Apeejay Stya University International Conference on Peace, Prudence and Prosperity

Apeejay Stya University International Conference on Peace, Prudence and Prosperity.

Date: 5th – 6th August 2022

Organized by: School of Education, Centre for Liberal Arts & IQAC

in collaboration with

Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti (Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India)

Apeejay Stya University, Gurugram, Delhi NCR

INTRODUCTION : Apeejay Stya University International Conference

The Apeejay Stya University has been established under the Haryana Private Universities (Amend- ment) Act 2010 vide Haryana Government Gazette (Extra) dated 26 April 2010. The University Grants Commission has empowered the University to award degrees under section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956.

The University owes its very existence to its founder chancellor Dr. Stya Paul, an eminent industrialist, educationist, philanthropist and freedom fighter who provided the foundation and inspiration to establish the Apeejay Education Society and the University as trusted symbols of excellence, knowledge and quality.

Each program and course has been carefully designed and vetted by an advisory board of academicians, industry experts and our excellent faculties, who further exercise the freedom to change content on regular basis in sync with the changing dynamics of the world around.

The University’s focus on research enables the faculty and students to keep pace with the industry. It aims to bring about transformation of the society through value based education by blending together technology and re- search through a philosophy of ’Liberal Arts’ approach to education.

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind, said the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Violence and anger bring no benefit but are more deterrents to the progress of a nation /society. Exist- ence of non-violence is a pre-requisite for existence of peace.

It is well known that a significant enabling factor for sustainable development is peace. But unfortunately, maintaining peace is getting slightly more complex than ever before due to changing ideologies, political system and people’s ever changing attitudes and approach.

At the same time, peace represents good human and social development which when combined with harmonious, holistic and healthy society, makes people live in peace and comfort.

India which is a land of sages, gurus and leaders who advocated peaceful, healthy and harmonious society had also suggested ways and means of creating such a society. The country has been blessed by great reformers like Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Yogi Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindra Nath Tagore who taught and spread to the world, the philosophy of peace and harmony.

However, in the present day the world is witnessing violence, terrorism, minor and major wars, conflicts related to borders of the nations, problems of migrants who are thrown out of their own country due to many of these conflicts and so many such traumatic events that are affecting the peace of people at large in a very significant manner.

Many causes could be advanced for this unsavory and undesirable negative situation. One that is advanced usually is the erosion of value system in the society and of course in the global arena too. Only way to overcome these negative factors is perhaps to build a society where people are prudent, healthy, happy and live a meaningful and peaceful life.

In order to build a prosperous society, not only we need prudent citizens but also ensure they live peacefully and live happy. Apeejay Stya University, keeping in mind its vision and mission of man making and nation building, too aims at building a harmonious, peaceful and prudent society; in which all sections of society, irrespective of their socio-economic background live peacefully, prudentially en- suring prosperity. Through this conference, ASU hopes to accomplish the goal of peace, prudence and prosperity.

Date of Conference

The conference is scheduled to be held in hybrid mode for two days on 5-6 August 2022 (beginning of the academic session 2022-23).

Main Theme: Peace, Prudence and Prosperity Sub-Themes of the Conference

The various topics under peace that could be discussed include the following areas, though not restricted to these only.

  • Global Perspectives on Peace, Prudence and Prosperity
  • Interrelationship amongst Peace, Prudence and Prosperity
  • Peace and Communal Harmony
  • Prosperity in the context of Happiness and Peace
  • Global Perspectives on Peace and Wellness
  • Peace and Justice, Role of Judiciary, Law and Order
  • Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies
  • Values, Ideals and Peace
  • Ahimsa (Non-Violence) and Peace
  • Role of ICT, media in maintaining peace
  • Leadership and Peace
  • Culture and Peace
  • Peace-Physical and Psychological
  • Peace and Happiness
  • Religion, Spirituality and Peace
  • Factors affecting maintenance of Peace: Border Conflict, War and terrorism
  • Role of Education, Science and Technology in Peace
  • Role of Yoga and sports in maintaining peace

Dr. W.G Prasanna Kumar Chairman,

Mahatma Gandhi National Council for RuralEducation,

Ministry of Education, GoI

Prof. Kavita A. Sharma Founder

President of Parent’s Forum for Meaningful Education


President, South Asian University, New Delhi Director, India International Centre, New Delhi. Principal, Hindu College (UoD)

Prof. Janet Gerson Education Director

International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) Formerly:

Co-Director, Peace Education Center, Faculty, Teachers College, Columbia University Member:

TOPLAB (Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory), NYC

Prof. Vidya Jain

Secretary General, Asia Pacific

PeaceResearch Association (APPRA)


Principal, Maharani College, Jaipur Director, Centre for Gandhian Studies, University of Rajasthan

Dr. Manish Thapa

Visiting Professor

Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw

Professor, Department of Conflict,

Peace and Development Studies, Tribhuvan University

Prof. Saadmu Chetri

Professor, Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the science of happiness, IIT Kharagpur

Former Gross National Happiness (GNH) Gardener

Former Joint Secretary at Prime Minister’s Office Bhutan

Dr. Christian Bartolf


Gandhi Information Centre

Education and Political Scientist (Berlin, Germany)

Prof. Harjeet Kaur Bhatia Professor

Philosophy of Education, Ex-Head,

Dept. of Education Studies Faculty of Education

Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Prof. Satish Kumar Coordinator, Gandhi Studies School of Social Sciences Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

Registration for the Conference

Sr. No.CategoriesAmount (Rs.)
1Registration fees from Faculty / teachers / academic personnel250/-
2Registration fees from Research scholars150 /-
3Registration fees from UG / UG students100 /-
4Delegate Fee for international participants:$ 25

Best Papers and Best Poster Awards

There will be two awards;

  1. The best paper award – Rs. 5000/- and a certificate
  • The best Poster award  = Rs. 3000/- and a certificate
  • Young scientist award for the best research paper by students / Ph.D scholars / M.Phil. scholars = Rs. 2500/- and a certificate

Entertainment and sightseeing (07.08.2022)

In addition to the academic programme, ASU is organizing tourist package for the delegates. The places to visit will include visit to the Rajghat, Gandhi Darshan, War Memorial, and Lotus temple, India Gate, Red Fort, Birla Temple, Akshardham temple. (Rs. 1000/- will be charged from each person who will like to visit these sites).


Though physical venue is Apeejay School International auditorium, Panchsheel Park, the entire conference will be on Hybrid mode.

Time Schedule of some important aspects related to the conference: Submission of Abstract: 30th June, 2022

Intimation of Abstracts acceptance: 30th July, 2022 Submission of full paper; 15th July, 2022

Intimation of acceptance of the paper: 21st July, 2022 Workshops and special lectures: 5th August, 2 pm to 5 pm.

Abstract and full paper can be submitted to the following email id:

[email protected]

Registration for the conference can be done at the following link: https://forms.gle/UsDQ6wVyr9sqiW2aA


Delegate fee payment can be done as per details given below: NET-banking:

Bank Account No –    00950200001788

BankBank of Baroda 
BranchB-3 Connaught Place, New Delhi
Pin Code110001 

9319810687, 9811803015

Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia, Hon’ble Chancellor, ASU

Mr. Nishant V. Berlia, Hon’ble Pro Chancellor, ASU Mr. Aditya V. Berlia, Hon’ble Pro Chancellor, ASU Dr. Neha Berlia, Hon’ble member AES

Prof. R.S. Dhankar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, ASU Prof. V.S. Garg, Hon. Advisor, SOE

Dr. Mithilesh K. Singh, OSD to hon’ble Chancellor Professor Dr. Sucharita Kumari, Pro Vice Chancellor, ASU

Prof. Vimala Veeraraghavan, Emeritus Professor and Dean (Academics) Prof. Joel Rodney, Advisor

Prof. Moinuddin, Distinguished Professor, SoET Dr. S. K Roy, Dean, SOMS

Dr. Anupama Diwan, Dean, SPS Dr. M.S. Vyas, Dean, SBS

Prof. Sanjay Ahirwal, Dean, SJMC & Students’ Welfare Prof. Varuna Tyagi, Registrar

Prof. Parikshit Vashist, CoE

Prof. Ananda Padhan, Professor & Head, SOE Dr. Vijay Kumar, Associate Professor, SOE

Dr. Manpreet Singh Sehgal, Associate Professor, SET Dr., Rani Mansuri, Asst. Professor, SPS

Dr. Zeeshan, Asst. Professor, SBS Dr. Nidhi Jain, Asst. Professor, SMS

Ms. Baisakhi Dalapati, Asst. Professor, SJMC Mr. Dibyendu Tripathi, Professional Faculty, SDVA

Mr. Anuranjan Sharma, Asst. Professor, SLS

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