Advanced Functional Analysis and its Applications 2020

Advanced Functional Analysis and its Applications 2020

Advanced Functional Analysis and its Applications 2020


IIT Hyderabad, in a joint collaboration with Dept. of Mathematics, NISER Bhubaneswar are organizing a workshop on Advanced Functional Analysis and its Applications 2020. Aim of this event is to bring together all researchers working in this field from India and abroad.

Overview & Objectives

A joint collaboration of Dept. of Mathematics from NISER Bhubaneswar and IIT Hyderabad organize Advanced Functional Analysis and its Applications 2020. People from various parts of the world are invited to deliver talks in this event. A special attention is paid to the area ‘Analysis on Banach spaces’.

This is an online event and the organizers are keen to reach out to the participants along with their requirements and interests virtually. Our prime objective is to cover some advanced topics in Functional Analysis at its introductory level.

Apart from the application viewpoints the subject Functional Analysis can be studied in its own interests. From the time of Fourier to the present day the subject evolved and expanded in many directions.

J. Dieudonne’s book ‘History of Functional Analysis’ encounters the developments of this subject. We have chosen a few topics for this workshop and we believe that a study on these topics will improve the understanding of the subject Functional Analysis and some of its branches.

About the event

The central theme of this event is to offer some advanced topics in Functional Analysis with special emphasis on Analysis on Banach spaces. From the time of Stephan Banach to till date the theory has long heritage and culture. The richness of this theory attracted many people to work in it. The Handbook of Geometry of Banach Spaces (I & II) encounter the developments of the literature in last few decades. We aim to offer a few topics which are relevant to the current research in this domain.

Who can attend

We are expecting applications from people across the Globe working in Mathematical Analysis. Research scholars persuing research in various fields of Functional Analysis are encouraged to register for this workshop.

Course Material

We will send the course material to the participants in October 2020. The instructors will come online in December to interact with the participants. There will be separate online portals for these courses, where participants can post their queries. We will keep in touch with the participants through these portals.

The following online platform would be used for this workshop.

  • Google Classroom for the recorded lectures.

  • Microsoft Teams for sending queries to the instructors.

About Speakers

Richard Aron (Kent State University, Kent OHIO, USA)

Richard M. Aron received his PhD in 1971 from the University of Rochester, after working with Leopoldo Nachbin both in Rochester and in IMPA (Rio de Janeiro). Following a post-doctoral position at the University of Kentucky, Aron was Lecturer and Fellow of Trinity College (University of Dublin). Since 1982 he has been Professor of Mathematics (now Emeritus) at Kent State University.

His work has enabled him to travel a great deal, and he has held visiting positions in Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, and Spain. He has been a Fulbright Fellow on four occasions, Univ. de Buenos Aires and Univ. Torcuato di Tella (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Pontificia Univ. Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia), and Univ. College Dublin (Ireland). He is on the Editorial Board of several journals and is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. He is the author/co-author of over 100 articles, mostly in non-linear functional analysis.

Summary of lectures

Fernanda Botelho (University of Memphis, USA)

Fernanda Botelho is a professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Memphis. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley and completed her undergraduate studies at the Universidade do Porto, Portugal.

Botelho’s research interest is in Operator Theory but she worked in topics from Geometry of Banach spaces and Dynamical Systems. She is authored and co-authored of more than 80 research articles. She was honored with Donavant Professor in 2013-2016. Botelho was the Director of the Mathematical Sciences for the Graduate Programs in 2015-2018 and currently she is the Graduate Coordinator for Mathematics.

Summary of lectures

Gilles Godefroy (University of Paris 6, France)

Gilles Godefroy earned his Doctor of Philosophy from Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie – Paris VI. after working with G. Choquet. Godefroy published more than 150 research articles and 2 books. There are many ways one can demonstrate his area of research. He worked on Geometry of Banach spaces, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Number Theory, Operator Theory, Probability and Stochastic Process. There are several distinctions and awards he achieved throughout his academic and research career.

Miguel Martin (University of Granada, Spain)

Miguel Martin is Professor at the Department of Mathematical Analysis of the University of Granada, Spain. He completed his PhD in 2000 under the supervision of Rafael Payá. During his whole career, he has realized an extensive research related to Functional Analysis, especially to Banach space theory. The concrete main lines of research are norm attaining operators, numerical range, Daugavet type properties, isometries, norm attainment of operators, Lipschitz maps, and the geometry of Lipschitz-free spaces. According to MathSciNet, he has published more than 80 papers in journals and one book in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Mathematics series. These documents have been published with more than 50 co-authors. His wide network of international collaborators from many countries include Aron (USA), Choi (South Korea), Kadets (Ukraine), Kim (Korea), Koszmider (Poland), Lee (Korea), Popov (Ukraine), Randrianantoanina (USA), Rao (India), Ueda (Japan), and Werner (Germany).

Summary of lectures

TSSRK Rao (Ashoka University, India)

T. S. S. R. K. Rao is a Visiting Professor from Ashoka University. He is a former Head of Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore and Professor in Charge of ISI. Rao is one of the eminent Functional Analyst in India, has published more than 100 research publications in various domain in Functional Analysis. He worked on Approximation Theory, Analysis on Banach spaces and their geometry, Choquet Theory, Optimization techniques etc.

Summary of lectures

Tomasz Kania (Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)

Tomasz Kania obtained his Ph.D. from Lancaster University for a thesis concerning closed ideals of algebras of operators on spaces continuous functions (supervised with N. J. Laustsen). Later worked at various institutions including Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Lancaster University, University College Cork in Ireland, University of Warwick, Czech Academy of Sciences, and Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. Kania is interested both in isomorphic and isometric Banach space theory, applications of logic and set theory to these, topological methods in analysis as well as Banach/operator algebras and their links to harmonic analysis. More information can be found at

Summary of lectures

Vladimir G. Troitsky (University of Alberta, Canada)

Vladimir Troitsky is a professor at the University of Alberta. He earned his PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research interests are in Banach lattices and positive operators. He has published abbout 50 papers, organized several conferences, and is on the Editorial Board of several journals.

Summary of lectures

P. Veeramani (Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India)

P. Veeramani earned his Doctoral degree from IIT Bombay on 1982. He started his professional career as Lecturer PG Dept. of Mathematics of MJ College, Jalgaon, Maharashtra where he was working from Aug 1982 – October 15,1988. Prof Veeramani joined Dept. of Mathematics IIT Madras on Oct 17th 1988 and continued his service till June 30, 2018. Till now there are all together 12 PhD students submitted thesis under his guidance. His areas of research include Functional Analysis, Approximation theory, Fixed point theory and Optimization.

Summary of lectures


Anil Karn (NISER Bhubaneswar, India)

Anil Karn is an Associate Professor in NISER Bhubaneswar. His area of research is order theoretic Functional Analysis. He works on the order structure of C*-algebras. Presently, he is focusing on the order theoretic aspect of orthogonality and its consequences. Besides this, he also has interest in the operator ideal of Banach spaces and approximation property.

Tanmoy Paul (IIT Hyderabad, India)

Tanmoy Paul is an Assistant Professor from IIT Hyderabad. He completed his PhD from ISI Kolkata, his PhD work is related to Functional Analysis, Analysis on Banach spaces. Tanmoy works on Functional Analysis, Banach space theory, Convex analysis and Geometric measure theory.

Registration and Dates

The registration fee is 1000 INR +18% GST and can be sent to the following account.

We have limited support for the Indian Research Scholars and can be availed as long as it is available.

Last date for receiving application: Nov 30th 2020

Intimation to Participants: 1st Dec, 2020

Date of the event: Dec 16-24, 2020

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Funding Agencies

  • National Institute of Science Education and Research Bhubaneswar
  • Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
  • Science and Engineering Research Board
  • National Board for Higher Mathematics

Lecture Schedule

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