.”

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