Anna University PhD Admission 2021

Anna University PhD Admission 2021

Admission Guidelines for Ph.D Programme 
1.1 Master’s Degree of the University or any other qualification recognized as equivalent thereto in the fields of study notified from time to time by the University. Specific educational qualifications are given in Clause 2.
1.2 A minimum of 55% marks or CGPA of 5.5 on a 10 point scale in the qualifying examination is needed to apply for Ph.D. programme. In case of SC/ST/ differently – abled candidates, 50% marks or CGPA of 5.0 on a 10 point scale.
Sl.No. Programme Qualification for Admission(i) Ph.D. Degree in Engineering/ Technology M.E./M.Tech./M.Pharm./M.S. (By Research) in the relevant branch of Engineering or Technology(ii)Ph.D. Degree in 
Science and Humanities
M.Sc. / M.S. (By Research) in the relevant branch of Science and Humanities / M.C.A/ M.A. (English/ Communication/ Mass Communication/ Journalism/ Media Arts)(iii)Ph.D. Degree in Management SciencesMBA / Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management or Administration awarded by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) / M.S. (By Research) in Management Sciences/CA/ICWA(iv)Ph.D. Degree in 
Architecture and Planning
M.Arch./M.Plan. / M.S.(By Research) in Architecture and Planning
Note : Candidates should have the required qualification in the order of studies 10th, HSC/Diploma, UG,PG degree or its equivalent qualification.
      Two categories of Ph.D. programme available such as: Full-time and Part-time. Candidates who satisfy the eligibility criteria as mentioned in section 1 & 2 are eligible to apply for Ph.D. Programme.
3.1 Full-Time Ph.D. Programme
3.1.1 Candidates under Full-time shall do research work in the University Departments / University Colleges / Colleges affiliated to the University which are approved research departments of the Colleges and should be available during the working hours for curricular and related activities.
3.1.2 Candidates who clear the selection criteria of the PhD admission of the University and working in the projects undertaken from State / Central / Quasi Government and fully funded projects in the University Departments / University Colleges / Colleges affiliated to the University shall register for the research programme under the supervisorship of the Principal Coordinator / Investigator of such projects. Such supervisors should be regular teaching faculty as well as recognized supervisors of this University. The scholar should be appointed in a project sanctioned by a funding agency/organization atleast for a period of two years. Part employments in different spells or in different projects are not permitted. The Department/ Centre where the project is undertaken should be the recognized research centre of the University and also the working place of the Scholar.

3.1.3 Candidates in employment, who want to pursue Full-time study, should be sponsored by their employer and should avail leave for the minimum duration of the programme (Clause 3.1.3 of Ph.D. regulations of Anna University ) and should get formally relieved from their duty to join the research programme.

3.1.4 Candidates who are sponsored by AICTE under Quality Improvement Programme(QIP) for teachers of Engineering Colleges and who satisfy the eligibility conditions shall apply for Full-time category only, in the Specializations as notified in the AICTE guidelines.

3.1.5 Candidates who are selected at National level Fellowship programmes or by any recognized bodies and who satisfy the eligibility conditions as per the Ph.D. regulations of Anna University shall apply for Full-time category in the respective Specialization.
3.1.6 Foreign Nationals sponsored by the Government of India or their respective Government on any exchange programme and who satisfy the eligibility conditions as per the Ph.D. regulations of Anna University shall apply for Full-time category in the respective Specialization.
3.1.7 Full-time scholars shall necessarily sign in the attendance register on all working days at the respective place of research.
3.2 Part-Time Ph.D. Programme
The following categories of candidates are eligible to apply under Part-time programme.
3.2.1 Part Time Internal Scholars
Full-time teaching faculty of University Departments / University Colleges and regular teaching faculty of Government Engineering Colleges / Government aided Engineering Colleges / Government Polytechnic Colleges / Government aided Polytechnic Colleges. The nomenclature shall continue for the above scholars till they are in service in the above Institutions
3.2.2 Part Time External Scholars
i.  Full time teaching faculty of Self financing Engineering colleges affiliated to the University / Self-financing Polytechnic Colleges within Tamil Nadu.
ii  Candidates working in Industrial Units / R&D Departments / National Laboratories / Units of Government / Quasi Government or any other research laboratories within Tamil Nadu, which are recognized by the University to do research with the University and sponsored by the respective employer. The nomenclature shall continue for the above scholars till they are in service in the above Institutions.
3.2.3 The place of research of the Scholar mentioned in the clauses 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 shall be the working place of the Supervisor.
4.1 The candidates desirous to register for Ph.D. Programme shall apply by filling all the relevant details mentioned in the online application form available in the University website and submit online with the approval of the supervisor on or before the due date as indicated in the notification issued from time to time. University shall issue notification for Ph.D. admission twice every year.
4.2. Incomplete applications and applications with false information in any respect shall be summarily rejected without any intimation to the candidate.
4.3. The Centre for Research shall screen the applications as per the eligibility norms, and the Centre for Entrance Examinations shall conduct the written test for eligible candidates. Candidates appearing for the written test should obtain minimum marks as specified by the University to qualify for the interview process. The final selection of the candidate for the Ph.D. admission shall be based on the overall marks secured by the candidate in the Qualifying examination (PG Degree), Written test and Interview. The successful candidates selected for Ph.D. admission shall be shortlisted based on the cut-off marks fixed by the Research Board. .
Sl.No.ProgrammeMinimum duration(years)Maximum duration(years)Full-timePart- timeFull-time/ Part-time1.Engineering/Technology/ Architecture and Planning2362.Science and Humanities3463.Management(a)Engineering Qualification236(b) Science Qualification346
      If the report of the Oral Examination Board is SATISFACTORY, the scholar shall be awarded Ph.D. Degree based on the specialization in which he/she got PG Degree (as per clause 6.1 of Ph.D. regulations of Anna University ), under the Faculty of Civil Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Information and Communication Engineering/ Technology/ Architecture and Planning/ Science and Humanities/ Management Sciences, with the approval of the Syndicate.
7.1 One time Non Refundable Registration Fee
      The mode of Registration fee payment is through online only.
General Category candidates          – Rs.1000+ GST(18%)Tamil Nadu SC/ST/SCA candidates  – Rs.600+ GST(18%)Other State SC/ST candidates         – Rs.1000+ GST(18%)
7.2 At the time of admission
Sl. No.ParticularsFull-time / Part-time
Rs.I. One time Fee1.Admission Fee25002.Cost of Regulations Book500 Total
3000II. Refundable Deposit1.Caution Deposit10000 Total10000III. Payable Every Semester1.Enrolment Fee10002.Tuition Fee *15003.University Library Fee5004.Development Fee20005.Research Coordination Fee12000 Total17000 Grand Total30000
* Tuition fee is exempted for
i. Tamil Nadu state SC/SCA/ST candidates for Full-Time Ph.D. programme
ii. Differently abled persons on submission of “Disability Certificate” obtained from State/Central Governmen organization for availing Tuition fee exemption.
Note : 50% of fee concession in SI.NO. III is applicable to the regular Faculty members of University Departments / Regional Centres / University Colleges of Engineering / Government Engineering Colleges/Government Polytechnic Colleges /Government aided Polytechnic Colleges .
7.3 Semester Fee
      As shown in 7.2 (III) above, each semester fee is to be paid as notified in the website of the University till the submission of the Thesis. Fees once paid are not refundable.
7.4 Examination fee for Course Works
      A Minimum of four PG level courses as recommended by the Doctoral Committee are to be studied and examinations are to be undertaken by a Ph.D. scholar. The prescribed Examination fee has to be paid to the Controller of Examinations as and when it is notified by the Office of Controller of Examinations.
8.1. Candidates working in University Departments / University Campuses / University Colleges of Engineering and Affiliated Engineering Colleges situated within Tamil Nadu shall apply under Part – Time mode only.
8.2. Candidates are advised to choose recognised supervisors (Click here to view the list of Supervisors) from recognised Departments. (Click here to view the list of recognised departments).
8.3. Supervisors working in recognized Nationalized Laboratories situated within Tamil Nadu shall also function as Supervisor/Joint Supervisor. However, a recognized supervisor from University Departments/ University Colleges/ Affiliated Engineering Colleges is mandatory to act as Joint Supervisor/Supervisor to take care of the administrative and research responsibilities of the scholar.
8.4. A Supervisor shall entertain fresh registration of scholars under his/her supervision up to two years prior to his/her superannuation or leaves service.
     8.5. As per UGC regulations 2016 the maximum no. of scholars permissible for guidance under a Supervisor / Joint Supervisor at any given point in time is restricted based on the designation of the Supervisor / Joint Supervisor, which is given as follows:
Professor                 –  11Associate Professor  –   8Assistant Professor   –  5
8.6. A Maximum of 4 Candidates shall only be allowed to register with a Supervisor in any one Session.
8.7.The scholars will be governed by the Ph.D. Regulation of this University.

   NOTE :

   Application of candidate without the consent of the recognized supervisor from recognized department of this       University shall be summarily rejected and no further correspondence will be entertained.

   Candidates seeking admission under Part-time mode from the Organizations/Industries which are not recognized       as research centres of this University will be rejected and no further correspondence will be entertained.

   Candidates who have not obtained PG degree under Full-Time Regular mode of State/Central Universities      shall be considered as eligible for admission to Ph.D. programme only on Satisfying the eligibility of the PG      programme.

   Candidates who have not obtained PG degree under Full-Time Regular mode of State/Central Universities shall       apply for course eligibility at the time of submitting hard copy of the application for Ph.D. Programme. The      online application shall be available in the webpage of Centre for Research. The Printed Course Eligibility      application shall be submitted to the office of Director, Centre for Research, Anna University, Chennai – 600 025      on or before 30.10.2021

   Candidates who have obtanined PG degree from foreign University shall obtain the course eligibilty      certificate from the Association of Indian University (AIU). The same need to submit at the time of submission of      Hard copy of application to Centre For Research.

   Candidates working in Govt./Govt. Aided/Self-financing Engineering Colleges and Polytechnic Colleges shall      produce No Objection Certificate from the Head of Institution / Research Organization.
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Applications for Ph.D.    Important Dates :

   Date of start online Applications and Fee      :06-10-2021 @11.00 A.M.

   Date of Closure of Online Applications           :27-10-2021 @5.30pm

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