Australia’s Genetics Institute for Agriculture PhD Opportunities at AGBU (Australia)

Australia’s Genetics Institute for Agriculture PhD Opportunities at AGBU (Australia).

The Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU) is seeking PhD students with a passion to deliver new R&D outcomes for the livestock and other agricultural industries. AGBU is an internationally recognised unique organisation, with direct impact on genetic improvement of beef, sheep and other species in Australia.

The organisation has more than 20 research scientists with a broad range of skills and interests.

Australia’s Genetics Institute for Agriculture PhD Opportunities at AGBU (Australia)

AGBU currently has available full international PhD scholarships. These scholarships cover both tuition ($30K) and living costs ($30K). Potential topic areas fit within the broader research profile for AGBU, including:

1 Development of new tools and methods to analyse (multi-breed) genomic data for livestock genetic improvement (Mohammad Ferdosi: [email protected])

2. Assessing reference population structure and new approaches for genomic selection of heterogeneous populations in beef cattle (Kirsty Moore: [email protected])

3. New strategies to define genetic groups in breeding programs for Australian sheep (Sara de las Heras Saldana: [email protected])

4. Opportunities for beef breeders to optimise lactating cow body condition by selection (Matthew Wolcott: [email protected]) 5. Strategies to maintain and increase genetic diversity in the Chickpea Breeding Australia (CBA) program (Susanne [email protected])

Please contact the above supervisors for more detail. Successful applicants will have excellent written and oral skills in English and come well-recommended, with appropriate back-ground training and experience.

AGBU is located in Armidale, NSW, Australia -on the beautiful University of New England Campus ( Armidale is a small regional city within an agricultural landscape, close to the coast, world heritage national parks and an easy drive midway between two major capital cities ( The residents of Armidale are multicultural, attracted by the lifestyle and educational opportunities.

We also have a range of PhD opportunities for domestic (Australian) students and postdocs. For further enquiries, please contact the Director of AGBU (Steve [email protected]). Alternatively, locate our senior staff present at the WCGALP (Andrew [email protected], Daniel Brown: [email protected] and [email protected])

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