Assam University National Seminar on “Science and Technology in Sanskrit Texts”

Assam University National Seminar on “Science and Technology in Sanskrit Texts“.

संस्कृतभारती g+ctory

Two days National Seminar on

Science and Technology in Sanskrit Texts

Organised by the Department of Sanskrit, Assam University in collaboration with Samskrit Bharati, Poorvottar Bharata, sponsored by the Centre for Indian Knowledge System, Assam University. (9th & 10th December 2022)

Things have been changing in the recent past when Sanskrit students are being hired by software companies, civil ser- vices, fashion design, the food industry, and entertainment industries for the creation of serials and movies on ancient Vedas.

Sanskrit students are in demand in various art forms like music and dance; now even computational linguistics, astronomists and mathematicians are hiring Sanskrit experts.

Many Sanskrit scholars have joined IITs, IISER, Google, Amazon, UNESCO. Ayurvedic firms, yoga training centres etc.”

“Science and Technology in Sanskrit Texts” is an important and most discussed subject worldwide. India is consid- ered a prosperous country for producing different kinds of technical subjects.

Sanskrit has produced many authentic works related to various disciplines of scientific literature viz. Mathematics, Astronomy, Architecture, Medicine, Bota- ny, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental science, culinary science, Politics etc. But this area is marginalized from main- stream Research.

Nowadays referring to Science and technology in Sanskrit texts is becoming a controversial sub- ject.

This seminar aims to identify how Sanskrit helps the development of Science and Technology worldwide.

And what are the possibilities of Research on this subject and what are the limitations the researchers are facing while re- searching it?

Different ideas in the above-mentioned realm will be discussed in this seminar.

Hope this will be a plat- form for modern Researchers to identify what the exact Science in Sanskrit texts is.

It is common knowledge that learning Sanskrit texts and Literature is a key to unlocking the huge storehouse of scien- tific wisdom of ancient India as well as its glorious past.

The scientific approaches of this subcontinent can be viewed in a new light through the lens of research on Sanskrit texts.

Research on Sanskrit writings, on the other hand, is vitally necessary; this is true not only for academic purposes but also for other advantages.

Because Sanskrit texts provide us with a vast amount of scientific and practical knowledge that is both accurate and precise regarding the glorious past and other topics.

We can reconstruct our actual history using all those information. There is a body of evidence in the form of written and printed Sanskrit manuscripts that offer specific information.

Within the Indo-European language family, Sanskrit is considered to be one of the oldest languages with surviving written records.

The cultivation of scientific and technological elements in several Sanskrit texts is immensely essential in the contem- porary era for the betterment of our knowledge and practice of traditional sciences and technologies.

Because Sanskrit and ‘Sanskriti are the foundation of our civilization. And also, this is the era of the exchange of knowledge.

The con- tribution of Sanskrit texts in the field of science and technology is appreciable.

The history of Indian science is closely linked with the origin of the Vedic texts. In numerous Sanskrit texts are often found Scientific and Technological exer- cises.

It is needed to highlight all the information and theories for the upgradation of modern society.

Papers are invited from Faculties/ Research Scholars Researchers on the following thurst area:

1 Medical Sciences in Sanskrit Texts

2 Astronomy and astrology in Sanskrit texts

3 Vedic Mathematics and Mathematics in other Sanskrit Texts

4 Environmental science in Sanskrit Texts

5 Agricultural and Horticultural sciences in Sanskrit Texts

6 Natural Sciences in Sanskrit Texts

7 Aesthetics (Vocal, Instrumental and Dance) in Sanskrit Text and Literature

8 The scientific perspective of Ethics and Religion in Sanskrit Texts

9 Relation of Computer Science and Sanskrit

The seminar will be held in blended mode. Only Outside Assam participants can join Online.

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